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Mon 24 Aug 09 – Episode # 4926

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Dessert “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 24 Aug 09 – Episode # 4926 ]


After Alf & Ross enter, Ross apologise to Morag for what happened.


Ruby tells Geoff tat she is keen to meet her biological father, but he thinks tat she should run ten ideas by Charlie 1st. naturally, Ruby doesn’t like that suggestions.

Ruby gets a text msg or phone call from Xavier – but she doesn’t respond. She tells Geoff tat she can’t deal with Xavier’s stupid jealous right now.


In tee storeroom, Leah hands Nicole a package that Roman send her. They then talk bout Aden – and how he won’t let the ppl that were close to him [esp. Nicole] get close to him now.

Nicole goes into the main apart of the diner, and sees Sid & Indi. Moments later, Therese [a nurse form the hospital] sits with Sid. Nearby, Indi comments to Nicole bout how she doesn’t get tat all these women don’t see that real [lying, cheating] Sid. Nicole is nonchalant with her answer – and as she bails, she looks back at Sid.


Aden has his head in his hand, before he stands yup and walks away from the couch. It looks like he deliberately knocks over a framed pic of Adelle.


Morag usages to Ross tat maybe that they should think bout going back to the city –but he doesn’t like that idea. Ross indeed GST quite agitated – all but shouiung at Morag tat her trying to stop him seeing Charlie & Ruby. Leah & Charlie enter, and are able to get Ross to stop his attack. Morag is clearly shaken.


On the back patio, Nicole opens tat package form Roman. There’s a 18th bday card and some other papers tat she starts to read.


Next day, Nic enters and tell Aden tat roman said in his letter tat he has sold his share of the diner to Leah, and tat this house is now owned by Nic. Aden takes this the wrong way – and aggressively tells Nic tat he thinks tat he is going to kick him out of the house. Aden stomps upstairs – depite Nic trying to tell him tat that’s not what she meant at all.


Ross is in hi room and Leah enters, wondering if he has any washinhg. He trets her like she is a mid at a hotel [i.e. Not a person he knows].

In the kits hem Morag & Charlie talk bout seriously thinking bout putting Ross into full time care. This thoughts are accentuated when Leah tells them what’s just happened tween her and Ross.


Ruby & Geoff ene6tr tat diner where they encounter Nic, who talks briefly to ruby bout what’s happened [the Charlie revelation]. Nic then talk to Geoff bout his life. He tells her tat things seem a bit better now that that did.

Nic then talk to Colleen – who comments on how GREAT Sid is.


Alf tries to get trough to Aden [who appears to be pacing his bags], but gets nowhere. After Alf bails, Aden opens a metal tin, which letters from Belle. He then throes on the ground, but cuts his hand in the process.


Charlie & Morag continue to talk bout Ross – and how they think tat Ruby should be involved in the process. Ross enters tat room. He tells that tat full time care is the way to go – as he saw tat Morag was afraid of him when he lashed out at her. Ross doesn’t want things to be like that.


Nic arrives, and wonder to Sid where Indi is. As he tells he tat Indi is at library, Therese bails fomn the house. Sid doesn’t appreciate Nic's comments bout Sid & Therese [i.e. something like “I wonder what you had for dessert?”

Indi arrives and starts chatting with Nic. Sid bails soon after.


Both Ruby & goof comments on how whilst thing seemed to be back on track when they were in the city, things are not so sure now that they are back in the city.

Indeed, Goef in having trouble studying – so ruby “suggest” Tay they should go for a swim before Geoff goes back to the books. Sound like ruby isn't taking no for an answer either.

They are about to bail when Charlie enters. She tells Ru8by tait they have thing to sort out regrading Ross.


Ruby is talking to Ross as he packs. She doesn’t like tat this is happening, but he initis tat it’s for the best. Ruby is intrigued when Ross says tat he tried to speakk to the BLEDCOE's bout aht happened, but they wouldn’t talk to him.

Ross urges Ruby to forgive Charkli8e for what’s happened. Ruby & Ross hug.


Man ppl are gather to farewell Ross, whilst Morag is surprised when Alf tell her that Aden is moving out. Alf ads tat he doesn’t think tthat Aden has any idea of his next move.


Aden looks out to sea, befeo [with bags in hand]\ he walks away.


Ruby & co farewell Ross. When he has bailed, Charlie tries to hug Ruby, who basks way. She tells charley tat she isn’t ready for that kind of thing yet.

Soon after, Charlie talk with Leah bout hat’s happened. Leah insists thast Ruby will come to Charlie in time.


Ruby finds Charlie’s 1993 school yearbook. She searches for a boy with the surname that Ross said earlier. Ruby fins a pic of a boy called Grant Blescoe !!!!



Nic is worried when she finds drops of blood at Adelle’s

Morag tells Aden tat she is moving in with him

Charlie and Geoff urges ruby not to do anything stupid [re her bio dad]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: violet wide strap top/dark long pants


Charlie: dark grey long sleeve top/dark long pants


Ruby: blue [white Native American Indian type fringing] top


Aden : dark [small white logo on chest] t/dark long pants

Aden : dark jacket/dark long pants

Alf: blue [white check] [ shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [blue check] shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: lightly grey jacket/grey singlet top/dark long pants

Colleen: dark [pink floral] blouse/white top

Geoff: grey hoodie/white t/dark long pants

Indi: silver top [with dark singlet top neat] dark long pants

Indi: white singlet top [with leopard print top neath]/dark long pants

Leah: white [gold Mayan type sun] thin strap top/dark long pants

Morag: white long sleeve top

Morag: off white long sleeve top

Nic: red wide strap top/dark shorts

Nicole: white [dark trim] thin strap top/denim jeans

Ross: red long sleeve button up shirt/brown long pants

Ross: dark green polo/dark long pants

Ruby: brown [African tribal looking] singlet top – with bleu top neath/dark long pants

Sid: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Sid : dark blue button up shirt/dart t/dark long pants

Therese: yellow [brown horiz stripes] wide strap top/dark long pants

Therese: dark bleu [green dots] knee length dress

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