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Original Love

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Story Title: Original Love

Type of story: short/medium

Main Characters: Nicole, Aden, Belle, Riley ( a new character) Geoff, Claudia

Mentions: Annie, Miles, Irene, ANd many other summer bay locals.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance

Spoilers: Probably not

Warnings: Some sex scenes (Maybe) Mild lanuage

Summary: Aden is with nicole, Belle is with Riley, Geoff is with Claudia.

But are they all happy, Do they miss there true love??

"wow, that was great,"

"YOu bet! Aden?"


"How did we end up like this?"

"Like what?"

"Together, Well, Sex?"

"I don't know, we have no one else, And well Romans not here, And we are atractted to each other."

"Are we a couple?"

"Do you want to be?"

"Do you?"

"I don't know, Nic, I like you, Are we only together cuz were lonely?"

"i don't know, I really like you, were best friends, Well with benifits."

"Maybe it makes sense that were a couple, i mean Geoff has Claudia, Belle has Riley, We have each other."

"So were a couple?"

"If you wanna be!"

"I do!"

"Wow, Nic were not married." Aden laughed

"So do we tell people?"

"Well i guess, I mean its not a secret, were not cheating"

"I know, but What will they say?"

"Who cares, its our lives Princess."

"Ok!! What would my Dad think?"

"He'd kill me!"

"Maybe i shold tell him, when i visit?"

"Do you want me dead?"

"No. but he can't get you, he's in prison, what's he gonna do escape?"

"No, but he has friends! Dos'nt he?"

"Aden, he's not gonna have you killed!"

"Thats what you think!"

"But i think i'd rather tell him, what if someone visits him and tells him?"

"Ok, but tell him we did not sleep together again, and again and agian, Ok?"

"Ok!" she laughed

"i might ask, if i can move back here, i mean i like living with Miles but, that house is way to crowded"

"do you think hel let you? Nope but i can beg!"

"You better go, if your going to make Ollies party!"

"Come with me!" she smiled

"But, "

"No buts, what better way to tell people, than to walk in holding hands?"

"Ok, you love people staring don't you?"


"Fine, i need to get ready, two minutes"


"I will princess"

"Claudia! Will you hurry up!"

"Im getting ready Geoff"

"Well get ready quicker were going to be late, Belle and Riley are leaving!"

"Fine, fine," Claudia said as she appeared from the bedroom,


"Oh for flip sake!" she walked back into the bedroom and lifted the present from the floor, "ok, Ready!"

"Thank goodness! Right come on."

"sorry for keeping you's guys!"

"don't worry, were not late, Well maybe just a little bit." belle laughed

They entered the house of Miles and Kirsty, "hey Ollie happy birthday mate!" Geoff handed his present to the toddler

"Happy birthday hunny, What age are you today?" Belle asked

"Free!" he said

"Wow, a big three, your getting as old as me!" Riley said handing their preset to Ollie, With him wasting little time opening them.

"Wow, look at all this, Ollie, What do you say to aunty Belle and Riley?" Kirsty asked ollie, while helping him with the wrapping paper.

"Fank you!" he said excitedly

"And what about Uncle Geoff and Aunty Claudia?"


"Your welcome buddy! how about we have a game of footy later?"


The door opened and everyone turned to look, And what they saw was Nicole entering with Aden hand in hand.

"hey guys, glad you could make it," Miles said rather shocked, but trying to cover

"Wheres the birthday boy? You gonna give your Aunt Nic a big hug?" Ollie ran over and Nicole lifted him in her arms and gave him

a hug, "Wow your getting big, Do you wnat your present?"


"Ollie?" kirsty said

"Pwease" he said sweetly

"Ok, well its in my room, Do you wanna come get it?"

"Ok,!" he took hold of Nicoles hand and she lead him up to her room, She opened the door, and his eyes lit up at the sight, he saw a rather large

Giftwrapped box, "Shall we open it?"

"Yeah," they began to unwrap the box to reveal a racing car track and lots of little cars, and another box along side, with lots of animals.

"Do you like it?"

"Uh huh" he said while still staring,

"Will we take it downstairs and show mummy and Miles?"

she took hold of the bigger box while Ollie carried the box of animals.

"Mummy look,"

"Wow, Gosh, Nic this is far too much"

"Don't be silly, You's have really helped me, And anyway Dad paid for it, Its the least i could do"

"Nic, Don't feel you have to do this, I mean we love having you! You don't have to do things like this. Ollie give aunty Nic a big hug.

