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Wed 15 Jul 09 – Episode # 4898

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Late Night Raid “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 15 Jul 09 – Episode # 4898 ]


May confronts Angelo bout what she’s just seen – and she wonders if he has been with Charlie whilst they war togther. Angelo admits that he did sleep with Charlie whilst he was with May.

After May has stormed off, Angelo suggest to Charlie that they can be together now, but whilst Charlie say tat she does want both be with Angelo, they have to fully sort themselves out before telling ppl.


Charlie talks to Leah bout angleo/charlie - and how she knows tat there will be a fair bit of opposition to their ‘ship.

Leah that talk to Kirsty * Miles./ Mile is very pleased tat he & Kirsty have the VPH to themselves tonight.


Angelo approaches Hugo =- who denies having any kenowledge bout the whereabouts of tee indonesaian man who bailed for the hospital.

Hugo than goes into Noah’s where he orders a bottle of champagne. Alf seems to be clued up to the fact tat Hugo &* Martha [who is also working the bar] are getting very close.


Xavier enters and Hugo wonders where he’s been. When Xavier tells Hugo tat they agreed that xaver could go and se ruby after school today [despite being grounded] Hugo seem too preoccupied to disagree.

Hugo also seems distracted when Xavier has to remind him tat Hugo agrees to take Xavier shopping of hiking boots [for the trek] tomorrow.

Hugo tells Xavier tat he is about to had out – to check out some coral formations at night.


Both Angelo & Charlie seem surprised that the other is working at tee station tonight. You get tee feeling tat they are ken to sort out some ‘ship issues when Watson enters the room. Angelo bails soon after.


It’s late at night and Angelo is observing Angelo – who speeds away for the wharf at a small boat. Angelo comets [to someone on tee other end of the radio e is talking into] tat Hugo is no doubt on tee way out to his dive boat.


Next day, after Miles & Kirsty talk to Leah about the trek, May approaches. She wonders if there’s a van going, but Mise assay tat there’s not. He offers for may to stay it tee VPH itself whilst they are way on tee trek. May admits that all of this is beau of Angelo/Charlie.


Martha notes tat Hugo is looking mushily tired, but when Amgeloe wonders where Hugo was last night, Hugo say tat he had an early night. After Angelo bails, Xavier wonders why Hugo lied. Hugo insist that tat what he does is none of Angelo’s business.


Miles is quite surprised when may tells him tat she is quitting her job her and leafing the bay. Mile wonders if there is anything he can do to help her [stay bayosde] but may insist tat she is leaving.


Leah talks to kirsty about what’s been going on. Kirsty admits at that whilst she will eventually want kids. she's not the keenest pn having another one now. Kirsty also comments tat she just can't tell miles tat as he’s so uplifted by their baby plans etc. Leah agrees to not tell Miles bout Kristy’s thoughts etc on the subject.


As Angelo talks to Charlie & Watson bout the Indonesian man [i.e. Angelo thinks he is still in the area], May enters. She tells amigo tat she has moved all her stuff out of his place. Watson is a tad shocked when May comments on how GREAT couple that Angelo & Charlie are.


Charlie talks to may. She insist tat they never memnt to hut may. The latter however wonders if its right for Charlie to be with Angelo in secret like this, i.e. May accepts what Angelo did and publicity stood by him all tees same. May wonders if Charlie is willing to so to same.


Martha is ken to talk to Hugo, but when Charlie arrives he seems more interested in trying to get cahrlie to get Angelo of his back. Hugo & Martha agree to talk later.


Kirsty & miles are talking to Leah when he suggests tat Kirsty should come on the school trek. After miles bails, it’s clear that Kirsty is annoyed with him – for railroading all of this.


Charlie isn’t impressed when Watson and many other officers are gossipy when she enters. She suggests tat they should be all professaiona – and they all no doubt have lots of work to do.

After Charlie goes into her office, Angelo also enters. Both agree that they should be together – and they kiss. They are hugging when Watson enters the room. She hands Angelo a warrant – which he tells Charlie is so they can search Hugo’s boat.


As they walk along, Angelo explains to Charlie why he thinks that Hugo is involved in various dodgy things going on of late. He also tells her that they will raid his boat tonight.


Angelo mad some other police are observing Hugo – and they are keen when someone approaches Hugo an his boat. Angelo and the others confront Hugo and the person who’s just arrived – Angelo is a tad surprised tat said person is Martha!!!



Hugo & Martha tell Tony that they are togther

Kirsty & Miles clash bout the baby

Ruby’s not impressed tat Xavier hasn’t handed in THAT rifle to police.

Annie isn’t so sure bout a short cut that Jai takes on the trek

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


May: dark blue shirtdress


Martha: stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress


Miles: 2 tone blue verty stripes button up shirt/white [b+w photo] t/olive green long pants


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo: red [white “Adidas”] singlet

Charlie: red singlet top/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Hugo : olive green [white crest?] t

Hugo: dark brown [light brown leaf] t/red shorts

Kirsty: dark knee length dress

Kirsty: green kinda low cut v neck dress

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Leah: dark blue singlet top

Martha: dark thin strap top/denim shirts

Martha: olive green hoodie

May: off white & grey knee length dress

Miles: black button up shirt

Watson: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Xavier: black [orange & yellow unknown motif] t/olive green shorts

Xavier: red [black “suburban” and circle] t

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