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Thurs 20 Aug 09 – Episode # 4924

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” I Might Have Had A Crazy Mum Rather That A Pretty Cool Sister “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 20 Aug 09 – Episode # 4924 ]


Miles talk to Leah bout the issues he is having with kitrsy [being 24/7 into the whole uni ting].

In the main area, Ross is worried bout Ruby, as they’ve heard no word form her. Morag reminds him that at least Geoff is with her.


Ruby & Geoff enter her aunt’s place, and Aunt Michelle wonders why Ruby and her b/f [Red quickly corrects her are here. Ruby then vents – wonderimng why Michelle didn’t tell her tat Ruby &* Charlie aren’t sisters etc. Michelle suggest tat they should talk bout this calmly.


Morag & Ross tell Charlie tat Ruby is at Michele’s. They also suggest tat Charlie should get some rest – but she insist tat she has work to do.


Next day, Kristy rabbits on to Leah bout how much harder uni is than she thought tat it would be. She also asks if she can finish her shift early today. Leah days tat if one of the other diner workers can come in to cover for kitrsy, she can bail early.


Miles approaches Charlie mad they talk to each other bout their issue. Miles jokingly or otherwise reminds Charlie of the almost kiss.


Michelle tell Ruby tat when Charlie came to stay with her [after Ruby was born] there was no life in charlie, and it took months before colour returned to Charlie face.

Michelle urges ruby to look at a photo album. Ruby is reluctant – but does. She sees several pics of Charlie [incl one with a dog]. In all 4 pics on the page, Charlie’s head has been cut out – Michelle tells Ruby tat Charlie did the to her own photos, as Charlie hated HERSELF [not ruby] sooooo much back then.


Miles is keen to vent at someone – esp. kitrsy, but Leah suggest tat she talk to her bout the way that he is felling. Mils tells Leah tat maybe there is too big an age gap tween her * Kristy.


Kristy is dosing some uni work I think when Alf enters the room. He suggests to kitrsy tat she shouldn’t be so sort sighted [only focusing on her uni work].


Ruby shows Geoff some photos of herself when younger – incl one when her now grandmother wanted her to take off a partic dress, but Charlie was totally on ruby’s side [ruby looks about 5 is the pic].

Ruby tells goaf tat Michel’s hubby sided in a plane crash – and that Charlie & Michelle helped each other heal.


Miles tell to Leah bout the whole kitrsty situation. Not surprisingly, moment after Leah or miles put their arm round the others’ shoulder, Kirsty sees that form afar. She walks away.


Miles enters and suspires tat the house is VERY clean of a change [given recent trouble’s]. kitrsty tell him tat jai & co are out, but when Miles says tat is good as Kristy can have peace to do her uni works, Kristy suggest tat she’s got better thigs in mind. She exits the room – and miles follow her upstairs.


Leah & Alf comments bout how its great tat Miles & Kristy seem to be back on track.

Ross is concerned Charlie is going back to work – given all that’s going on. She insist at he would do tea same if there were case etc to be soloed. Charlie bails.


Ruby is laying in bed, with Geoff on the flor near her. Ruby is soooooo plead now tat Charlie came her to Michel’s when she did AND that Charlie is now opening up to Angelo bout everything. Ruby tells Geoff tat she thinks that if Charlie didn’t come her when she did, ruby would probably have a crazy mum, rather tat the cool big sister that she’s had all her life.

Geoff tells Ruby tat he should draw some inspiration form her – and sort out his own life.


After Ross enters, and won’t take no for an answer about speaking to Charlie. They go into the interview room, where Charlie lets him have it. She wishes tat he had backed her up after she was raped – as its everyone's rite to be heard – esp., ain case like that. Charlie emotionally tells roses tat she hated the way tat his actions made her feel ashamed of herelf AND ruby!!! Charlie vehemently tells Ross tat if ruby doesn’t come back, shell’s NEVER forgive Ross.


Morag tell Alf tat she is worried bout what all of the Ruby businesss is doing to Ross – all the stress etc.


Its late at night, and Ross wanders toward the waters edge – where he falls/ collapses!!!!!



The search for Ross

Ruby tells Charlie that she is staying at Irene’s

Dex kisses Annie

Xavier is worried bout Ruby & Geoff getting together

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Michelle: purple [white trim] thin strap top/denim jeans


Ruby: red thin strap top/denim jeans


Charlie: red [white lining] sports singlet top/black [2 red vert stripes] track pants


Alf: olive green & yellow bus h/bone long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Charlie [when younger]: baby pink top

Charlie [when younger]: dark coat

Charlie [when younger]: maroon long sleeve top

Charlie [when younger]: pink long sleeve top

Charlie [when younger]: white [blue diag stripes] dress

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Geoff: bluey-grey singlet

Geoff: white [grey diag stripes] t

Geoff: white [unknown dark writing[ t

Kirsty: dark [white mosaic like pattern] long sleeve top/dark ¾ pants

Leah: grey halter top

Leah: grey thin strap top

Michelle: dark [red floral] top/denim jeans

Miles: dark button up shirt/white [dark “In Mod We Trust”] t/denim jeans

Miles: white [blue “? Days” motif] t

Morag: dark long sleeve blouse

Morag: mottled grey top

Ross: blue long sleeve button up shirt

Ross: grey [dark stripes] polo/bone long pants

Ruby: dark jacket/white t/dark 3/4 pants

Ruby: grey t

Ruby [when younger]: light orange knee length dress

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