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Tues 11 Aug 09 – Episode # 4917

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Who Ordered The Balloons? “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 11 Aug 09 – Episode # 4917 ]


Geoff is sitting at tee table. He has what look like a keying in his hand.

We see a flashback of Belle giving him that keying?. Belle tells Geoff tat she knows tat this [death] isn't the end – it’s just the next steep in her journey. [nice touch I thought – esp. given that she was talking to all believing in heaven Geoff]


Annie looks at a pic of her & Belle one a digi camera. He then cut back to Belle giving Annie her camera in hospital. Bell insists that Annie shouldn’t let anything hold her back. Belle gives Annie to take a pic of the 2 of them – which is the pic annie is looking at on the beach.

Dex sits net to Annie – who tell him bout how much of amazing person belle was. Dex take a pic of te the tearful Annie,


Irene is sitting at table alone - she had a flashback of herself with belle. Both are very emtional – and Belle gives Irene some letter to give Aden when the time is right.


Ade is looking everywhere for Belle’s necklace – the one he gave her - when Nic enters. She tells her a flashback of belle give her the necklace, Nic thinks tat aden should hev it, but bell insits tat its nt u to him. Belle makes Nic promises to look after Aden. Ni [after flash back is over] takes the necklace out of her pocket.


As everyone inert the church for the funeral, Morag ell Aden that Ross send his apologies for not being here but Aden doe not seem to be listening to her. Colleen tell Aden that the wake is all organise whilst Aden ask Alf to tell him when the service is runabout top begin.

Miles & Kirsty suggest to Jai tat he should talk to Annie – who is sitting by herself. When he sits wit Annie, he wonders if she; d like Dex to sit with her – but she wants Jia to sit with her.

After Alf tells Aden that its time for service to begin, we see Irene at the lectern, tell the gathered that she doesn’t rally have to fins that word to say goodbye to Belle as she is here in our hearts/minds. Irene also comment on how Belle arrived for the city with an at9tud to match and how she achieved what she achieved what she came to the bay to do – finding her mum. Iren also comments on h9w belle also found the love on her life in Aden.

Speaking of whom, When he talks to the crowd, he’s so not as positive as Irene– insisting that no matter how you dress it up, belle's death sucks. Whilst Aden is speaking, he is interrupted when Liam almost knocks a vase over when he enters.


After every1, they see guy with many colourful balloons. He tells that the he was ordered to be at the church at this t9ime. All can’t believe what's going on – and most are still perplexed when delivery guy says tat eh balloons when ordered by BELLE. Annie comments that Belle is trying to cheer them up – some aren’t convinced, inc Aden who walk off towards a nearby garden. When Liam tries to get one of the balloons, Its clae tart he is drunk/high. Geoff clash with Liam – suggesting that he shouldn’t be here. Liam bails.

Nearby, Nic gives Aden one of the balloons,. After she walks away, he lets it go and watches it til it’s out of sights.


Aden is in belle’s room, when Rach enters. She tries to talk to him/comfort hum - to no avail.


Aden enters – and is NOT pleased to see Nic wearing That necklace. Nic tell Aden that Belle gave it to her AND that she wants Nic to look after/comfort Aden. Aden doesn’t like this – and insists to her tat nothing with replace Belle etc.

After Nic bails, Aden has a flashback of Adelle in her Bed. She tells him that everything will ok [as they lay arm in arm].


Nic sees Lima and gets in his car – with Sid watching nearby. In tee car, Lim tell Nic that Aden will calm down in time, whilst Nic is keen to stop hurting all the time. He opens the glove box - and Nic sees some drugs. He shuts it when they see Sid approach. Sid wonders if it’s best for Nic to be talking to Lim right now. She thinks tat it is – and they drive off. Sid is clearly worried.



Aden tell Nic tat she doesn’t want any bone else here on his house

Nic ask Sid to tell Miles, if he calls, tat she stayed at Sid’s place last night.

Angelo suggest to Charlie its time for her secret to totally come out

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: black wide strap top/dark long pants


Nic: dark jacket/dark v neck top/dark knee skirt


Jai: dark blue shirt


Aden : dark suit/Dark Shirt/Dark tief/Dark Long Pants

Alf: dark suit/shirt shirt/dark tie

Amanda: dark scoop dress

Annie: dark [orange & blue floral] wide strap top

Balloon delivery guy: yellow polo/denim jeans

Belle: grey long sleeve top

Colleen: dark fascinator/dark top

Dex: bone jacket/black [white trim] t/denim Jeans

Geoff: dark shirt/dark long pants

Geoff: light blue [with dark blue “Zenearde Athletics” logo] singlet/denim jeans

Irene: dark jacket/white [dark trim] v neck top/dark long pants

Irene: sky blue blouse

Kirsty: dark rectangular type collar dress

Leah: dark knee dress

Liam: red t/dark long pants/black & blue check shirt

Marsha: dark kibnda low cut v neck knee dress

Miles: dark long sleeve shirt

Morag: dark v neck long sleeve top

Nicole: silver v neck top/dark long pants

Rach: dark jacket/dark knee dress

Ryan: dark suit/white dirt/dark tie

Sid: dark shorts/dark [several white vet stripes on sleeves] t

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