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Mon 13 Jul 09 – Episode # 4896

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ How Can I Tell Him ........ “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 13 Jul 09 – Episode # 4896 ]

Aden eagerly accepts Belle’s marriage proposal. He is shocked tat she has asked him t marry her – given everything that he has put her through.

Irene talks to Alf about further troubles tat she is having with the trawler business – some of Lou’s bet clients have got deals elsewhere now. Iren increasingly is worried that there will be no job of Aden to come back to.

Irene arrives at Adell’s and whilst you get the feeling that she was going to tell Aden the bad news, she just can't after hearing the Adele are now engaged.

Alf speaks to Tony in the gym. He “suggests “tat Aden should be given a 2nd chance with the team – esp. When Geoff away on the trek.

After Aden comments about how even is the rally save money for their wedding, they won’t be able to have something decent for at least a year. Belle counters that. She insists stat she wants to get marred as soon as possible.

Next day, Aden is at Noah’s and Rachel is intrigued when she overhears Aden talking to Alf bout how Adelle are looking to get married rally soon.

Aden then encounters Gibsy, and tells him what went on with Clint. Gibsy insists yak he had no problems when he did business with Clint.

Rachel approaches Belle in tee diner. She “suggest “tat Belle should tell Aden what’s going on – but their chat is cut short when Nic interrupts [offering her congrats].

Rach & Tony are walk on the beach, and Rach [like Alf] suggest to Tony that ppl [incl Aden] deserve a 2nd chance. She reminds tony that ppl gave him some leeway inspite of what tony tried to do to Angelo.

As Belle talked to Irene bout the wedding, Belle tells Irene that she is going to try to find her dad.

Gibsy apprches Clint – and although Clit tries to threaten Gibsy, it looks like Gibsy has the upper hand tween them.

After Aden comment that it’s pretty cheap to get married in a registry office, belle suggest somewhere outdoorsy like the beach. She also tells Aden that she is keen to find he dad so he can be there at tee wedding. When Belle suggest that they should get married it 2 weeks, Irene comets tat things legally etc take longer than that.

Despite all tee happiness, Irene decides that she can’t put it off any longer. She tells Aden that she seriously doubts that she will continue the trawler business.

As Adelle are talking about the wedding, Aden gets a text msg. He heads out and as he is abiling Rcahel enters. She agrees to go with Bell tonight, whilst Belle also asks Rachel to help her with the whole “4 weeks before you can get married “ting

Aden can’t believe in when Gibsy hands him that ring that we wanted t give to Belle [the one that Clint had gone his hands on].

Gibsy then goes to the diner – and suggest to Irene that they can restart the business. Gibsy is willing to not get paid in tee early days, aden receive a cut of the takings when they are back on threir feet. Irene isn’t so sure – but as Gibsy uses Aden’s plight as leverage to mek Irene see his way, Tony overhears that Aden was in debt to Clint because of the engagement ring.

Tony talk to Aden at the gym. He is frustrated that all of this was because of the ring. Tony however does let Aden back on tee team – but warn him not to do stuff like that again.

Belle & Nic are talking about the future – and how Aden was saying that it would be great to have kids with Belle. Aden arrives, and after Nic bails, Aden gets down on one knee at give Belle THAT ring. They mushly hug & kiss.

At the hospital, Rachel tells Bell that she has successfully pushed through the whole ""wedding in 4 weeks barrier, so Adelle can get married in 2 weeks.

Rach insist that she doesn’t want t lecture Bell but she “suggest”taht belle should tell Aden the truth.

A tearful Belle wonders to Rachel just how she can/will tell Aden that Belle is DYING !!!!!!!



May sees Angelo & Charlie kissing

Rachel says “we’ll be her for Aden”

Belle tells Aden that they dolt have to wait to get married

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: pink, blue etc wavy vertical striped top/dark knee skirt


Irene: sky blue blouse


Aden: red “Dress Rule Applies” t


Aden: dark [white crest on back] t/dark long pants

Aden: black [white “republic”t/brown shorts

Alf: light blue [dark check] shirt

Alf: dark green button up shirt//bone long pants

Belle: dark singlet top/dark long pants

Belle: white [black cartoon bride & groom] t/grey shorts

Clint: grey suit/Blue shirt

Don Gibson: dark aqua polo

Irene: grey blouse

Nicole: white [large orange floral motif] dress

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

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