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To Clear Our Heads For Love

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: To clear our heads for love

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff, Ruby

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance.

Does story include spoilers:Yes.

Any warnings:No.

Summary: Geoff leaves town with Ruby to clear his head. He realises he's still in love with an old flame, what will happen??

We were both so upset, I didn’t know what to say, I tried to comfort her but nothing seemed to help. She kissed me, for a few seconds I kissed her back, it was magic. I could feel the sparks and the passion, but I pulled away, It didn’t feel right, I wanted something more but I couldn’t let myself.

I loved her and wouldn’t let myself show that. I didn’t know how she felt, did she love me or did she just want comfort?

“I don’t think this will help” I told her

“Sorry.” She said with tears flowing down her face. She ran, She just ran of without another word.

“Nic!” I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t come back. She was hurting so badly. I could see that.

I went home and spent the night in my room, thinking, thinking about everything. I can’t handle any of this. I’m in love with Nicole Franklin and I’m too scared to do anything about it.

I lay there for hours, not moving until Annie entered my room.

“Geoff, dinner’s ready.”

“I don’t want anything.” I replied coldly

“Geoff, please you have to eat.”

“Annie, I’m not hungry, Just leave” I shouted, I felt so bad, it wasn’t her fault! Annie left the room with tears, but I couldn’t do anything, I’m going to make everyone hate me and I don’t care.

It was the day of Belle Taylors funeral, It was an awful day. Why did she have to be taken? I loved her, she was my sister, My heart went out to Aden, He must have been crushed, I can’t imagine how he feels, If I lost Nicole, If I lost her before I told her how I felt, I would die.

At the end of the funeral, Balloons arrived, I thought someone was playing a sick joke, But it was Belle, Classic Belle, She just wanted us to laugh. We each took a balloon, and for the first time that day we had smiles on our faces.

I could see Nicole, each time I tried to talk to her she moved or someone was with her, or someone was talking to me.

I was so hurt, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I wanted to be alone. I went straight home and went to my room again. For the next few days that’s were I stayed, in my room or on the sofa.

I was sat watching TV on night when a tearful Ruby entered, She had no where to go, I talked to her for a while, Annie and Irene were all ready in bed; I let her stay the night.

The next day she booked a bus to take her to the city, When she was about to leave I had the urge to go with her, So I went, Instead of getting the bus we drove, in Belles car, The car she give me before she passed.

“Let’s promise not to try and fix each others problem? Just to get away from everything?” Ruby said.

I agreed, and we set off. All I left was a note, I knew Annie and Irene would be worried, but it was something I needed to do.

We got to the city, We walked around for a while taking in the sites, It was a relief to be there, No one knew our problems, we got away from everything.

It got late, “where are we gonna stay?” Ruby asked It was a good question, we hadn’t thought if that.

“We have the car, we can stay their?” It wasn’t ideal, but it was cheap, it would save us paying for a hotel, there was a few blankets in the boot to keep us warm.

“I suppose.” Ruby replied

We made our way back to the car, go the blankets, we drove to a quiet area, with no one around, we got ourselves comfortable, I give Ruby most of the blankets and kept one for myself.



“Do you think we did the right thing?”

“We need to get ourselves sorted, We’ll go back when were ready.”

“Ok, Night”


We were awakened by Ruby’s phone the next morning. “Uggh!” she groaned

“Charlie again?”

“I don’t know, I can’t find it.” She said as she ruffled about trying to find her cellphone.

“No, It’s Nic. Hello” She said

“Nic, I’m fine. Were at the city. Yeah Geoff’s with me. Yeah were fine!””

“Is she ok?” I asked

“Hold on Nic, Heres Geoff.” I panicked, I didn’t know what to say, I put the phone to my ear.


“Hi, Are you ok?” She asked

“Yes, I’m fine”


“I just needed to get myself sorted out. I was a mess”

“Are you coming back?”

“Yeah! I don’t know when, but I will be home!”

“Good. I miss you” she whispered

“I miss you too.”

