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Thurs 9 Jul 09 – Episode # 4894

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” You’re Not A Nice Person“

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 9 Jul 09 – Episode # 4894 ]

Note – below is the 2nd half of a double ep. As far as I can tell, I’ve got the split point [where 4893 ends and 4894] correct


Geoff enters the room and defends Claudia against Lochiel’s attacks, but when both bots raise the voice, Rachel enters the room – as she does, Claudia and Geoff bail. Rachel “suggests” to Lochie that he should keep his voice down – or they will ban him from getting any visitors.

Btw, up in the corridor, Nurse Julie seems to be taking an interest into what’s going on.


Next day, Belle is on the couch writing sonneting but as she hears Aden descend the sayirs, she stopes doing so.

Aden get a text mug from Clint - to meet soon – so Aden bails [telling Belle that he is catching up with mate before training today]


Trey’ dad suggest to Martin & Miles tat Trey shod do allowed on the upcoming Trek – as he is an outdoors kid who might gain concfidence again whist he is in his element. Trey’s dad offers to pay for the hire of a bus and to drive the bus [so he can keep an eye on Trey]. Martin agree to give the idea soon thought.


Afar she gets of the phone, Claudia tell Geoff and Irene tat there’s nowhere for he to stay at the van park.

When the phone rings again, they get the good news that Lochie has regained some movement in his legs.


And meets with Clint – with “suggest” that And should “throw” the game today – or else.


After Rach tell Lochie & Claude tat things are looking good [regain movement] of Lochie she bails from the room.

Lochie tell Claudia at at he is now very keen to find a place for the 3 of them [Claudia, Lochie, bub] but its clae rtat Clauida isnlt so sure bout that plan.


Trey’s dad talked to Alf – and it looks like he’s persuade Alf to spec to the life club committee et to allow Trey into the lifeguards.

Ruby & Annie are solo not impressed when Trey's dad tell them that trey IS going on the trek. Ruby tells Anne that they are going to fight this.


Geoff tells Claudia that although he knows that they aren’t togther, goeff is very worry bout Claudia.


Ruby & Annie approach Nic – with a petition which she eagerly signs. The petition is against Trey being allowed to go ion the trek.


Tony speak to the rugby team bout the game plan for the next game, but he notes Aden is distorted.

When the team members have gene the separate ways at end of meeting, Aden asks Goaf for his help.


Geoff tells and that he won’t help their team lose the next game – and they go will do all in his power to stop of Aden form “throwing” the game as well.


Ruby & Annie confront Martin *& Miles with the petition full of lots of signatures [from pp that dolt want trey on the trek].


Next day, true to their world, Aden & Geoff both set about doing what they said they would. Geoff makes a try saving tackles, whilst and throws a silly pass tat rults in Geoff being crush tacked - and taken from the field and taken to the blood bin.


Whilst Lochie is pleased the he can way wiggle his toes, he isn’t so keen when Claudia tells him that although she wants her bub to kpnw its dad. She doesn’t want to be together with Lochie. She tells him that he's not a nice person, and that he alwasys takes out his frustrations on her.


Nic seem to be affected when Trey’s dad very publicity garbs and berates trey, egg “you can’t you be normal”


Aden continues to make deliberate errors doing the game, and Geoff plead to be let back into the match. Tony agrees and after Geoff gets back into the game, he scores a try that wins the game!!!! Aden and Clint aren’t impressed.


Claudia tells Geoff teat she is leaving the bay – and going to live with a cousin. She waaaaaaaaaaay apologises for all that’s done [lying bout the bub’s father][ and tells go that she hopes stem he “hooks out” with someone as amazing as he is one day. Claudia bails.


Aden & Clint meet in the now empty grandstand. Clint tells Aden to “take Geoff out” or Aden will be “taken out”



Looks like Aden gets bashed

Nic say tat Trey should go ion the Trek

Leah is intrigued when she finds the pill amongst Kirsty’s things.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: aqua low cut v neck top


Irene: cream [peach floral motif & trim] low cut v neck top/dark long pants


Claudia: light green thin strap top/denim shorts


Aden: dark t/dark long pants

Aden: green & white rugby jersey/dark shorts

Aden: white rugby singlet/dark shorts

Alf: dark green button up shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Alf: white [3 various color vert stripes] button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: dark singlet top

Claudia: apple green long sleeve blouse

Claudia: white [dark vert stripes] long sleeve blouse. Denim jeans

Clint: blue long sleeve button up shirt/grey long pants

Clint: white polo/bone jacket/denim jeans

Geoff: green & white rugby jersey/dark shorts

Geoff: purple t/knight blue shorts

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [north east sect] t/dark long pants

Geoff: white rugby singlet/dark shorts

Lochie: dark t/dark track pants

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/brown [white dots] tie

Martin: olive green button up shirt

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/dark button up shirt

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: red t/dark long pants

Rachel: royal blue & black singlet top

Ruby: SBH uniform

Tony: white [rugby team logo] t/denim jeans

Trey: black [grey check] t

Trey: SBH uniform

Trey's dad: white [dark verity stripes] button up shirt/khaki long pants

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