"Seriously Kirsty, it was my pleasure, look at his we face,"

"Thanks Nic, Oh and Aden?"

"Oh, yeah Em were kinda together"

"Good for you, you deserve happiness,"

"Thanks kirst. For everything,"

"Welcome!" she smiled "ok who wants cake?"

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"i feel like everyones staring," Nic said quietly to Aden

"well, It is a bit of a shock, Don't worry, They'l get used to it. Wanna drink?"


Aden walked over to the kitchen to get drinks for him and Nic."



"so when did you and Aden get together,"

"Em, just recently, Very recent."

"Well im happy for you."

"Thanx Geoff!"

"Your welcome, Hows your Dad?"

"He's ok, Thanx"

"Do you think he'l mind if i visit?"

"No, not at all, i think he'l like it."

"ok, thanx, il let you know, when and maybe you can tell him?"


"Hey man!" Aden returned with the drinks,

"Hey, Congrats, You's two deserve happiness,"

"Cheers Geoff. You up for a double date?"

"Em, Yeah That'd be good,"

"yeah, Em Aden lets not jump right in their, were bearly a couple."

"Hey guys, Hoe are you's?"

"Hey, were good, Hows you?"

"yeah im fine thanx"


"yeah? Can we speak in private?"

"Sure, Em now?"

"Yeah, come on, we'll go upstairs."

"Ok," Belle followed Nicole to her room.

"Belle, im sorry i didn't tell you and Geoff first about me and Aden."

"Nic, Don't be stupid, Weve all moved on."

"Belle, i know thats not true, Aden was your first true love, And geoff was mine, i know exactly how you feel, I'l admit

im not One hundred percent over Geoff. I really want to just clear we didnt plan this. And after last time when you caught us, i

just wanted to make it clear it wasn't going all this time,"

"Nic its fine, I do still love Aden I won't ever stop, And you won't stop loving Geoff, but were all adults, we can be firends

No one blames you's"

"Thanx Belle, And i guess, thats true, we'll never really get over them, I just wanted to tell you that"

"Thanx Nic, Hows your Dad?"

"He's doin okay i guess."

"It must be tough,"


"if you ever need to talk im here!"

"Ok, thanx"

"Thanx for having us guys" Geoff announced

"Your welcome"

"Thanks, bye Ollie" Belle said leaving

"Bye," Nicole shouted out the door,

"Aden would you like to stay for dinner?" kirsty asked

"Oh, no i couldn't intrude"

"Don't be sill, your Nics Boyfriend, your a part of this family now"

"Ok, thanx kirst."

"Were having a barby for ollies birthday" Miles said looking over at Aden

"Ok, Need a hand?"

"Mate, if you insist?"

"Of course i do" he laughed

"wow, this is lovely, Ollie, what do you say to Miles and Aden?"

"Fank you"

"good boy!"

"Ok, Kirst, il just help with the dishes, then im goin to go round to Adens for a bit, ok?"

"Sure, Don't worry about the dishes, you's two go on"

"No Kirsty i couldn't Il help out!"

"No! Go!" kirsty ushered the pair towards the door.

"Fine fine, il see you's later"

"Bye" Aden called

"Bye guys"

"Well everyone seemed to take that well!" Aden said slumping down on the sofa,

"yeah Surprising!"

"So what do you want to do?" Aden asked with a cheeky grin

"um i can think of a few things!" Nicole said as she kissed Aden passionately.

"its great how no one can walk in on us!"

"I know!" Nicole pulled Aden's top over his shoulders.

"Morning." Nicole said laying on Adens chest

"What are you still doing here?"

"I called Miles and Kirsty last night, They said i could stay!"


"When you were at the bathroom, You just fell asleep before i could tell you"

"Oh, ok" He kissed he softly

"Ok, Well i gotta get ready"

"Why were you going?"

"To visit Dad!"

"Great, il have to watch my back from now on"

"Aden don't worry, Hes my Dad, i can talk him round"

"you better, he'l be out for my blood."

"Il protect you!"

"Dad!" nicole sqeed as she hugged her dad tightly

"Nic, Are you alright?"

"Yeah, i miss you though!"

"i miss you too! How is everyone?"

