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Fri 31 Jul 09 – Episode # 4910

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Don’t Do Randoms At Parties “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 31 Jul 09 – Episode # 4910 ]


It’s the day after the events of ep 4909 and Irene is talking to Gibsy on the hone when she enters Noah’s. When off the phone, she talk to Alf bout hop Gipsy says tat he will be going [on trawler] to Turners’ inlet morrow. Alf is concerned – as he’s heard tat that that’s a no go zone fori professional fisherman.


Indi seem too annoyed with, well, everything at the monet – esp. the thought of having to wear a 2nd hand school uniform. She also “pays out” on Sid when he tries to charm Leah.

Nearby, Trey’s mum gets a distributing msg from trey on her phone. She bails.


Trey’s mum tell her partner she is very worried about these dreams tat she’s been having bout trey. Trey’s dad looks fwd to trey confronting him – as that way, trey will be behind bars son where he belongs.

Trio’s mum leaves the room, and we see trey lurking about in the corridors.


Kirsty tells Miles tat she went to the uni today and the letter she got accepted her int9o a teaching course. Kirsty tell miles tat she thinks tat she is WAAAAAAY out of her depth, but her tries to encourage her by saying tat wouldn’t have accepted her if they didn't thinks tat she is up to it.

Irene talks to Gibsy bout what Alf said – but gibsy insist tat ppl like Alf who do the occasional bit of fishing and yet thinks they know it all.


Indi isn't that pleased when Sid tells her & Dex tat all their stuff [form precious house] arrives in the bay today. He laos tells them tat they are on their own tonight an he has a double shift to work.

When Sid is gone, the slightly bored Indi wonders if some unknown boys at the pool table would like to play her.


As Nic & Geoff prepare to do a school asignmnmet together, she tells him at she’s very emotional since the wedding because her dad not being there bought that reality back to her. Nic however isn’t so keen when Geoff tries to comfort her.


Kirsty enter trey’s dad’s room and moments later, trey’ mum bails. However, soon after that, Trey enters – trey’s dad isn’t surprised and even “baits” trey despite Trey telling him tat trey’s dad is FINALLY going to listen to what Trey has to say.

As the 2 men antagonise each other [esp. treys; dad], Kirsty tries to seek the best possible outcome for this situation. Trey hover insists tat he just wants this all to be obvert – he has a syringe in has hand btw.


Xavier is talking to Indi & Dex when Red, Annie & Geoff arrive. Its clear tat Dex seems interested on Annie. Indi wonders if the others are going to go to the party at the docks tonight – they are all interested.


Kirsty is still playing negotiator – insisting to trey tat whatever he does will com back to hurt his mum mad she knows tat trey doesn’t want that. She also tells trey tat whilst a lot of his situation isn't his own fault, sone of it is. Trey drops the syringe and Kirsty & Trey hug.


As the police [incl Watson][ lead trey to the interview room, treys; mum thank Kirsty for what she did today.

Miles comets to Kirsty tat she DEFINTELY has what it take toy be a teacher – as she got trough to trey when no one else could.


Nic & Geoff talk about Trey – and how Nic has such “good” taste in b/f’s – Geoff & trey etc. when Geoff wonders bout what’s been going on with trey, Nic [with some authority, given tat she knows bout Belle’s illness] says tat ppl hide tings from others all the time. They both afire to go to the party tonight.


At the party, Jia keeps an eye on Annie & Dex – and when Dex walks way form Annie, jai comments to her that she doesn't have to laugh at everything Dex says.

Nearby, Indi approaches Geoff. She is clearly interested in him nut when Nic suggests drat she is flirting with Geoff, Indi say tat she was just being friendly. Goff then suggest to Nic tat maybe she shouldn’t be drinking so much/


After Leah & Irene talk bout how most if not all SB teens hill be at this party at the docks, Leah talks to Sid. She informs him tat he’s been misled buy Indi & Dex – school started today, not next week like they said.


Geoff continue to be worried bout Nic’s constant drinking, but she insists that he has no idea of the burden tat she is carrying.

Nearby, the guy who ask Indi to the party oin the 1st place is ken to “be with” her, but she tell him that her mum taught her self respect – so she doesn’t do randoms at parties.

Also, as Dex talks to Annie, he comments bout how he cares more bout his family getting back together that Indi does.

Nic has had enough on the party and walk to a nearby road. She is totally”blind” btw. She gets a car to stop and wonders if the drover can take her to her dad. She gets in – despite Geoff “ suggesting” tat she shouldn’t [which reminds me of when a totally drugged-by-Callan Maddie wandered off some a party and was seriously in danger.]



Belle says “there’s something tat I need to tell you all”

Rach is worried bout Jane “borrowing” Harry

Nicole is in danger

Morag overheats Charlie and Ross talking bout a baby

Sid says to Charlie “that’s definitely a caesarean scar”

Ross & Martha catch Ruby & Xavier in bed together

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: green [silver sparkly] low cut v neck knee dress


Ruby: white [red swirls] knee dress


Indi: black [white tiger] knee dress/red strapped bra


Alf: light blue [white check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: elec blue knee dress

Annie: SBH uniform

Dex: dark button up shirt/white t/dark long pants

Dex: white v neck [blue symbols] t/denim jeans

Don Gibson: red shirt

Dude who tries to “hit on” Indi: dark jacket/white t

Geoff: grey & black jacket/white t/dark long pants

Indi: black sparkly hat/dark jacket/dark knee dress

Irene: sky blue blouse/white long pants

Jai: green [yellow writing] hoodie/white t

Kirsty: yellow top/dark long pants

Leah: flesh colour thin strap top

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/purple shirt/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Sid: dark t/dark long pants

Trey: olive green jacket/denim jeans

Trey’s mum: white lacy long sleeve blouse/denim jeans

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Xavier: blue [dark check] shirt

Xavier: SBH uniform

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