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Belle's Dad

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Title - Belle's Dad

t.o.p - long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

Staring - Belle, Aden, Amanda, Nathan plus others

spoiler - no

warnings - sexual references, language, violence

plot - Belle has asked Amanda to help find her dad and they have finally tracked him down.


"Are you sure you want to do this?", i mean he thinks you're dead" Amanda asked after pulling up at a repair garage.

"Amanda we just drove 3 hours to get here. Yes i'm sure" Belle replied getting out of the car.

They into the shop

"Well Well Well, look what the cat dragged in" a guy said standing behind the counter

"Hey Dave, is Nathan here today?" Amanda said

"Nathan" Dave shouted

"Wont be long" he said turning to Amanda

"Amanda, oh my god well if it isn't little Amanda Vale" Nathan said walking in the shop wearing grease covered blue overalls. With grease in his blonde hair and on his face.

"Well you were little Nathan Collingwood the last time i saw you" Amanda replied.

"Yeah but you got big" Nathan replied

"What?" Amanda said frowning

"I mean you got tall"

Amanda folded her arms

"Dave can you help me out here?" Nathan said

"No, you're doing just fine" Dave replied

"So it's been what 20 years, what are you doing here?" Nathan asked

"This is hard to say" Amanda said

"Well say it anyway" Dave said

"Dave can you give us a minute" Amanda said

"Whatever you've got to say you can say it in front of Dave" Nathan downing a bottle of water

Amanda took a deep breath.

"Do you remember the baby i had when we were 14?" Amanda asked


"This is her" Amanda said looking towards Belle.

Nathan droped his bottle of water


"How could you just show up without warning and say oh this ids your daughter who you though died 20 years ago. What do you want me say to that. And how long have you known she was alive?" Nathan asked

"A few years mum, told me she sold her to a couple who couldn't have a baby" Amanda Said

"Well why didn't you tell me when you found out?" he asked

"Because i hurt you. I blamed you for her death" Amanda said

"You could have atleast gave a little warning she was coming. Look at me i look like a human motor" he said referng to the grease all over him.


Belle stood inside watching Nathan and Amanda arguing through the window.

"He loved that girl" Dave said

"What? Belle asked not paying any attention to what he said

"He loved her, and she just hurt him like i always knew she would" Dave said

"How do you known Nathan?" Belle asked

"We're brothers" he told her

"You know he thinks about you everyday" Dsve told her

"What makes you say that?" she asked

"Because he writes you out a birthday card he can never give every year" Dave told her

"you wanna know what they say?" Dave asked

Belle felt tears but she held them back.

"What?" she asked

"To my little, love always dad"

Belle walked out of the shop and interupted Amanda and Nathan

"Can we talk?" she asked Nathan


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Nathan and Belle sat on the back oF Nathan's ute.

"I like your hair" Nathan said

"Thanks" Belle replied

"Look Belle i never thought this would happen, so i don't really know what to say" Nathan told her

"I heard you write birthday cards for me"

"Yeah silly huh" Nathan said

"You could always give them to me now" Belle told him

"I even practiced talking to you about boys" he told her

"What about the sex talk?" Belle asked

"No that was Amanda's job" he replied

They were both silent for a moment

"So do you have any other kids or a wife?" Belle asked

"No to both" he told her

She looked at him for a moment

"What? he said and smiled

"I was seeing if i looked like you in anyway" she told him


"I've got your eyes"

"Hey Belle we gotta get going" Amanda said interupting

"How about i give her a ride home"


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Nathan and Belle pulled up outside the diner.

"Do you wanna come on i mean Irene's working today. She'll wanna meet you and Aden i think he's filling in for someone today"

Nathan took a deep breath and moved the rear view mirror so it faced him and fixed his hair.

"C'mon then" he said getting out of the car

They walked in the diner and saw Amanda talking to Irene Nathan turned to walk out

"Ignore her please" Belle said

They walked over to Irene

"Irene, this is my dad, Nathan"

"Hi, i don't see how you could pass as Belle's dad you don't look a day over 25" Colleen said standing beside Irene.

"Is Aden her today" Belle asked

"He's not here today, we didn't need him after all"

"Ok i'll call him" Belle said and got her phone out of her bag and walked away

"Nathan, i just want to say if you do anything to hurt that girl. You'll have me to deal with" Irene told him

"I've just found she's alive after 20 years, trust i'm not gonna stuff this up"

"That's what Amanda said, before she slept with her boyfriend"

"I'm not Amanda and trust me, i'll not sleep with her boyfriend


Upcoming movie to see: SUCKER PUNCH


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