"There all good, We all miss you Dad, Miles is lonely" She laughed

"i bet, What about the diner?"

"Its ok, im helping out for some cash."

"You work?"

"Yeah! I love it! I can chat with the costomers, eat the food and get paid, and shop!"

"nic, you've grown up so much!"

"I had to dad, I don't have you to rely on anymore, You can't keep me in line, Don't get me wrong, when i first moved in with

Mile and Kirst i was a right *****, but i learnt alot, i got embarassed and humilated infront of the whole school, I

just had to get on. And Miles and Kirst and Jai have been really great, Everyone has"

"Im so proud of you! What do you mean humiliated?"


"I knew it! What happened?"

"You don't want to know!"

"Ok, il believe you!"

"Hows the food in here?"

"Its ok i suppose, i get kitchen duty sometimes, I guess thats like a treat for me!" he laughed

"Dad!" a tear fell from her eye

"Nic come on don't worry, im tough, Im doin fine, theres a few godd blokes in here"

"You made friends?" she asked excitably

"Yeah, don't tell Miles," he joked

"em, Dad?"


"Promise not to get mad?"

"Abut what?"


"Ok, i promise"

"Well, im, im.....With Aden"


"Dad, please?"

"Nic, Im sorry for what i did last time, Its ok! I trust him."

"Wow, thanx Dad, He thinks out gonna get him killed!" she laughed

"He's a good kid, SO are you!"

"Times up" A guard sounded from across the room.


"Nic, I love you!"

"I love you too! Stay safe!"

"I will, Stay good!"

"Oh i will, Oh and, Geoff asked if he could visit?"

"Tell him yeah!"

"Bye" he hugged his daughter before being lead of by guards, Nicole stood watching a few tears falling down her face.

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Nicole found herself sitting on the beach, Crying,looking out at the ocean.

She felt a presence sit beside her, and put anarm around her "Thanx" she mumbled "Dad said you can visit."

"Ok, thanx, are you ok?"

"Yeah, i just hate to think hes in that hellhole."

"Hes ok, Nic, He can handle himself"

"I know he can, but he has no one who loves him with him, I couldn't do that Geoff."

"Hes got you out here, You visit all the time, And he has plenty of others, Morag's fighting his case."

"I love him"

"I know, We all do"

"But, i only had two years with him, I need more!"

"You'll get more."

"How do you know? He could die in there!"

"Nicole, Don't say that, you have to stay strong for him."

"I can't!" she sobbed

"You can! I know you can, YOu have Aden, Ruby, Belle, Mile and Kirsty, And youve got me!"

"Thank you," She lay her head on his shoulder and cried

"Shushh" he said softly, "Your ok, he's Ok!

"hey Princess are you ok?" Aden said as Nicole entered the diner

"Yeah, i hate to see my dad in there."

"Did you tell him?"

"Yeah, hes fine with it!"


"Aden, I miss him!"

"We all do!"

"I cried for hours out on the beach!"

"Why didnt you call?"

"I wasnt on m own, Geoff saw me, he comforted me!"

"Oh, ok"

"Don't worry, he;s just a friend."

"I know, Nic im not jelous, sorry"

"Its ok, Aden i love you, Maybe you can come with me next time?"

"Yeah sure! Whatever you want, Need"

"Thank you! For everything"

"Aden, im tired, do you mind if i go?"

"No, not at all!"


"No, its fine" Aden stood up and Kissed Nicole, "Il walk you home"


They arrived at Miles and Kirstys, "Bye, Il see you tomorrow, Love you!"

"Bye, I love you" They shared another kiss and Aden left.

"Hey Nic,"

"Hi, How was you Dad?"

"The usual, he met friends, he told me not to tell you, You might get jelous," she laughed

"Of course im jelous, wait til i visit!" Miles chuckled

"Im going to go to bed! Night"


"Night hun!" kirsty said sleepily

Nicole crawled up the stairs, She was crying, Jai heard and came out of his room, "Nic!" hes shouted as she collapsed in tears to the ground outside her room.

"nic, whats worng?"

"Nothing, im ok" she said getting to her feet.

"No, your not Nic,"

She opened the door and invited Jai into her room, "I miss my Dad, I hate living here, i want to live with him, And

im so confused at the minute i don't know what i want."

"What do you mean?"

