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Fri 7 Aug 09 – Episode # 4915

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Look After Him When I’m Gone “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 7 Aug 09 – Episode # 4915 ]


Angelo & another Marine officer are in a car on a steak out, whilst Angelino watches Hugo, the other officer says that he [other officer] is watching Marsha – the way he said makes it clear tat him watching her has noting to do with police work.

Marsha tells Hugo tat she is thinking of Belle and how Marsha survives her cancer whereas Belle will not. Higo hug Marsha.


Aden speaks to Nic – he asks her to go to his place and look after Nic today as he is working all day.

Kirsty enters and speaks to Nic, who isn’t that keen on talking.

Kirsty goes into kitchen and Leah tells her that Nic at least appear to be looking/sound a lot better today, whilst Kirsty tells Leah bout how Miles kicked hr friends out of the house last night.


Miles talk to Alf bout what happened. Alf thinks tat miles should allow Kirsty some leeway – as its good for her to let her hair down [so to speak] after all she’s been through.

Marsha approaches and talk to Alf. She is looking for Hugo, but Alf says that he’s not got any dive jobs in the book at the moment. Theis surprises Marsha – as she thought tat Hugo told her that he has some customers today.


Hugo is annoyed when a big van has blocked the road – preventing ppl form leaving the area. Gipsy speaks to his mates called Squirt who was driving the van. Squirt tells him that the van he had mech trouble on the way to the city, so he bought it back to the bay. Gibsy tells Squirt that wasn’t such a good idea, as he points out the police [Angelo etc] are keeping an eye on et6n wharf. Gibsy is worried that Aden [nearby] might get sus bout their nightly activates.


Belle enters and the likes of Irene &* Leah totally make a fuss over here. Hugo meanwhile orders some takeaway coffees and some food.


Hugo gives the coffees to Angelo & the other officers. Hugo suggest tat Angelo should stoop wasting him time trying to “nail” something on Hugo. Angelo agrees – and tells Hugo that the infestations are over – for the time being.

Soon after, Hugo speak to Squirt – Hugo offers to help fix the mech problem that the refrigerated van has, but Squirt says that problem is fixed. When Hugo wonders what fish Squirt is about to transport [given tat Aden & Gibsy are currently out of the boat getting today’s catch] squirt says that these are last night’s catch.


Miles apologises too Kirsty for kicking her friends out like that. Kirtsty agrees to Miles' suggestion tat she gives him some warning bout similar plans with her friends in the future.


Nic & Belle approached the water edge, Belle tell Nic tat she doesn’t like being fussed on and that she just wants things to be normal. Belle tells Nic tat she is a GREAT friend. After stripping down to jus the bikinis, Nic & belle genets the water. Belle floats whilst Nic keeps watch on her.


Squirt tells Gibsy tat he is a tad concerned bout the police but Gibsy tell him tat they are interested in Hugo, not them.

Aden is looking for Belle – as she isn’t answering her phone. Irene tell him tat Nic & Belle have gone swimming,. Aden comments that thatch’s a good sign.


Belle & Nic enter and Belle looks exhausted – but she insist stat Nic shouldn’t call Aden bout this. Belle asks Nic to look after when she is gone. When Nic say tat they have lots of time before that, Belle indicate that she feels she doesn't have much time left at all.


Kirsty tells Alf & Miles tat she is about to bail to study at Justin’s house. She thanks miles for being so understanding before she bails.


Marsha approaches Hugo. She is worried that he lied to her – but he insists tat the dive that was on today was booked through a friend of a friend. Hugo points out tat the nearby Angelo is still on his case – despite what Angelo said earlier.


Hugo see Aden and comments bout the double shifty he must have done [the night catch] when Aden say tat the only works today, Hugo wonders if Gibsy is the one who is illegally catching the abalone. Aden suggests tat Gibsy wouldn’t do that to Irene.

After Hugo walks away, Aden’s phone rings – he is clearly worried bout Belle.


Aden enters and finds Belle lying on the couch. He is worried that she is totally exhausted and insists ton making her dinner soon. When he is out of the room, Nic “suggest” tat Belle needs to tall Aden what’s going on. Belle responds by asking Nic to call Irene – and tat she is going to tell various ppl morrow what’s truly going on.


It’s late at night and Alf wakes Miles who has fallen asleep in font on the TV. Miles say that Kirsty isn’t home yet 0 and that Nic is study at the library. After Alf leave she room, miles goes back to watching TV- waiting up for Kirsty.


Nic is waaaaaaaaaaay in tears and she crouches at the water’s edge.


Aden enters the langue room. Belle is asleep and it takes a bit of time to wake her. Moments after he does, she is VERY sick.



Ruby is distraught, and wants to go to the city – Geoff tell her tat he is going with her.

Irene says to Aden “how do you say goodbye [to Belle]?”

Hugo tell Gibsy tat he want to part of the [abalone] action

Tony is worried tat Rex & Jane seem to “run into” Tony & Rachel wherever they go

Looks like Nic gets drunk again

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: purple shirtdress/silver & black kini


Nic: hot pink kini/white toga like dress


Leah: silver [dark trim] singlet top


Aden: grey singlet/denim jeans

Alf: light blue shirt/ bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: dark t/light blue shirt

Belle: grey long sleeve top

Don Gibson: blue polo/dark long pants

Hugo: dark shorts

Hugo: light blue [blue lion like motif]/light blue [white trim] shorts

Irene: green leafy blouse

Kirsty: black [white lace trim] knee dress

Marine Officer on stakeout: dark [white stripe across chest] polo

Marsha: black [yellow trim] singlet top

Marsha: dark halter kini top/white singlet top

Miles: dark button up shirt/brown [leafy motifs] t/dark long oats

Nic: blue [yellow on bust] thin strap top

Nic: white & black zebras pattern dress

Squirt: bine cap/brown & blue check flannelette shirt/white [dark crest] t

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