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Wed 12 Aug 09 – Episode # 4918

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Charlie’s Child “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 12 Aug 09 – Episode # 4918 ]


It’s the day after the events of ep 4917 and Nic wakes in a strange bed. She doesn't look so good – and there are pill and alcohol bottles nearby.


Just before Charlie bails for her 1st day back at work sicken Bret hit her with his car, Ruby is keen to know more bout Charlie’s baby – but Morag suggest that Charlie shouldn’t have to talk about it etc.


Charlie talks to Angelo. She is worried tat Ross has said something to Morag – form the way Morag spoke this morn. Charlie insists tat she dent want ruby to know that truth.


Nic talk to Indi bout her night with Liam, before she wonders if Indi & Sid will covert for her and say that she stayed here the night if Miles wonders. Sid isn’t so keen on the idea.


Ruby talk to Xavier. She tells him that she feels like she is losing her sister []with all the things ruby does not know bout her].

Nearby, Miles talk to Kirsty – he comments tat he’s got word tat Nic stayed at Indi's last night. Kirsty then tells Miles she is hoping to be studying with her new uni friends – and he “suggest” that she shouldn’t go out partying all night with them.


Ross & Morag are in the kitchen, and Ross gets a bit agitated when he can’t find something. Morag tells Charlie tat she should really tell ppl the whole truth as the stress of keeping secrets is not good for Ross. When Charlie comments to Morag that she's told Angelo bout this, Morag remakes bout how she knows that Charlie’s child was adopted out. Ruby enter the room – she’s soooooo not liking it tat charley trusts Angelo more with this than she does her own sister.


Aden is lying on the couch when Nic enters. She wonders if she can help him in any way – but he tells her to GET OUT, which she does.


Ruby sakes Charley and Ross queries bout the bub. They tell her tat Charlie got prevent young and couldn’t deal with being a mum. Ruby is surprised tat charley didn’t name the child – which ruby refers to as a boy, but Ross sys tat the adoption ppl thought it best for Cahrlie not to know the child’s name. Its all too mush for Charlie – who bails.


After Nic talks to miles, she isn’t that keen when he rings Sid to thank him for letting Nic stay the night. Sid insists at tat it was no trouble to have Nic for the night. When the call ends, Indi thanks for dad, whilst Nic looks relived that Miles hasn’t launch into an attack bout her lying bout her whereabouts.


Morag enters and she tells Aden that after her marriage ended, she pushed ppl away, but she ended up VERY alone for quite a while. Aden tells Morag tat if she's finished her walk down memory lane, he liked it if she would leave him alone. Morag insult keen – but bails,


Ruby is talking to Xavier when she sees Angelo. She tells him that she knows bout Charlie’s child being adopted out – and she wants him to help her track the child down. Ruby doesn’t like it when Angelo refuses to help her.


Indi & Nic comment on how both of them have only ever been to a few funerals.

Nic tams Sid for covering for her – and he suggest tat she should see a counsellor. Nic tell Sid tat she will think bout it.


Angelo tells Charlie that Ruby is keen to look for Charlie’s adopted pout child. Angelo suggests tat its best for Ruby to hear the whole truth from Charlie.


Aden goes over to where the wedding presents are. He rads Alf’s card – which has a line about hoping Adele’s life together is just as prefect as the wed day.


Aden sets fire the ALL the wedding presents.


Charlie & Ruby are doing the dishes when Ruby comments bout how Charlie’s child could be looking for charley right now. Ruby is most surprised when Charley tells her tat she knows how her child was raised and that the child was adopted by their parents. Ruby wonders where charley’s 14 yo son is now – but Charlie say tat the child is 16 …. and a girl. Ruby is in TOTAL shock when charley UBER tearfully says “you’re my daughter” !!!



Ruby is distraught – and says “I HATE her”

Hugo tell Gibsy tat he want to part of the [abalone] action

Tony is worried tat Rex & Jane seem to “run into” Tony & Rachel wherever they go

Marsha isn’t keen that Hugo always takes Charlie’s side in an argument

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: aqua low cut v top/dark shorts


Ruby: dark [brown & white mosaics & dots] singlet top – with blue top neath


Indi: white [partial leopard print] top


Aden: dark singlet

Angelo: denim jacket/dark t/dark long punts

Angelo: dark singlet

Angelo: white jacket/dark t

Charlie: white wide strap top [with dark thin strap top neath]

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Kirsty: red sleeveless top

Miles: purple shirt/grey t/denim jeans

Morag: brown blouse/darek long pants

Nic: dark thin strap top

Nic: dark long sleeve top/dark knee skirt

Ross: 2 tine blue dressing down

Ross: bone shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: white singlet top/grey [brown floral] PJ long pants

Sid: dark button up shirt/khaki long pants

Sid: dark shorts/dark [several white vet stripes on sleeves] t

Xavier: yellow [red sun motif and “Cayman islands”] t

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