"Im still in love with Geoff, I can't help my feelings for him"

"Nic, thats understandable"

"No its not, im with Aden. he's with Claudia. And i just realised, i just said i hate it here, i don't mean it like that

you's have all been so good to me, and im so grateful, but i want my Dad! I feel like im going on about this too much"

"Nic! Of course you miss your Dad, don't be silly, And Geoff, Well he was your first real love."

"Oh, you forgot about Brad pitt!" she laughed

"ok, second real love, Your bound to still have feelings for him"

"But i don't want to!"

"I know, but they don't go away easily, come on, Go to sleep, you can dicuss all this in the morning, just rest."

"Thanx jai, Night" she said as she climbed into bed

"Arn't you gonna get changed?"


Ok, Night!" he laughed and closed the door behind him.

Nicole went to sleep thinking of ll the memories she had with her, Dad how much he had changed her life, Then she thought

about, Geoff, Why did she feel like this?

"Morning" She said as she sat at the table

"You feeling better?" jai asked quietly

"Yeah, i had a good sleep, and a good think, im still not extremely happy, But im better"


"Nic, scrambled egg and toast?"


"Coming up"

"Thanx Miles"

"don't mention it, So what are you doing today?"

"Em, I think i might go to the city for a bit, Il see if Annie or Rubes wants to come"

"Ok, do you need money?"

"Emm, No thanks."

"Ok, breaky is served" Miles se the plate down in fornt of Nicole

"Wow, looks lovely"


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"Hey Rubes, Do you fancy going to the city for a bit?"

"Hey, Sure,"

"Ok, Ask Annie too"

"Ok, Il come get you at about 1ish?"

"Ok, see you soon"

"Bye bye"

"Hey, princess, You feeling better?"

"Yeah" She wrapped her arms around Aden's waist, he lightly kissed her.

"What are you doing today?"

"going shopping" She grinned

"Great!" he laughed

"Do you wanna come round later, when i finish work?"


"Ok, i have to get going, See you later," he kissed her goodbye,

Nicole made her way round to ruby's, she beeped her horn and Ruby and Annie came running out.

"Hey," Annie said

"Hey, You up for intense shopping?"

"Erm yeah!"

"Good" she drove off and headed for the city.

"Wow, guys look at this dress, i so have to have this,"

"Nic, thats really beautiful, Which colour?" Nicole looked at each colour carefully and choose the purple, she then lifed

took orange and handed it to Ruby, and handed Annie the pink one.

"Nic, i can't afford this" annie said quietly

"Your not paying!"


"You's deserve them, you's have been so good to me, Since Dad, I asked him if i could get you's something,"

"Nic i can't" ruby hung the dress back on the rack followed by Annie

"Yes you can" Nicole picked the dresses up and made her way to pay. She handed each of them a bag.

"Nicole, thank you!"

"Your welcome!"

"Yeah, Nic your awsome, If you ever want to borrow it, feel free"

"Ok!" Nicole giggled

"So where do you's want left off?"

"Em, im just goin round to Jai's so at your place."

"Im headin home."

"Ok, here ya go rubes, Cya later" Nicole said to ruby giving her a quick rather awkward car hug.

"Bye, girls" she said and shut the door

"So, how are you and Jai going?"

"Em, good, hes great"

"Awk, good im really happy for yous."

"What about yo and Aden?"

"Oh, Were good" she grinned

"Good, Im happy fr you guys, Altough i loved you being my big sis,"

"Hey, i still am! Anyway you have Claudia!"

"Yeah but, All the do is fight, she never spends time with me, And she would never give me any clothes!"

Nicole laughed, "How are they going anyway?"

"Oh ok, i suppose, they just fight alot, I hate it"

"Im sure you do, They be fine, I know Geoff he'l do anything to make her happy,"

"Yeah he does, It kind of annoys me bit though"

"Oh well what can you do"

"Split them up?" Annie laughed

Nicole joined in with her, " Well, That is an option"

"I don't think Geoff would be to pleased" she giggled


Aden was in the house by himself, the door knocked and he jumped to his feet to answer it.

"Oh, hey i was just wondering if Nic was here?"

"Em, No shes at the city, Can i help?" he asked nervously

"Oh No its fine, i'l catch her later!" Belle resisted tears, she just needed to talk to someone

Aden sensed there was something wrong, "Belle" he said as she turned away, she turned back to face him.

