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Fri 24 Jul 09 – Episode # 4905

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Pleasure And Pain “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 24 Jul 09 – Episode # 4905 ]


Rachel is kinda panicky, but Leah & nurse Julie remind her tat she’s always had a great birth plan. Rachel reminds then t6aht they can’t locate Tony.


A still “slightly” drunk Aden tells Tony tat Belle is tee best thing that has ever happened to him. The phone rings – its’ Alf, looking for Tony [for Rachel].


Leah tells Rachel tat Tony will be here soon, but Rachel and Dr Young are worried bouyt6 tee bub’s heart rate, so Rachel is esp. pleased to see Tony when he arrives.

Leah talk to Bell in tee corridor – and Bell tell her tat she wasn't dirking because although she went into rehab of drug abuse, she is staying clear of alcohol as well these days. Bell tells Leah tat she is looking fwd to when Amanda etc arrived tomorrow.

Back in tee treatment room, things has got worse. Sounds like the unborn bub is in distress and Dr young say tat that’ll have to perform an emergency C section.


Aden is half asleep on et couch when Belle enters. he tells her batt he only had a drink or two, but she can tell [FOM his actions, breath] that that’s not true. Aden tells Bell that he is keen for them to be together forever - before the talk bout Rachel and how that bub isn't born yet. When Aden talks of mini Aden’s & Belles, Belle starts to cry, but Aden’s pretty out of it by that stage.


Dr Young had fin ally got word tat theatre is ready form them toy take Rachel there, but there's now no tem form that -0 as the bub is keen to make its way into tee world now [kinda like hen Gypsy’s bub Lily wouldn’t wait til they got to tee hospital and Gypsy gave birth at tee side of tee road].


With Aden asleep upstairs, Nic arrives. She hands Belle a letter form roman that is to be rad top Aden at tee wedding.

Talk turns to Belle’s wed dress – she having problems with it, and Nic offers to make the alterations.


Wit Tony by her side, Rachel gives birth, but Dr young is worried as tee bub is having trouble breathing.


Belle thinks Nic for agreeing to amend the wed dries – and Nic tells Belle tat she is keen to get into fashion design when she fisnies school. Belle thujas tat it great that Nic knows what she wants to do.

Belle also is keen for Aden to remember EVERYTHING bout their wed day,

, whilst Nic apologies for all the trouble tat she has caused Bell in the pat. Nic ads that she think its great tat Aden is such a good friend – one tat she trusts completely,


Rachel & Tony are worried bout their bub, and are relieved when Dr Young & Nurse Julie enter the room with the bub. Dr Young tells Rach at the bub is a real fighter, like its mum. Dr young hands the child to the eagerly waiting arms of Rachel. Tony & Rach name their bub HARRY.


Next day, the like of Leah, Irene, Colleen & Alf tlak to Tony bout Rach & Harry.

Nic talks t Bell, who loves it when Nic say stat she has finished altering the wed dress already. Nic tries to give Belle that letter from Roman, but Belle suggests that Nic should keep hold of it, as Belle has a plan.


Whilst Rach & Tony eagerly enjoy their new bub, Nurse Julie tells Jane [who had a stillborn child recently] that a doctor will see her shortly.


Aden’s mushily still hung-over when he descends the stairs and talk t Belle. Both agree tat its sooo cool tat Rachel has had little Harry.

Belle then suggests to Aden that instead of having Roman as his best man, he should go for Nicole. Belle insist tat Nic is the prefect choice for the job,


Helen in the corridor and is eagerly keeps an ey on the VERY happy Rachel, Tony & Harry.


Aden tells to Nic – he asks her to be his bet man. He insists that it was Belle’s idea. Nic tells And tat she will thin bout it.


Nic teak to Geoff bout the offer and he suggest that she should be Aden’s best man.

The phon rings and Nic answers - she tell whoever it is tat Belle’ hasn’t lived at this house in a while. Nic looks quite worried bout the phone call.


Belle takes some of her meds when Nic enters. She vehemently accuses Belle of being ion drugs AGIN and lying to Aden. - and backing up Nic’s statement is the fact tat the phone call when she Belle’s drug counsellor, saying tat he’s not been to a meeting in a number of weeks.

Belle realises that there’s no way that she can hide this – and she tells Nic the truth about the tumour and how advanced it is and how there’s NOTHING the doctors can do to stop Belle from dying!!!!!!!!!



Charlie is talking to Angelo when she gets hit by a car

Sound like Rachel’s in BIG [being called incompetent] trouble

Belle tells Nic tat there isn’t going to be a wedding

Morag & Ross are back in town

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: red & white tie dye knee length dress


Nicole: yellow [green & white floral] low cut v neck knee dress [with black belt]


Belle: dark halter neck top/dark long pants


Aden: grey t/dark shorts

Aden: dark [various numbers] polo/dark long pants

Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants

Belle: grey [green trees] t/darkly shorts

Colleen: black [green floral] blouse/red top

Dr Young: blue, grey long sleeve shirt

Geoff: green [white “south east conference” and white lining] singlet

Irene: black [white rope] top/white long pants

Jane: purple top/dark cardy/dark long pants

Leah: red singlet top

Nic: white mid thigh dress

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: red low cut v neck knee length dress [with black top beneath]

Rachel: white top

Tony: blue [white “Russell athletic”] t/dark long pants

Tony: green [apple green stripes across chest] polo shirt/denim jeans

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