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Wed 29 Jul 09 – Episode # 4908

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” Is It Possible That You Could Be A Little Bit More Specific ? “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 29 Jul 09 – Episode # 4908 ]

Whilst Rach & Tony take Harry home form Hospital, Morag is intrigued as to why Charlie was with Angelo when she was hit. She isn’t impressed when Ruby tells her that Charlie & Angelo are together. Ross is intrigued, and mush less annoyed. Dr Young approaches and Ruby is esp. intrigued when he mentions tat Charlie has a caesarean scar. Ross explains it away – some childhood disease that Charlie has. Dr Young also tells them that Charlie isn’t as bad as 1st thought, although he hip was dislocated it’s not serious.

When Rachel & tony get home, Rachel is keen to get the bub etc into a routine and seem a bit annoyed that Tony is holding him rather than tee bub being in its crib. She’s further annoyed when Martha & Hugo show up. Tony hands Marsha the baby 0- and Rach & tony are surprised when they here bout Charlie’s accident.

Ruby, Morag & Ross are by Charlie’s hospital bed – and Morag makes it clear that charley should have told them that she is goes out with Angelo. Brett is wheeled into next room – and Angelo seem intrigued when Bret mouths off about how Charlie destroyed beret’s family [as Joey insult coming back] Dr young enters room, and suggest to al the visitors that they should bail so charley & Bret can get their rest etc.

Next day, Aneglo give Charlie some flowers and he confronts her bout Joey. She tells him that Joey is tee person that she was seeing [that she hasn’t mentioned] but naturally Angelo is taken back when she tell him that Joey is a woman!!!

Rachel looks exhausted and so doesn’t like it when Ross & Morag arrives. She tells tony to “get rid of them“as harry has just got to sleep [after being wake all night] and now Rach needs sleep. They bails, but Coleen arrives seconds later.

At tee diner, Coleen comets to Marsha bout tee brevity of her vast to Rach’s place. Hugo enters the room - he is in the phone and things sound tense. When of tee phone, he tells Marsha tat a tour group operator is trying to rip him off.

Anglo tells Charlie that he feels tat she is a VERY hard person to read – as she kept Jarlie from him and wanted to keep their ‘ship form Morag etc. Angelo is interrupted when his phone rings- when off phone, he tells Charlie that it was work and he has to go.

As Bret is lead into the interview room, Angelo tells Avery tat the DNA is the Indonesian who fled tee hospital is VERY similer [i.e. close family] to the DNA from tee arm that Miles & VJ found on the beach.

Rach is getting more & more stressed, and quoting from nook to Tony bout what’s best for their bub. He suggests tat she stops reading books, and starts reading her baby. Tony tells Rachel tat tugs will come more naturally for her in time [as he’s had baby experience before with Jack and Lucas].

Morag talks to Alf bout booking the Blaxland for her & Ross – as it will be very good for him. Morag that speck to Hugo – she “suggest” that he doesn’t hurt Marsha.

At the hospital, Ross talk to Charlie, he suggest to her, given his condition [that he could “let slip” anything to anyone in the future[ that they should bring heavily guarded secrets out into the open. Charlie is sooooooooooo not keen on that idea [not – this, combined with tee casear scar and tee preview bout Charlie & Ruby perhaps not being sisters WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY raises some eyebrow, so to speak].

Rachel a tony is talking whn Dr Young arrive at tee house. He tells them that Rex & Jane [who miscarried] are suing the hospital – esp. Rachel!!!!!



There’s a new family, the Walkers [mum, dad, 2 teens] in town

Trey is on tee run

Nurse Julie tells Rach that she won’t take the blame for Rach’s error

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: mustard & whit top/blue &* white mosaic knee skirt


Rach: grey cardie/red dress


Morag: white jacket/dark top/beige long pants


Alf: blue & yellow check shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: powder blue button up shirt

Angelo: light blue shirt/white shorts

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/

Brett: dark [white leaf?] t

Brett: black [white check] flannelette shirt/dark t/dark long oats

Charlie: grey t/dark long pants

Colleen: red [white floral] top

Dr Young: faded red shirt/dark long pants

Dr Young: maroon button up shirt/dark long pants

Harry: blue beanie

Harry: white [blue trim] beanie

Hugo: grey [white crest] t/denim jeans

Hugo: green [light green trees] t/denim shorts

Marsha: red [white sun] singlet top [with write thin strap top neath]/dark long pants

Marsha: red singlet top/dark track pants

Morag: brown jacket/white [brown swirls] top/dark long pants

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rach: white dressing gown/white night dress

Ross: dark button up short/dark shorts

Ross: gold tie/white shirt/grey long pants

Tony: green t

Tony: light blue t/dark long pants

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