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Jodi mends her broken heart, career with shoe shoots for Tony Bianco

Guest **Julie**

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Jodi Gordon mends her broken heart, career with shoe shoots for Tony Bianco

The Daily Telegraph

August 5 2009

FROM scandal to siren, Jodi Gordon looks the very picture of sultry seductress in the latest Tony Bianco shoe campaign.

Yet the troubled star was just one week out of the most difficult period of her life when these shots were taken, the week after Gordon's big night out with biker Mark Judge.

The leading fashion shoe line shot the second of its collection ads with Gordon the same week the actress broke up with media mogul Ryan Stokes.

Yet there was no sign of the inner turmoil that the Home And Away star must have been enduring at the time, with Gordon crowing about what fun she had on set.

"I loved shooting the new campaign," Gordon said.

"We had a fantastic team on the day and it was a lot of fun."

She also said she is a bit of an expert when it comes to shoes and is an avid collector.

"I'm embarrassed to say (I have) too many to count," she said.


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I dont see the point of the article. Its a photoshoot that happend over two months ago and the pictures from it have been up on the Tony Bianco site for weeks now. Slow news day?

And is it really suprising or newsworthy that a professional model would take good photos in spite of her private life? What was she expected to do, turn up in tears moaning about how hard her life is at the moment when she and everyone else is there to get a job done?

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