"Yeah?" she asked

"Whats wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, im fine!" she said trying to sound happy

"Belle, come on i know you, theres something bothering you"

"Its just, "

"Come in and sit down," Aden guided Belle into the house, he sat down on the sofa and indicated for her to sit next to him.


"Well, I think im gonna break up with Riley."

"What Belle why?"

"Well, he only came here on a trip, he wanted to see the world, and he stayed because of me, And i just don't see our relationship

going anywhere, I love him but, i dunno."

"Belle, Are you sure you feel that way?"

"Yes, i think he was just a rebound. But i don't want to hurt him, and im hurting him more by letting him stay

he wants to see the world, And well i don't"

"Well, maybe you tell him this, That you don't want to keep him form something, Maybe its because you love him?"

"Well i do, but not as much as i loved y" she stopped

"Me?" he asked quietly

"Yeah, what happened Aden?"

"I don't know, But i wish it didn't, We hurt each other so much."

"I know, but i still love you, i always will" she looked into his eyes, those familiar bright blue eyes. He lifted his

hand and stroked her cheek, He leant forward his lips met hers.

Nicole had dropped Annie at the caravn park, she was making her way towards Ade place, She got to the door and

noticed it was open, she peered in and saw them, She felt so hurt, but she didn't get angry.

She didnt want to walk in and confront them, she knew they still loved eachother,

but what was she to do?

She made her way quickly to the beach and sat down, She looked out to the ocean, She thought about what she had just seen,

Why wasn't she angry? Deep down she suspected them to get back together, So she had prepared herself she thought.


"Oh, hi" she said happily

"you ok?"

"Yeah" she lied "hard day shopping" she laughed

"Who'd of thought you'd wear yourself out shopping? I thought you dould go one for days" he chuckled

"Hey! Geoffery Campbell, You have no idea how strenuious it is!"

"I guess not, Are you sure thats all?"

"yeah, i just don't know if me and Adn are working out."

"What! why?"

"I dunno, i think we work better as freidns, Yeah its good being with him but its only a physical thing"

"Does he know this?"

"No, Not yet"

"Well maybe you should talk to him first."

"yeah maybe, Hows you and Claudia?"

"Oh were ok"

She looked at him, In a way he didn't like.


"Its just Annie was saying you were arguing alot?"

"Yeah, We are, Did Annie seem annoyed?"

"No, we were just talking, She just said she wasn't very, you know sistery towards her."

"She thinks that? God, im her brother Annie should come first"

"Geoff don't worry, I love Annie, shes like my lil sis, She dosn't need Claudia" She laughed

"Thanx Nic, You've really changed, In a good way i mean, Annie looks up to you."

"thanx, i think ive really gorwn up, In 18 very soon, And in a yea i've changed so much."

"Oh yeah, your birthdays in a few days, Are you doing anything?"

"Not much, Miles is cooking dinner, And Annie and Rubes are staying to watch some Dvds and stuff."

"Wow, Nic i always imagined you to have some big massive party, and you to get very drunk and pass out half way through."

"Hey" she lightly punched him "Well i guess this sounds better, To have a small party sort f thing with my best

friends, And i think i might invite Belle."

"very mature, I love the way you've just really grew up, i keep saying it but its really good."

"thanx Geoff, Well i guess i better go see Aden,"

"Ok, bye"

"Bye," She walked away "Lets just hope hes finished" she said very quietly

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This time when Nicole reached Adens house the door was closed, she lightly knocked, and waited for a repsonse,

"hey princess, You don't need to knock."

"Just thought id be polite" She smiled,

Hey kissed her , "No need" he laughed, "this was your house first, Well kinda"

"so what you been up to?" she asked

"Not much, Cleanin this place, did you have a good shop?"

"Yeah, I bought a gorgeous dress!"

"Cool, Do you want something to eat?"

"Em, yeah you cookin?"


"Ok, just try not to poison me, OK?"

"Ok, i promise" he laughed "Do you fancy pasta?"

"Yeah, with salad!"

"Ok, Well you sit there and il get started," he said directing her to the sofa.

Great, this is where he made out with his ex, Half an hour ago. How was she going to bring that up? All she cold think

off was how far it went. Did they?

"Do you want Cheese?"

"Umm, what? Oh yeah!"

"You alright?"

