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Fri 14 Aug 09 – Episode # 4920

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Is It A List, Or A Novel??? “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 14 Aug 09 – Episode # 4920 ]


Ruby enters and is totally tearful when she asks Geoff is she can stay her tee night as there is no way tat she can go home. He cautiously agrees.


Colleen talks to marsha about Ruby’s whereabouts – and its clear that colleen is annoyed tat she isn’t in the lop bout why Ruby is so evasive. Xavier enters – he’s had no response to numerous text messages to Ruby. All agree tat run away form the problem isn’t the answer.


Next day, Ruby isn't exactly pleased when Annie keeps on insisting tat she should contact Charlie [who has sent her countless texts]. Annie is also surprisers when Geoff tells her tat he isn't going to church today.

Irene descends the straits, and ruby is suproiresedd tat Irene didn’t tell her to go home etc as weal, but annie commet that Irene is still “cut up” over belle.

Annie is surprised when Ruby suggests tat she is going to head to the city – and hang out/stay with her old friends.


Angelo talks to Watson. He is annoyed tat the Indonesian got way lat night – and that they didn’t see anyone show for the deal lat night.

Irene enters and colleen is surprised tat she is her, but Irene insist tat she is totally ok enough to be back at work. Angelo approaches Irene – and she agree to his request for him to look at the trawler’s log books etc.


Gibsy see Hugo and approaches. He wonders what happened lat night, Hugo insists tat he tries to call Gibsy – as the person who Hugo is buying et ct abalone of didn’t supply him with the money. Gibsy insists tat Hugo better have the cash for him by this arvo – or else.


Ruby enters – and tell Annie & Geoff tat she didn’t fel like a swim after all. Annie keeps ion insisting that she should contact Charlie, but grubby doesn’t care what Charlie thinks.

Annie suggest tat ruby running way form her problem welt help – whilst Geoff tells Annie tat he doesn't believe tat praying right now will help either. He does say tat he hasn’t totally lost faith – it’s just a hard time right now. The distressed Annie bails.


Annie talks to Dex bout how Geoff is being at the monet. The nearby Jai is keeping watch on Annie & Dex, to the point where Xavier suggests tat jai is jealous.


Rachel hands Marsha a list or instruction – as Marsha & Hugo are going to be looking after Harry today. Marsha annoying comets “is this a list or a novel?”

As Marsha wheels tat pram away, Rachel & Tony comment bout how this is a BIG step for Rach -allowing Harry out of her sight AND into the care of Marsha [note – Rach, couldn’t you have picked someone MUCH less moronic than Marsha?]

Nearby, Angelo tell Watson tat although Irene commented on how Lou use to claim more fuel, Angelo thinks tat this is way more tat Lou would have needed for pleasure cruises on hi own yacht. Angelo comments tat he thinks tat trawler is going out at night – and that he suggests someone who is involved.


Gibsy tell Hugo tat he’s put to abalone tat Hugo ordered in the boat shed. Hugo isn't impressed – but Gibsy insists tat Hugo better pay up today.


Xavier it’s telling Jai how worried he is bout Ruby, but its cleer tat jai is paying more attention to Annie & Dex.

Indeed, jai foes over to them and suggest that the 4 of them play pool together. Jai even suggest tat Dex & Annie should be 1 team and he & Xavier. All the while, Xavier’s not got a response from Ruby – and is annoyed tat he didn't support her more in light of the recent revelations.


Ruby tell Geoff tat is worried tat if she talked to Cherie ^& co right how, she'll say something the she’ll regret etc.

Ruby is also worried bout Geoff – who tells her that belle asked him to look after Irene & Annie, but Geoff thinks tat hell’s not that strong enough right now – or maybe he has NEVER been strong enough to do that.

When Ruby goes to bail to catches tat bus to city, Geoff tell her that that he will go to the city with her.


Rach & Tony entry and Rach commentt to collren that her swim was VERY good. Rach also say that she hasn't called marsha once – but it helps that Tony took her phone off her. Rach [jokingly or otherwise] is annoyed that marsha hasn't called – saying the Harry is missing her. Rachel however does seem to be in a very happy headspace at the moment.


Marsha realise that Hugo is distracted, but He say at he is worried bout them looking after the baby though.


Geoff is driving Belle’s car [with ruby in car too] when it runs out of fuel. He insists that they passed a petrol station recently.

Geoff also comet on how it’s bettered for Irene & annie tat he isn’t there, as he wouldn't be any good to them if he stayed there.


Annie comment to Dex tat she doesn’t thank that he is as hopeless at pool as he was making out to be. Dex admits to playing the fool to make Annie laugh etc. Annie sees a note form Geoff ion the table.


Annie is worried tat Geoff has run away again – but Irene reminds her tat Geoff went away for a few days durante claudaa pregers crisis, so she insists that geoff will be back soon. Xavier enters – and annie tells him tat Ruby & Geoff has gone to city.

Nearby, Hugo tells marsha tat he’s done something VERY stupid.


After Angelo ask Alf some questions bout the business a7 Hugo, Angelo takes advantage of Alf serving a customer, i.e. Angelo grabs the key to the boat shed.


Geoff tells ruby that the car is all fueled up and ready to go. Ruby thinks that the fuel thing was a sign tat she is dousing t9o wrong ting, but geoff say at it was just a car out of fuel.

Ruby & Geoff make a deal – neither will try to fix etc the other’s problem.


Marsha suggests tat Hugo should tell Angelo bout what happened before Angelo finds out for himself...

Marsha hears several noises in the bedroom. When she & Hugo investigate, Harry isn’t in his cot or ANYWHERE in the room .....AND the window is wide open!!!!!!!



Rachel is distressed when she is told bout Harry’s disappearance

Rachel confronts Jane who has Harry – Jane insists that the baby belongs with her

Angelo arrests Hugo

There’s a MASSIVE clash tween Kirsty & Miles

Whilst Aden seem to be pushing anyone else way, he and Indi seem to be getting VERY close

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: green thin strap top/dark halter bikini top/grey knee skirt


Marsha: apple gene [dark floral] halter knee dress


Irene: off white [pastel floral motifs] PJs


Alf: light blue [dark check] shirt

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Annie: white knee length dress

Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants

Colleen: white [zebra stripes] blouse/dark top

Colleen: red floral blouse/red top

Dex: blue shirt/dark long pants

Geoff: blue-grey singlet/light bleu shorts

Geoff: grey singlet

Geoff: light blue [black “fortitude” and lion motif] t

Gibsy: red [partial blue] jacket/dark t/denim jeans

Hugo: blue [red check] shirt/dark long pants

Irene: dark long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jai: mauve & white horiz stripes v neck t

Marsha: white [brown squares] singlet top/denim shorts/white headband

Rachel: white shirtdress?/dark swimsuit or top

Ruby: bluey-grey v neck t

Ruby: white lace crop top/black knee length dress

Tony: white [dark “23” and dark sleeves] t

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Xavier: light bleu [dark crest] t/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Xavier: red [white “85”] t/

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