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Belle Paige Jefferies

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This is a sequal to "Gone, but not forgotten." and "the babe is back"

You will probably have to read those first but they are not long, Just 7 and 3 chapters.

heres the links:

The babe is back: http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=36992

Gone, but not forgtten: http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37175

Story Title: Belle Paige Jefferis

Type of story: One-shot.

Main Characters: Aden, Freya, Nicole,Geoff and many other regualrs.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama, Love,

Spoilers: Sort of.

Warnings: No, if there is i'll give it before the chapter

Summary: Its been a while since Belle. Freya has her baby, and everyone is happy. But they all still miss Belle.

It had been 4 months. Freya was heavily pregnant and not long to go, just three weeks or so. She was with Aden, Belles letters had helped everyone in the bay accept her death and accept Aden and Freya.

Nicole was the first to accept them. Well push them together, not that they needed pushing, but it helped to know they had her and Geoff’s approval. It took a while for everyone to get used to the idea. Aden even struggled at the beginning, He felt as though he were cheating on Belle.

Nicole and Geoff were living with Aden and Freya was still at Kirsty and Mile’s, Even though Aden had asked her many times to move in. She thought she would wait at least until the baby came. She didn’t want to just barge into Aden and Belles house. It didn’t seem right. She wanted to wait.

It did give Aden time to prepare for the baby. He used the spare room to prepare for the baby. Even though Freya didn’t know. He had started to prepare a nursery, with the help of Geoff and Nicole of course. He hadn’t painted it yet though, He wanted it to be blue or pink but he had to wait obviously, a boy in a pink room didn’t seem right. He had everything else, Cot changing table, wardrobe, Moses basket, car seat, feeding table and a little bouncy chair.

Freya made her way round to Aden’s place. She lightly knocked the door and then let herself in.

“Is he here?”

“Nope, just me” Nicole replied

Freya made her way to the sofa and sat awkwardly beside Nicole. “I hate this thing” Freya indicated to her bump “Never get one” She laughed

“Hmm, I was planning on it. But seeing you has put me right off.”

“You were planning on kids? Does Geoff know?” she laughed

“Yeah” she smiled “We were talking about”

“Really? Whoa!”

“Well were our getting married. Next step is kids!”

“Oh my gosh. We could be like glamour mums!”

“SummerBay wags!” she laughed

“That would be so cool. I mean they are sports stars”

“Yeah!” she grinned “So how is the baby?”

“He/she is good. Kicking quite alot, I think it wants out” She groaned

“Have you thought of names?”

I like Paige for a girl. Maybe Noah for a boy or Zach. I’m not to sure” She smiled

“Paige is so cute!”

“I know, I’ve always loved it! I wanted Belle to be here to see the baby. To be its godmother. But I guess you’ll have to do.”

“Is that your way of asking me?”

“Yeah. Would you and Geoff like to be Godparents?”

“And I want Annie and Ruby to be aunties and Xavier to be uncle. And you and Geoff will be aunties and uncles to” Freya grinned

“I never thought I’d be Godparent of Freya Duric’s kid!”

“Freya Duric never thought she’d even have kids never mind this early in life.”

“Well, it’s too late now”

“I know. I just wish it would hurry up. This thing is not the lightest.”

Nicole chuckled.


Freya sat on the beach. Geoff sitting beside her. “Are you nervous?”

“Yep. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it.”

“You’ll be fine, you have Aden and Nic and everyone else to help you.”

“That’s not what i meant. I have to push this thing out”

“Oh, Em.”

Freya laughed “Sorry. I’ve been really testy these last couple of days. I know i have everyone to help. But I’m scared it’s going to hurt! It’ll put you and Nic right off.”

“She told you?”

“Yep! And I’m so excited! Were going to be glamour mums!”

Geoff laughed

“I’m serious! Ohh! Ow!”

“What Freya? What is it?” Geoff asked anxiously, as Freya held her stomach in pain.

“The baby.” She moaned

“Oh God!” Geoff helped her to her feet. “I’ll get Aden.”

“It’s too late get me to a hospital. Now!”

Geoff rushed her over to his car. He put her safely in the back seat before driving quickly to the hospital. “Rachel!” He shouted as he entered with Freya in his arms. “The baby’s coming”

“Bring her through here.” Geoff followed Rachel and lay Freya on the bed.