"Yea fine, just thinking about Dad,"

"Don't worry Princess"

Nicoles phone buzzed, "Hey im going to visit Roman tomoz, Wanna cum? xo G" she hit the reply button, "Hi No i think you should

go on your own, i told Mile and Kirst id look after Ollie, Sorry, Tell him i love him. xxNic"

Nic sat back on the sofa and sighed.

"You ok?" aden walked form the kitchen and placed a kiss on her forehead

"Yeah im fine, Geoffs going to see Dad tomorrow."

"Don't you wanna go?"

"No,i always come back im a bad mood, i hate visiting him, when i have to leave and i watch him being taken away. It hurts"

"Im sure it does, Next time il go with you, Promise."

"Thanx Aden"

"Your welcome princess." he grinned

"Dinners ready."

"Ok" Nicole lifted her body from the sofa and made her way to the kitchen. "wow looks lovely"

"Do you want ornage?"

"Do you have any wine?"

"Em, yeah,"

"Can i have a glass?"

"Sure" Aden poured Nicole a glass of wine and set it infront of her, she sipped it and hten started on her dinner. Aden grabbed

himself a beer form the fridge and joined her at the table.

"Thanx for dinner Aden, I think im gonna go home, Im tried,"

"Ok, you sure your ok?"

"Yeah" she smiled and gave him a kiss."

"Ok, il see you tomorrow."

"Bye, love you"

"Love you more" he smiled

"Does he?" she said as he closed the door and she began to walk home, If he loved me he wouldnt be kissing Belle,

i knew he still loved her, but yet i got involved with him.

"hey! Where miles?"

"Surf club with Tony."

"What you watching?"

"flicking through the music channels" kirsty laughed

"I think i might join you" Nicole sighed

"Are you ok?"


"Whats up?"


"Already?" he half laughed

"Yep, I mean were barely even in a relationship, but he still loves Belle."

"What no he dosn't, they broke up ages ago. How do you know?"

"I saw them"

"Saw them?"

"They were at Adens, Kissing"

"And you didn't tear her head off?"

"No, i knew they still loved each other, I was waitin guntil they got back together, i knew it would happen."

"Wow, Nic your taking this well."

"Well, i havn't said to him yet, But i think im going to break up with him, Im going to tell him to go for Belle

they have so much together."

"Nic, im so proud." kirsty hugged her

"what for me breaking up with my boyfriend?"

"No for how your handling it!"

"Well theres no sense having a hiisy fit is there?"

"I guess not, Oh i love this song" Kirsty grabbed the remote, and turned up the volume.

"Me too, Beat again, My heart won't beat again."

They sat on the sofa for hours talking and flicking through the music channels, when they found a song they liked they

sang at the top of their voices.

"Wow, Half one, Miles is late."

"Is that the time?"


"I better get to bed, Night"

"Night hun!"

Nicole walked upstairs, she changed and got into bed, She lay thinking of how to tell Aden "hey Aden umm, I seen you and

Belle, and well i think you's should be together." didn't really sound good.

The next morning she awakened to her phone buzzing, "last chance sure u dnt wanna cum?" xo G

"Thnx u jst woke me! No babysitting. Send my love! xxx Nic."

She rolled over on her back and stared at th ceiling.

She flicked her legs over the bed and placed her feet in her fluffy slippers,

"Hey, what time are you guys going at?" she asked

"Um, now?"

"Oh, ok, Well im all good. Is ollie still sleeping?"

"Yeah, he should be up soo though, Will you be ok?"

"Yeah il be fine, Il see yous later."


About half an hour later Nicole heard a noise form upstairs, Then Ollie appeared in the stairway.

"Hey Ollie, Gues what?"


"Im minding you, just you and me. SO what do you want for breaky?"


"Well, How about coco pops?"

"Yeah!" he said excitedly

Nicole made her way to the kitchen and reached for Ollies bowl, she filled it up with Cocopops and milk and set it at the

table, Ollie hopped up on the seat, he began to rapidly eat his breakfast.

"OJ?" she asked


"Ok, but don't tell mummy. OK?"


"Wow, Nic great parenting skills" a voice sounded from the back door,

"what are you doing here?" he asked

"Well i had the day off, so i thought id join you."

"oh, ok"

Aden walked over a planted a kiss on hos girlfreids lips.

"Finished" Ollie shouted from the table

"Wow, Good boy! Why don't you go play?"

"Yeah, Cars!"

