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Wed 22 Jul 09 – Episode # 4903

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” They SOOOOO Deserve Each Other “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 22 Jul 09 – Episode # 4903 ]

At the hospital, Xavier is keen avenge Hugo by hunting done Trey, wile Kristy id very plead to see Irene & Oly. All are still in shock that Trey died what he did.

Charlie and serval other officers are manning a road back when Trey’s mum pulls up in her car. She tells charley tat although she did encounter trey, and tried to take him to tee police station, he fled tat car when they stopped at a red light.

Xavier & Martha have just got of tee phone with Gina [tell her all that’s occurred] when Angelo arrives. He tells Xavier tat his court hearing has been bout fwd to tomorrow. Angelo suggest tat if Xavier phones the court and explains circumstances, they should easily delay at heading. Its clear tat Xavier isn’t exactly paying much attention to Angelo.

Charlie talks to Angelo at tee police station. She is annoyed tat Trey’s mum seems to have taken things into heir own hand, i.e. Charlie toiled her to contact tat police tat moments she saw Trey. As they chat, Angelo tells charley tat he’s informed Xavier bout tee court hearing.

At tee hospital, Dr Fagan explains to Martha, Alf, Xavier tat they have to operate on Hugo, and some of tee shrapnel is causing a build up oaf blood twen tee brain and Hugo’s skull.

Its lat at night and trey’s mum gets into her car [near her house?]. Trey is in tee back seat hiding Trey’s mum blames herself for not being a stronger role model etc for trey, but because she doesn’t what her son to go to jail, she will drive him to the city. She tells trey tat from then on, he is on his own.

Next day, as Charlie looks though trey’s notebook, she comment to Angelo on tee hatred tat trey has for his step dad etc. she also says that she will be speaking top trey’s mum & dad today. Angelo answers tee phone – and when the call ends, he tells Charlie tat Xavier didn’t attend/or even phone the court today.

Angelo speaks to Xavier bout ho serious it is tat he didn’t contact the courts. Xavier however tries to get Angelo to understand that Xavier doesn’t care bout that right now – as Hugo is fighting for his life.

In tee kitchen of the diner, Irene and Leah wonders whether, since the trek was Trey’s idea, that maybe he’s had the bomb/bus plan the whole time. Kristy enters and they are surprised tat she has come in to work today.kirsty says tat it’s the best thing for her to do right now.

Charlie approaches Xavier & Martha at the hospital they tell her tat Hugo is in recovery afe5 r the surgery and they ware waiting to hear what’s happened. Charley then speak to trey’s mum – she agrees to come down to the station.

Miles enters the diner. He & Kristy chat bout how he’s just come back form drooping off Nic to her mum’s – nic will stay there for a few days. Kristy then goes into kitchen where Irene picks up tat things aren’t quite right. Kristy tell her teat she isn’t looking fwd to tallying Miles tat she isn’t so keen on having kids right now [as kirsty thinks tat miles will want to break up with her].

At the hospital, Dr Fagan tells Martha etc that that will have to wait til Hugo wakes to see if there’s any permanent [brain] damage.

Angelo approaches Xavier – and tells him that he called the courts and has rescheduled Xavier’s hearing.

Martha and Xavier go into Hugo’s room and are there when he wakes. Martha etc are pleased tat nting seem to be good with Hugo – he recognises them instantly etc. the nearby colleen sees how mush joy tat Martha has on her face.

Angelo is on the phone when Trey’s mum enters the station. He tells her that Charlie will speak to her shortly.

Marsha is in the corridor of hospital when colleen approaches her. Colleen tells Martha that she was good when she said tat Hugo & Martha shouldn’t be together. Colleen now tells Martha that she just wants Martha to be happy.

Cahreli & Angelo question trey’s mum bout what’s been happening, but she doesn’t reveal tat she knows where trey is. After trey’s mum bails, Charlie tells Angelo tat they will be keeping an eye on trey’s mum and the house.

In one of the vans, Kirsty tells Miles tat she doesn’t want to have kids right now, and tat she thought that he would leave her if she told him. Miles insist tat that’s not going t happen. Kirsty tells Miles that she is keen to maybe go to uni, and miles is keen with anything tat she have in mind – as long as Kirsty keeps him “in the loop”.

At the hospital, Martha tells Hugo tat colleen has come round. Hugo tells Martha what he was going to say to her when they were under the bus, i.e. “I love you”. She tells Hugo tat she loves him too and they kiss. [Note: Hugo and Martha deserve each other – I can’t really stand either of them]



Belle’s disease is spreading rapidly

We see Aden & Belle at their bucks and hen’s nights

Martha tells Charlie tat she NEVE understand how Charlie can be in lobe with Angelo

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: violet thing strap top/orange knee skirt


Oliver: orange [white and red Racing] t


Irene: violet blouse


Alf: SES bright orange overalls

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Colleen: red floral blouse

Dr Fagan: white [grey vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Irene: white [dark floral] top

Kristy: red [white sports team logo] scoop t/red jacket/denim ¾ pants

Kristy: royal blue [white trim] top/dark long pants

Martha: green jacket/grey & marron singlet tops/denim jeans

Martha: white [brown check] blouse/dark long pants

Miles: apple green button up shirt/brown [gold "lake placid truck district"] t/khaki long pants

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Trey: black [white “sync Oil” and red horse motif] t/dark long pants

Trey’s mum: grey [white lace trim] singlet top

Trey’s mum: olive green long sleeve top/ dark knee length skirt

Xavier: dark blue [blue surfing motif] t/

Xavier: yellow [red & blue “welcome to Waves” and various fruit motifs] t/

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