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Thurs 9 Jul 09 – Episode # 4893

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” That’s Very Scientific “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 9 Jul 09 – Episode # 4893 ]

Note – below is the 1st half of a double ep. As far as I can tell, I’ve got the split point [where 4893 ends and 4894] correct.


Jai is in pain – and he & Xavier discover tat the bullet grazed jai’s arm [bullet not inside body]. Whilst they are keen to go to hospital, both aren’t ken for ppl to find out how this happened. Xavier hides the rifle out a pile of large rocks nearby.


It’s clear that Nurse Sue doesn’t exactly believe jai & Xavier “ran into barbed wire” story, but she goes about of the room to consult with one of the doctors. Jai & Xavier are both uneasy.


Iren comment on how worn out Claudia looks. When Claudia is out of the room, Irene comments to Geoff that she knows that it’s uneasy for him that clauida is still her, but Geoff insists tat he is fine with it.


Jai & Xavier are worried that Nurse sue dint believe them, and they are REALLY worried when they see Nurse Sue talking to Rachel. By time that Rachel & Sue entry the treatment room, Jai & Xavier are gone.


Xavier ironist tat he can do all of the torment stuff that jai needs – since Xavier did a 1st aid course because of Brendan. As Xavier bandaged the wound, he “suggests” that Jiao should wear long sleeve shirts for a while.

Note – not surprisingly, this all reminds me of when Maddie wouldn’t go to hospital/ be seen by a doctor even after Robbie hit her when he was distracted whilst driving a car.


Martha tells Hugo tat even though she likes him, she can’t get over the fact that she thinks that she is betraying jack.

Xavier arrives, and tells Martha and Hugo that he & jai caught bus home form the farm as jai needed to be home for something. Martha bills.


Alf & Miles are a tad surprised tat Jai isn’t soo keen on having ay of the pizza they’ve got. They take it that he is still very “cut up” about how THAT magazine has affecting his ‘ship with Annie.

As jai goes upstairs, he is clearly mushily in pain.


Lochie sooooooo isn’t pleased when Rachel says they are hoping that he will be able to walk again – he mocks her by saying that [hoping] is very scientific.

AS Rach leaves the room Geoff enters and he and Lochie clash. Lochie say that Geoff has won – as Claudia won’t want him became he’s crippled. Geoff insists tat neither has won – and its clear tat the nearby Rach isn't impressed when Lochie shouts a Geoff to “get out”.


Next day, Geoff & Irene are concentred when Claudia commsnts tat she’s seen Lochie get this way [verbally aggrieve etc] before.

Monet’s after Claudia bails, Martha enters with those guns. Ruby & Annie also arrive. Geoff agrees to tell the police bout the weapons [that his granddad should have handed in police yrs ago].


Martha talks to Rachel bout how confused she is – twen her feeling for both Jack & Hugo.

Nearby, Lochie berates Claudia who is by his bedside. Rachel enters the room – and “suggests” tat Lochie should keep his voice down.


Jai is clearly uneasy when Annie motions that Martha brought those guns to the beach house for Geoff to take the station.

Talk turn to the upcoming trek [in honour of Dan's memory]. Annie comment tat she’s “unco” when it come to think like this. She kinda lightly hits jai in the arm with a small book – but he waaaaaay reacts in pain. He then tells her that he was joking about the pain.


Rach & Geoff talk about Claudia – they are worried tat she seem to be Lochie’s emotional punishing bag.

Rach ten talk to Hugo - and suggest that he should give Martha time to truly work things out for herself.


Martha is deep in thought. She then haws a flashback to a happy time when she & jack were play in the water. When the flashback ends, Martha has a smile on her face.


Ruby & Annie are talking, Ruby seem to think that Annie & jai may get bak tighter = barsed on the caht teat Jai & anie had a t surf cliub.

Geoff is word that there are only 3 guns – and not 4 – that Martha bought to the beach shouse. Ruby looks as though she knows what’s going on.

Soon after, Ruby & Annie can’t believe it when Xavier month only confirms suspicions that he & jai played wit the 4th rifle, but they ARE shocked when aver said that he grazed jai with abullet.


Martha tells Hugo at she IS ready to move on. She insist at they take it slow though – and Hugo seem to have no issue with that.


Geoff & Rachel are soooooooooooo not impressed when they hear Loahie once more verbally abusing Claudia.


Ruby & Annie tell jai & Aver that they are idiots, but both girls agree that this incident won’t go beynod the 4 of them. Whilst ruby is keen to get on with life [forgive & forgot], Annie tell jai that she wants NOTHING to do with him.


It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: red [white dots?] bikini top


Rachel: green wide strap top/dark knee length skirt


Ruby: black [red & green floral] bikini top/


Alf: white [bluey check] button up shirt

Annie: pink singlet top/red [white dots?] shorts

Claudia: apple green long sleeve blouse

Claudia: olive green t

Claudia: off white [pink floral?] low cut v neck thin strap top

Geoff: purple t/knight blue shorts

Geoff: white t

Hugo: light brown [white crest like motif]/khaki shorts

Hugo: green [light green trees] t/grey shorts

Irene: red v neck t/dark long pants

Irene: white [brown floral [ top

Jai: orange t/white [grey squares] long sleeve top/dark long pants

Jai: yellow [dark dots] t/denim shorts

Jai: blue jacket/yellow [black “alphabet stereo sounds” and music note motif] t/dark long pants

Martha: black [yellow straps] thin strap top/denim shorts

Martha: white singlet top/denim shorts

Miles: dark t

Nurse Sue: purple [white collar] t/dark long pants

Rachel: red t/dark long pants

Ruby: red singlet top/white knee length skirt

Xavier: red [black & white “von zipper”] t/bone shorts

Xavier: Red [white “85”] t//bone shorts

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