“I’ll call Aden and Nic”

Freya nodded as Geoff left the room. He took his phone from his pocket and called Nicole,

“Nic! It’d Freya. She’s at the hospital.”

“What’s wrong?” Nicole said in a panicked voice

“She’s having the baby. Get Aden, and hurry!”

“Ok, God I have to get Freya’s bag. I’ll be there soon.”

30 minutes later Nicole arrived with Aden. Geoff was in the room with Freya, the baby hadn’t come yet, As soon as Aden arrived he took over from Geoff. “You’re doing great. Keep going.” He said to Freya stroking her head.

Geoff left the room and joined Nic, his face was pale. “You ok?” she asked in amusement

“Aren’t you nervous? You’ll have to go through all that.”

“I know. But it’s worth it. Give them ten minute’s and they have a beautiful little baby.”

“I think she’s broke my hand.”

Nicole giggled. “I’m stronger than her, just wait to I get hold of it in the labour room.”


“How did you get here before Aden anyway?”

“I was with her on the beach. And she just started screaming. She told me to just get her here.”

“Lucky you!” She laughed

“Oh yeah! I’m just the greatest! Broken hand, and back, I had to carry her!”

“There is wheelchair’s you know”

“She didn’t want one.”


Aden appeared from the door. Nicole and Geoff stood up.

“It’s a girl.” He said, he had a glow about him, he looked so happy.

“Can we see her?” Nicole asked excitedly

“Sure” He turned and they followed her back into the room.

“Aww” Nicole said as she seen Freya laying on the bed with a tiny little girl in her arms. “She’s beautiful” She said “Congratulations”

“Thanks. And Geoff thank you so much for getting me here!”

“No problem. And don’t worry I’m sure the feeling in my hand will come back soon.”

“Sorry” he said with a small smile.

She held the baby up towards Nicole. Nicole took her, she cradled her in her arms. “She’s so cute. Does she have a name?”

Freya looked towards Aden who nodded. “Belle Paige Jefferies.”

“Aww, that’s so nice, Belle would be so proud.”

“I don’t want anyone to think I’ve just forgotten about Belle.” Aden said tears in his eyes.

“No one thinks that. Everyone’s so proud of you. Belle wanted you to move on and you did. Calling the baby after her is very brave.”

“Thanks Nic”

“Your welcome. And your so not getting your baby back, I want one” She looked at Geoff.”

“Fine” he smiled

Nicole handed the baby back to Freya, She put her arms around Geoff. “Can we start trying now?”

“If you want.”

“Ok, Freya move” She laughed

Throughout the day Freya got so many visitors. Ruby, Xavier, Annie, Kirsty, Miles and Irene being jut some of them. Everyone was so proud.


It had been 7 years. Aden and Freya were married. They now had two beautiful children. A seven year old daughter, Belle and a 3 year old son, Taylor.

They decided to keep Belle’s legacy alive in their children.

Nicole and Geoff were not only Aunty and Uncle to Freya and Aden’s children they had their own. Twin girls, Jewel and Kayla Campbell.


“Daddy, what’s this?” Belle asked his father

Aden took a lilac photo album from his daughters hands, This is my wife, Belle.

“But i thought mummy was your wife.”

“She was but i was married to Belle before i married your mummy.”

“Belle’s my name.”

“You were named after her, So was Taylor.”

“She’s pretty.”

“Yes, she was very pretty.”

“why aren’t you with her no more’s?

“Because she died. Seven years ago. She’s with the angel’s now.”

“Oh, Can i look at it?”

“Yes, But be careful.”

“I will.” She smiled

There wasn’t a day Aden didn’t think of Belle. Even Seven years later she was still the love of his life. He was happy now and every now and then he felt Belle watching him, He felt her smile. Everytime he looked at the album he smiled. When he looked at the words Belle had written at the back he was able to smile instead of crying.

His life was good. One day he would be with Belle again. But until then he had to live his life out on earth. And he loved Freya. The only thing was when he was with Belle would he have two wives? Freya would be there too. He laughed lightly to himself.

When I’m gone, just carry on.

Don’t morne, Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice.

Just know I’m lookin down on you smiling,

and I didn’t feel a thing.

So baby don’t feel no pain, Just smile back

I will always love you Aden, You were my soulmate.

Belle Jefferies. xX


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