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Mon 27 Jul 09 – Episode # 4906

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” There’s No Such Thing As Perfect “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 27 Jul 09 – Episode # 4906 ]

After Irene talk to colleen bout having a few drinks with Belle, Colleen comets on her own wedding days, and how her hubby Less have eyes on Colleens bridesmaid, and the bridesmaid likewise with Less. Colleen says tat she locks tee bridesmaid in a closet – and than [intriguingly, given how old fashioned colleen is] comment tat said bridesmaid REALLY came out of tee closet.

When Nic asks, Belle tells her tat she has a few weeks maybe to live, but wants those weeks t9o be as happy as they can be. Nicole tells Bell tat she can’t be Aden’s best man -0 she can’t attend tat wedding and lie top him like this. Nicole uses Amanda and Ryan’s arrival to make her getaway. Bell is really pleased to see Amanda and Ryan, and vice versa.

After Alf ends ter kitchen [diner] and starts talking to Colleen & Irene, Irene wonders if he can help her run some errands. Alf mushly prefers that choice over listening both Colleen talking bout her wedding night!!!!

Amanda tell Belle that Peter can’t make it as he has a biog case tat he is working on at the moment [real life, Nic Bishop is in US doing “Past Life”]. Aden enters and comments on Amanda’s baby bump. Amanda then talk to Belle bout Nic – who Belle says won’t be Aden’s best man. Aden bails.

Aden finds Nic upon tee beach. She insists tat she can’t do it. Aden tells Nic tat he wants his wed day to be perfect = with her best man Nic by his side – by Nic insists there's no sushi thing as perfect. Aden goes off at Nic – accusing her of not being interested because she’s not the centre of attention. As Aden walks away, you can tell the Nic is really “cut up” by what’s happening.

Belle talk to the like of Alf, Irene, Colleen, Amanda etc at tee diner, they agree to have a get together at Noah’s together. When talk turns to the fact tat Nic has knocked back the role of being Aden’s best man, colleen thinks tat that idea is a tad too modern for her [eg “in my day, …..].

Amanda & Ryna give Belle a wedding gift – a honeymoon trip to Broome on tee north west coast of Australia.

Geoff is ion tee beach when he sees form afar Belle talking to Nic. Nic insists stat it’s not fair to Aden for him not to know. Belle relay pleads for Nic to be there – and Nic say tat she will at last give it some thought.

Belle enters tee beach house – a moments later, she collapses.

Geoff approaches Nic – and has a god at her fori fighting with etc Belle.

Nic goes to the beach house – and finds Belle unconscious on tee floor.

Nic teaks Belle to hospital, where Dr Benthos tells tat that he will tend t0o Belle as her specialist [Dr O’Donnell] is at a conference? at the moment.

Its evening now and Belle is ken to leave the hospital. Dr Bentos insists tat it rally should be Dr O’Donnell who discharges her. Belle then Asks Nic to cover of her at the get together tonight – and to not say anything bout what’s happening as “tomorrow is all that matters”.

The likes of Aden, Colleen, Annie, Geoff, Irene and Amanda are having a god time at Noah’s but they are concentred tat Belle’s not here yet. Nic enter and tells them tat Belle has been doing a let today and has gnome to bed etc. Aden didn’t exactly “buy” that, and when Nic won’t elaborate he tells Nic tat she is “scary me now”.

.Aden enters Belle’s hospital room. Nic [in tears] says to Belle at she had to tell Aden. Belle is also in tears, and Aden gets that way quickly too.

After Belle tells Aden what’s going on, he tells he tat he can’t do this – and bails. Belle is weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay balling her eyes out.

Aden is also totally balling when he tells Nic tat he camlet live without Belle.

Amanda, Irene, Geoff & Annie enter tee beach house – they are kinda intrigued tat belle isn’t in her bed.

Belle urges Dr Bentos to discharge her form Hospital [e.g. “show me where to sign”]

Belle pounds on tee door of roman’s house. Aden tells Nic not to let her in, but belle [totally in tears btw] that she isn’t leaving til they let her in - but it’s falling on deaf ears. Belle slumps to tee ground.



Charlie is talking to Angelo when she gets hit by a car

Belle tells Nic tat there isn’t going to be a wedding

Morag & Ross are back in town

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: baby pink knee length dress


Nicole: yellow [green & white floral] low cut v neck knee dress [with black belt]


Amanda: white [dark swirls] billowy knee dress


Aden: dark button up shirt

Aden: grey [dark Scouts like crest] t.denim jeans

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants

Belle: grey [green trees] t/darkly shorts

Colleen: black [yellow floral] blouse/pink top

Dr Bentos: blue long sleeve shirts/dark long pants

Geoff: hite [grey diagonal stripes] t

Geoff: white rugby singlet/dark shorts

Irene: black [white rope] top/white long pants

Ryan: red [dark unknown motif] t

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