“I have to go, I’ll talk to you later, Tell Ruby I said bye!”

“Ok, I’ll see you soon. If you see Annie tell her I’m safe.”

“Bye” Nicole said, She wanted to tell him that she loved him, but she couldn’t, instead she mouthed it.

“Bye Nic.” He hung up the phone.

“Is she ok?” Ruby asked me, I wanted to tell her she sounded crushed, crushed that I didn’t tell her I was leaving, I wanted to tell her I was crushed, Why did I leave her? I should have asked her to come with me.

“She’s ok.” I told her.

We stayed in the city for a few more days. Ruby decided it was time to come home. I was nervous, Whet would I tell everyone? I just abandoned them! Belle asked me to look after them and I didn’t! I left them alone.

We drove back into Summerbay, I saw Ruby cringe, I drove straight to Leah’s I was going to support her! We got out of the car, Ruby looked at me her eyes scared, I took hold of her hand and we walked into the house together, Little did i know, but Nicole was watching us, And of course she got the wrong idea.

“Ruby!” Charlie shouted

“Charlie, I’m sorry.” She broke down; I put my arm around her. Then she let go, she threw herself into Charlie’s arms.

“Rubes, Its ok, I’m just glad your home, I missed you, I understand if your still not ready to forgive me.”

“No, I am! Charlie I love you! But I need you to tell me everything, I’m sorry I ran away, I just needed time, I was being selfish, I can’t imagined what you went through.”

“Rubes, I missed you. Anything you want to know, I’m ready. And I’m sorry i kept this from you. I’m just glad your home. Thank you Geoff”

“It’s ok, I’m going to go home. I’ll see you’s later!”

“Bye, And thank you!” Ruby said sincerely.

“Your Welcome. And thank you as well.” I smiled

I entered my house, Annie threw herself at me.

“I hate you!” She said as she squeezed me.

“I love you too Annie”

“Why did you leave us?”

“I needed some space, to get my head sorted. I’m sorry, but I’m ready now, I’ve sorted myself out. I’m sorry.”

“You should be” She said still hugging me.

I left the house to find Nicole, I wanted to go straight to her and tell her how I feel, but I was scared, What if she didn’t feel the same way?

Instead i headed to the beach, I went for a swim, It was great to be back in the familiar water, I loved it.

As I was leaving the water I saw her, she was walking along the beach, she was wearing a bikini, she looked so beautiful, she noticed me and immediately turned around. I was confused, I ran along the sand after her “Nic” I called her, but she kept walking. I ran faster and caught up with her; I took her arm and turned her around, “Nic? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! I’m fine”

“Your clearly not, Please Nicole tell me what’s wrong?”

“I’m in love with you! Okay?”

“Nic, I, I”

“Forget it!” She said and walked down the beach, her speed even quicker than before.

I ran and turned her round once again, this time I didn’t say anything, I placed my hands either side of her face and kissed her.

She pulled away “Geoff I can’t.”

“Yes you can! Nicole, I’m in love with you”

“But what about Ruby?”

“What? What about her?”

“I saw you, you were holding hands.”

“I was supporting her, Nothings going on Nicole. I’m in love with you; No-one can be you. I want you no one else!”

She looked into my eyes; there was relief on her face.

“I’ve been so messed up lately, When I phoned you, just hearing your voice, I got my act together, Just the thought of you coming back, It made me want to be strong, I stopped drinking, and I realised it didn’t take away the pain, I just couldn’t think, I was stupid, But hearing your voice, I realised I loved you, I didn’t think we had a chance but I needed to sober and together to find that out!”

“I don’t know why I left you, I knew you weren’t coping, but I still went, I’ll never leave you again. I love you!” I kissed her passionately, We sat down on the sand for hours, Holding each other and talking. It was like a dream come true, I got to be with my true love!

And it was all because of Belle Taylor, She made me realise life was too short, you have to live n the moment. I’ll always miss her, but now we can talk about her and feel happy.


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