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Tues 7 Jul 09 – Episode # 4892

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Guns SOOOOO Aren’t Toys “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 7 Jul 09 – Episode # 4892 ]


After Jai & Xavier show Martha the guns, she say tat she will speak to the police bout them. Xavier says tat he definitely doesn’t want to be involved in that – given his recent run ins with Angelo.


Hugo thanks Charlie for trying to help Xavier by smoothing things over with Angelo – albeit to no avail.

Martha, Xavier *& jai enter as Hugo & Charley are hugging, and aits clear that Martha is affected by this.

After Martha & Co bail, Hugo denies Xavier request if he can hang out with Ruby for a bit [the whole Xavier is grounded thing].


When Mirth talks to Alf bout those guns, he’s not surprised tat Bruce [Annie’s etc grandfather] would do such a thing.

Nearby, Angelo & may are talking. She is keen tap know if she can move in with him – but he suggest tat he will come with her to look for places today.

As they bail, Charlie notes tat they are holding hands. Charlie & Martha then have an uneasy chat bout ‘ships.


Because Charlie thought tat Martha knew that she and Angelo has slept together recently, she speak to Angelo bout this – and suggest tat maybe [if he's telling ppl that] that he should salo tell May bout Angelo & Charlie’s history together. Once more dying this chat, Charlie doesn’t say a ting about Jarlie when Angelo wonders bout whose she’s been with recently.

Talk retunes to work – when they talk bout a report into the recent illegal abalone activates.


Martha convents Hugo – wondering if he is back together with Charlie. Hugo responds by sayng that since Martha’s made it clear that Hugo/marths won’t happened, it’s none of Martha’s business who he sees.


May’s got nowhere worth her looking for a place to stay – and she is VERY pleased [and excited] with Angelo ay that she can move into his place. Indeed she kisses him seemingly a million times before bailing.

Angelo the approaches Alf and wonders bout Hugo and his dive log book.


After Martha bails, Jai & Xavier can’t resist the temptation – they both are keen to amuck around with those rifles.


Chalkie & Angelo clash over Hugo and the case. Both think tats the other hags a personal interest in this case which is clouding their judgement.


After Colleen tell Charlie bout May moving with Angelo, Charley is intriqued when either Colleen or May comments tat they seriously get the impression tat Charlie & Hugo are together.


Angelo apaches Alf – he is looking for Hugo but aloft says tat Hugo isn’t working today.

As Angelo hoe back to his police car, he clashes with Charlie – about their ‘ships affecting things. Indeed, Angelo “suggest” tat Charlie should sort her life out beefer she lectures Angelo on his.


Jai & Xavier have put somni bottle etc in the distance for them to shoot at. Inde, Xavier is a pretty got shot – hitting a number of them with the bullet from the rifle 1st time. When Jai tries, his aim isn’t so good – and then the gun jams. Both are wore tat ppl will know they’ve played with the guns.


Charlie chats informally to Hugo bout the illegal abalone activities. Indeed, she can see why Angelo sees Hugo as a suspect. From afar Martha sees them chatting – and once more doesn’t like it with they [friendship] hug.


As soon as hugo gets home, he listen to a phon message from Alf bout Angelo making enquires bout his dive log book.

Moments later, Angelo enters – and [nattily] he & Hugo verbally clash over what’s happening, eg hugo admits tat the knife he use to scrape barnacle is an abalone knife but he use it for the barnacle etc purpose..


Angelo is on the phone when he can’t se the abalone file on his desk. After getting off phone, he approaches Charlie who is looking through the file. She insists tat she can see why he thinks Hugo is a suspect. Angelo isn’t surprise when Charlie admits tat she talks to Hugo bout Angelo’s suspicions earlier today.

Talk then gets more personal – with Charlie admitting tat tercel’s no way tat Charlie/Angelo can happen again whilst Angelo is seeing May.


Martha confronts Hugo bout her suspicion [Charlie/Hugo] but he tells her tat they aren’t. Martha LOVES that and she kisses Hugo [and its not a 1 sided kiss either]


THAT rifle is still jammed so Xavier suggests tat jai should go and pick up the bottle etc tat them wren using as targets. Xavier however keeps on trying to unjam the rifle – and “shock” that the rifle fires. Jai is hit by the bullet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Xavier tells Ruby that there’s been an accident

Martha is uneasy bout Martha/Hugo

More “fun” with the Geoff/Claudia/Lochie love tri

Note – from the looks of things, H&A isn’t on tonight [08/07/09] because of a 1 hour nightly news broadcast due to Michael Jackson public memorial. Also, looks like there’s be a double ep morrow [09/07/09] to compensate.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress


Charlie: light blue singlet top/dark long pants


May: white kinda low cut v neck ruffled knee dress


Alf: blue & yellow shirt/bine long pants/wide brim hat

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo: white [grey vert stripes] long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark jacket

Colleen: red [white floral] blouse/dark top

Hugo: brown [light brown silhouette of 3 ppl] t/red shorts

Hugo: green [light green trees] t/grey shorts

Jai: yellow [black dots] t.denim shorts

Jai: grey [black splotches] t/denim shorts

Martha: white singlet top/brown sleeveless cardigan?]Denim shorts

Martha: grey singlet top/denim shorts/wide brim hat

May: dark low cut v neck thing strap top [with white singlet top beneath]/dark long pants

Xavier: blue [white tree with a circle] t/dark grey shorts

Xavier: red [white “85”] t/bone shorts

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