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Thurs 13 Aug 09 – Episode # 4919

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” How Do You Love Me? “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 13 Aug 09 – Episode # 4919 ]


Ruby tells Charlie tat she wants her to say the whole daughter things again – as she doesn’t think she heard her correctly AND tat it can’t be real. Ruby sooo doesn’t “buy” Charlie’s comet tat this doesn’t change things twen tem. Ruby then goes off at Ross – for lying to her as well. Charlie is keen to tell Ruby why all of this was kept for her but Ruby doesn’t want to know. Indeed, she storms out – Charlie is ken t9 go after her but Morag holds her back, suggesting tat they should give Ruby some time to clam down.


After Leah tell Gibsy that Irene is still coming to terms with Belle’s death, Leah tells Guibsy tat she is glad tat Irene has someone like Gibsy working for her.

Hugo is taklking/eatying with Marsha, Xavier &* Tony when he sees Gibsy exit tee building. Hugo tells tat other he will be back soon. Hugo bails.


Hugo approaches Gibsy, and although Guibsy denies all knowledge of tee abalone fising at night, Hugio gets his attention when Hugo offer to pay 15% more for tee catch that Gibsy is currently getting. They agree to meet morrow night.

All tee while, Angelo is watching the form a car nearby.

Angelo also see Ruby run past his car and onto tee beach. He can tell tat she is distresed so he gets out of his car and goes to0 where she is. Ruby tells Angelo tat she HATES Charlie. Ruby is further shocked when Angelo tells her the Charlie was raped – and Angelo realise tat Ruby didn’t keno that bit. Angelo hugs the distressed Ruby.


Charlie is sep. stressed – commuting on how 15 years of secrets have gone in a heartbeat. Ruby enters – she wants to hear the WHOLE STORY.


After Alf & Tony comment bout how Aden isn’t letting anyone in, Tony notices tat Rex & Jane has just entered the room. Alf comments hat it’s a small town, and that there’s rally not much that Tony can do bout the situation.


Charlie tell Ruby that shed didn't bond with her new bub after Ruby was biorn, so Charlie went to stray for a years with her aunt Michelle. When Charlie returned hem she could see tat he parents [Ross etc] has bonded with Ruby, and Charlie, Ross * his wife agreed that its bet tat Charlie’s parents adopt Ruby. Charlie tells Ruby tat form then on it was just easier to keep on tell herself tat Ruby is her [Charlie’s] sister. All tee explanations docent calm ruby, who insists yat charley & the others, has ruined her life. Ruby storms out of tee house.


Next day, Ruby is walking along when she gets a text form Xavier –wondering where she is.


Tony is talking to Alf when he is surprised wen Rex & Jane enter the room. Indeed, Tony has a go at them for constantly being where Rachel & t9ony are. Rex tells Tony tat he t6ink tat Tony is harassing them, and alf suggest tat Tony should back off as well.

Moments after Rex & Jan and Tony bail, Marsha enters. She wonders to Alf what’s happened, but he say tat its nothing for her to worry bout.


Ruby asks Xavier if she can stay at his place – as there is no way tat she can go home with all this. Xavier is being unusually sensible – suggesting tat ruby should REALLY think things through beefier she acts.


Charlie goes off at Angelo for “letting it slip” tat charley was raped. When Charlie is calmer, Angelo insists that charley has been through so mush in her life and yet is still VERY strong.

Angelo phones rings – and he asks whoever obis on the line to run a background check on Gibsy and his crew. When off the phone, Angelo tells Charlie tat he’s hot a hunch bout the abalone thing. Angelo the bails.

Moments later, ruby enters. Charlie is pleased to see her - but ruby is only her to pack her bags, and she is staying with Xavier!!!!


Charlie storms into the room and clashes with marsha over her decision to let Ruby stay at her house. Whilst Marsha insist that she is doing what she thinks is best for ruby, Charlie isn't the only one who docent like Marsha’s actions, i.e. Morag has a go at Marsha as well !!!!!!!


Charlie is talking to Ross, Morag & Angelo bout their next move ion the ruby saga. Ross insists tat the he can’t really play the authority fugue here – given that Ruby hates him too right now.

Angelo’s phone rings – he gets an anonymous tip bout a deal happeneing at eth wharfs tonight. When the call ends, we se tat it Hugo whose profited Angelo with the info.


Hugo & Marsha clash bout what’s happened. She accuse him of always taking Charlie’s side, whilst Hugo insist tat he’s not gong top give her the fight that she obviously wants. Hugo suggests tat they should talk bouty6 this rationally.


Rex enters and apologise to Tony. Rex says that Jane has admitted going to Noah’s etc as she knew that Tony worked her at eth surf club building. Rex don’t keno hat to do bout all this – and neither does Tony.


Hugo & Marsha arte playing pool when Ruby & Xavier enter tr room. Ruby is NOT pleased when Marsha tell her that she can only stay at Marsha’s' [house or farm] if Charlie agrees. Ruby bails.


Angelo and another Marine officer are talking whilst they are on a stake out in tri car. They see the Indonesian who was admitted to the hospital recently. he sees them, - and ruins. They give chase in their car.


Charlie, Ruby, Leah, Ross & Morag bare all in the kitchen, and ruby bluntly tells Leah tat this has NOTIG to do with her. Ruby ask charley how she loves ruby – as a sister, a daughter or does she wish tat ruby was dead. Charlie tries to get ruby to see reason – but ruby’s posse “I don’t care if I NEVER see you aging” says everything bout her state of mind. Ruby bails – leaving behind the perplexed, distraught Charlie and co.



Hugo tells Gibsy that he doesn’t have the money

Jai is concerned about how close Annie & Dex are getting

Ruby decides to head for the city – and Geoff insists on going with her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white lace crop top/black knee length dress


Jane: off white scoop top/baby pink cardie


Leah: plum thin strap top


“Clint Eastwood”: light button up shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Alf: write [red & blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark jacket/white t/dark long pants

Angelo: denim jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Charlie: dark singlet top/dark long pants

Charlie: white wide strap top – with dark thin strap top beneath]/denim shorts

Don Gibson: aqua polo/denim jeans

Hugo: grey [dark horiz stripes] t/khaki shorts

Hugo: white [dark insects] t//khaki shorts

Jane: peach singlet top

Leah: dark halter top

Marine Officer: light blue shirt

Marsha: off white singlet top

Marsha: white [brown squares] singlet top/denim shorts/white headband

Morag: dark jacket/white top/dark long pants

Morag: brown elbow length sleeves blouse/dark long pants

Rex: bone long sleeve button up shirt/denims

Rex: powder blue long sleeve button up shirt

Ross: red long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Ross: bone button up shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: dark [brown & white mosaics and dots] singlet top – with dark blue singlet top beneath

Tony: blue t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Xavier: light bleu [dark crest] t/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Xavier: yellow [red sun motif and “Cayman islands”] t/

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