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Fri 10 Jul 09 – Episode # 4895

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Marry Me "

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 10 Jul 09 – Episode # 4895 ]

Miles is Way getting int tee idea of he & kirsty having a child, indeed, he is reading a book on Te subject at Noah;s as he talked to Kirsty,. he comments ta he got strange looks from ppl earlier when he was looking at a breast feeding book.

Belle is writing something but she stops and hides whatever it is when Aden arrives home. he comments from his attitude tat he team lost, but is curious when he tell her tat they won. Adelle clash over how distant/secretive ta the seem towards each other if late.

Nic approaches trey at surf club. she comments tat he is "game" for eating junk ood given his dad's recent stance. Trey is surprised tat Nic is talking to him, but she tells him tat he thinks tat she doesn't hate Tray as much as he hates himself right now.

Kirsty and Miles both order a deaf coffee form Colleen at the diner. in the kits hen Belle is surprised to see Aden - who is helping Leah out for a bit. when Adelle are both at the counter, Clint approaches and introduces himsel to Belle.

soon after, Aden confronts Clint. he insist tat he wants out - and the nearby Annie & Geoff [walking on beach near the diner, before Annie goes for a swim] see the clash.

Martin & Miles are at school planing the trek. Nic approaches - he thinks tat Trey should be allowed on trek. Nic says that Trey has no hold on her - and that this could gain him some much needed respect.

AFter Kirsty talk to Collen bout how she won't be drinking at an upcoming school function for teacher & their partners, Colleen tells Leah tat she thinks tat Kirsty is preggers.. also, Leah ask Belle top say thnaks to Aden for hel;ping out today.

at the gym, Geoff tells tony bout Aden's dealing with THAT bookie.

Tony arrive at Adelle's place = looking for Aden. Belle say tat he is out - but she is ken to know what tony want to talk to Aden about. Tony tells Belle what's been happening.

we then see Aden on tne beach - its clear tat he's been bashed.

Nic & Geoff are walking the beach. he is surprise tat she wants Trey to go on the trek, but she equated it to when Geoff allowed Claudia to stay at the beach house even when he know that bub was Lochie's. both are shocked when they See the bashed Aden.

Colleen enters Noah;s and she is annoyed with Alf for keeping secrets form her [kirsty;'s preg] but she stopped doing so when Miles enters te room. Tony then enters - he is looking for Aden, but then Tony gets a phone call [clearly bout Aden being bashed].

Belle is by Aden;s bedside in hospital. he tell her bout how he got into this mess - the expensive ring etc. Belle tell Aden that he doesn't need a ring to prof he loves her etc. Tony enters te room, and Belle bails. Tony is very annoyed with Aden, but says tat he won't report Aden for match fishing. Aden however is no longer a mbr of the rugby team - as Tony can't trust him.

at the diner, Leah wonders to kirsty if Colleen;s suspicions are correct. kirsty say tat although she isn't [reg, she & miles are tying to be.

Nearby, Trey's dad chat to Trey - insisting that this trek could be VERY good o him - and that Trey shod "be a man" for a change. when his dad bails, Trey brings back up on screen the web page ta he was looking at before his dad approaches - its; a sit about home made bombs !!!!!

Leah is in the kitchen of te diner when she grabs a tea towel of te bench, she accidentally knocks kirsty;s bag of the bench. Leah is surprise that one of te thing that fell out is the pill. Kirsty insists ta she hasn't cleaned out her handbag of late - but i don't think tat Leah was too convinced by that.

Adelle are at their place - which is candlelit. a tearful Belle tell Aden tat he rally shouldn't have gone through all of that just because of the ring - as life's waaaaaaaay too short. belle then surprises Aden by proposing to him !!!!



Belle is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay emyional as she talks to Rachel

Jai is unconscious on the Trek - looks like he & Annie are alone/lost when it happens

Angelo plans to raid Hugo's boat

May sees Angelo and Charlie kissing

Kirsty & Miles clash about the baby

It's A Designer Label (IADL) GOLD -

Annie : blue [white clouds?] halter kini top/matching shorts


Nicole: aqua low cut v neck top/dark shorts


Leah : red low cut top/dark knee skirt


Aden: dark [white crest on back] t/dark long pants

Alf: dark green button up shirt//bone long pants

Belle: white [black cartoon bride & groom] t/grey shorts

Colleen : 2 tone purple blouse/aqua top/multi coloured full length skirt

Clint: white polo/bone jacket/denim jeans

Geoff : white shorts

Kirsty : yellow top/dark long pants

Martin : red long sleeve shirt

Miles: dark button up shirt/white [white "republic" logo & spark plug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background] t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Trey: SBH uniform

Trey's dad: white [dark verity stripes] button up shirt/khaki long pants

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