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Wed 05 Aug 09 – Episode # 4913

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Was Your First Time Not So Good ? “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 05 Aug 09 – Episode # 4913 ]


It’s late at night and Tony is looking for Rachel. he is surprised when he finds her doing the washing up. She tells him tat it’s got to be done sometime. Rachel also admits to be worried about many things – Harry, the negligence case against her etc. Tony connivances her to come back to bed with him.


Ruby enters longue room. Charlie is on the couch – ruby notices tat she is crying. Charily tells her that Angelo broke up with her.

When Charlie gets up, she looks to be in pain. Ruby “suggest” tat he should see a DR – so charley agree to go to the hospital.

Before ruby head of to bed, they talk breifly bout what happened today [Ruby being busted with Xavier],


Hugo can’t believe that Marsha is “buying” the whole life’s too precious line from ruby bout her & Xavier sleeping together. Hugo also isn’t so keen when Marsha suggest that they should stay that night at the farm – indeed, Hugo suggest tat they should use another mattress [than the one Ruby and Xavier slept on] if they do.

Morag & Ross approach – and Ross aplogises for his massive outburst at ruby & Xavier.


Next day, as Sid speek to Charlie bout her injuries, he comment bout a Caesar scar tat she has. She says that she hasn’t been pregnat and tat it’s a laparotomy scar. After Sid leaves tat room, hen Charlie tries to get up she’s still in pain so Ruby geo to get a Dr.

In the corridor, Dr Olivetti is talking to Jane & Rex – incl the info that that Rachael won’t be at the negligence hearing today.

Ruby re enter the room tat Charlie is in. whilst they wait for a Dr to get there, ruby comments batt its weird that 2 doctors have comment tat Charlie has a C scar. Charlie gets a tad flustered – but insets tat doctors do get things wrong etc. she adds tat the operation tat she had was when Ruby was very young – and tat the scar is near her bikini line.


Rachel is asleep on the couch with Harry is her arms when Tony wakes her.

The phone rings soon after – and when off the pone, Rachel tell Tony tat the hospital boards has found tat Rachel did noting wring,. Rachel tells Tony tat she is still worried bout what’s happened though.


When its jus tat 2 pouf them in the room, Sid comets to Charlie tat they both know tat it’s a C scar tat she has. Charlie admits at she was very young when she had a child – and that [in her family] only she & her dad know bout it. Charlie insists that that's the way it’s going to stay.


Marsha & Hugo arrive and they are pleased for Rachel bout the negligence case. They decline an offer to go walking on et beach with Rachel & Tony. when Rachel suggest tat she will go so Belle today, Marsha comments that Belle isn’t rally in the mood for visitors, so Rachel says she will phone Belle instead.

Before Marsha & Hugo bail, the both say tat they are up to something different today, so Tony wishes them luck with making a decision with that.


As Hugo & Marsha chat, they are being watched by Jane. Rex approaches, wending what his wife is doing. He suggests that should do what they came hear to do.


Ruby approaches charley in the kitchen, and tell he bout yesterday. Ruby retells her sister tat her 1st time with everything she wanted it to be [it was sweet and kinda funny] – aide for getting busted. Charlie gets all emotional – and confirms ruby's thoughts that Charlie’s 1st time was soooooo not good.

Morag & Ross enter tat room - and Charlie & ruby comet bout the trip to hospital. Ross hugs Charlie.


Rex &^ Jane arrive, and whilst Rex mushly wants there to be no bad blood tween they & Rachel and stony, name has her eyes fixated on Harry. Rachel is seroiusly watching Jane.

When Jane & rex are hone, Rachel can't belief tat Tony bought their story – an thinks that its VERY clear tat Jane came her to see Harry etc.


Hugo & Marsha can’t deide which one of their plans they will do – so its comes down to a coin toss. Marsha wins - so they arte going to the farm. They agree to colleen’s request for them to take a casserole [that colleen has made] to Adelle’s house.

Ruby enters – and BIG TIME apologised for what happened.


Charley & Ross are in the kitchen and Morag [in lounge room] is intrigued when she hears them talking about a baby.


Marsha *& Hugo enter her bedroom. Hugo still isn’t ken on sleeping on the same bed where Xavier & Ruby slept together, but he relents. They soooooooooo kiss on the bed.


Ruby, Charlie, Ross & Morag are eating on back patio and there's an eerie silence – one tat Ruby can't cape with she wonders what's going on. Ross isn’t pleased when Morag started talking bout Bobby [Morag’s own illegitimate daughter] and ruby can’t believe that all of this is why they went off at her – they think tat she’d get pregnant. Ruby is Shocked when Charkie [despite Ross’s suggestions] admits that Charlie has given birth – but the baby died.

[Note – Ruby does that whole open mouthed TIOTALLY shocked look so well].


Its lat at night and Rachel is worried. She calls out to Tony. She can’t find him & Harry anywhere.


Tony [who has Harry with him] is talking to colleen when Rachel enters and TOTALLY berates him for leaving that house etc without telling her!!!!



Morag is surprised when Ross comets to her the Charlie’s baby didn’t die

Jane spies on Rachel & co

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white [browny-gold flora on bust] thin strap top/dark long pants


Rachel: red scoop dress/dark cardigan


Morag: black [white swirls] blouse/tan top/dark long pants


Charlie: dark blue singlet top/denim jeans

Charlie: silver satin like nightgown

Colleen: aqua top/2 tone blue blouse

Dr Olivetti: dark suit/white button up shirt/2 tone blue diag tie

Harry: white [blue trim] beanie

Hugo: white [upside tree] t

Jane: grey [dark horiz stripes] cardie/purple v neck top/dark long pants

Marsha: off white v neck top/dark long pants

Rachel: grey long sleeve nightdress/blue PJ long pants

Rachel: white dressing gown] black [white trim] PJ top

Rex: ochre long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Ross: red long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: white singlet top/white & orange PJ long pants

Sid: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: blue t/denim

Tony: dark PJ long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

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