"Ok, il just get them," Nicole made her way to the cupborad and got Ollies toy cars, she placed them on the floor

infornt of the sofa, She indicated to Aden to join her on the sofa.

"We need to talk"

"Whats wrong?" he said worried

"I don't think were working."

"What why?"

"Look Aden to tell you the truth, I seen you with Belle,"

"Oh Nic, that was a mistake,"

"Did you.....?"

"No Nic we kissed, just kissing i swear!"

"Aden i know you love her. You deserve to be happy, and i can't do that."

"But nic"

"No buts, Please Aden?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, but i loved you just as much before we got together, We can still be like that."

"Nic im sorry, i never meant to hurt you."

"Aden just go get Belle, I love you." she said with a tear

"I love you too, and thanks!"

"Your welcome," The tear escaping her eye and falling down her face.

Aden left, she felt hurt, but she knew it was best, He loved Belle and she loved him. She wanted Aden to be happy.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Im not sure wheter to continue, Or to end it shortly?

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"Hey mate how are you?"

"Im good, YOu ok?"

"Yeah, im fine! Its not all that bad in here." Roman said

"I bet its bad enough!"

"Well yeah i miss my bed, and my friends, and my little girl! How is she?"

"Shes ok, Im not going to lie, shes finding it hard, she misses you"

"Look after her for me?"

"Of course i will,"

"I know shes with Aden, But just look out for her."

"Well, actually i don't know if its true, but i think shes breaking up with Aden."

"Oh really why? I thought theyd just got together."

"They did but Nic said she wasn't feeling it, Thet there better friends"

"Oh ok, SO hows your love life?"

"Oh its ok"

"Just ok?"

"Well Claudias great, but shes a bit full on, and I don't know i can't trust her ever since, she lied."

"Mate its hard, after something like that, Your a saint for taking her back."

"Well she did lose the baby, and it wasn't as if she was being treated great living with Lachie, But i can't trust her

as much"

"I understand."

"I see Nic spending your money well?"

"Yeah, But what can i use it for in here?"

"I suppose, she bought Annie and Ruby a dress the other day, And not forgetting herself." Geoff laughed

"Well, She is a princess right?" Roman chuckled

"Shes deffinately that."

"Time" A guard shouted

"Well mate thanks for coming"

"See ya Roman!" Roman shook Geoffs hand firmly "Nic sends her love"

"Tell her i love her too."

"Bye" Geoff left the prison

Aden knocked on the back door, "Belle?"

"Hey," she opened it and invited her in

"Are you alone?"


"Wheres Riley?"

"Aden i broke up with him, Whats wrong?"

Adne said nothing her grabbed Belle and placed a passionate kiss on her lips.

"Aden, what about Nic?"

"She saw us"

"Oh god, Is she ok?"

"Yes, she told me to get you back,"


"Yes, Belle i love you!"

"I love you too!" They kissed passionately


Nicole was sat on the beach, this was beginning to be a regular thing, she'd go and sit and stare otu at eh ocean and

think, But this time she couldn't think, She'd just broke up with Aden, So there relationship wasn't exactly long

but she did love him, She felt hurt inside, The there was her Dad, at times like this, she'd go to him, he'd make her a hot chocolate

and talk to her, but she couldn't go to him.

She got up and began to walk down the beach letting the water cover her feet. "Nic! wait up" She heard a voice from


"hi, how was Dad?"

"He was ok. he said he loves you." nicoe burst into tears, Geoff pulled her close and held her, "Its ok, Hes ok,"

"I miss him,"

"I know, We all do, he was a big part of this bay, Don't worry i hear Morags working on his case."

She wrapped her arms around Geoffs waist "Nothing ever goes rigt for me, i lose everyone i care for."

"I take it you broke up with Aden?"

"Yeah, Geoff i didnt teel you everything, I see Aden yesterday, with someone"

"YOu mean with with?"

"Yes, With Belle, they were kissing, He still has feelings for her, I told him to go for her, i want him to be happy"

"What about you?"

"Well i don't want to be selfish, Aden and Belle belong together. Il find someone, Maybe...."

"Nic of course you will, YOur beautiful,Your smart and your caring, Any guy would be lucky to have you"

"Thanks Geoff"

"Its true.

Please comment! Let me know what you think :)

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"Hey, Claudia?"

"Hi, where were you?"

"Visiting Roman"

Nowhere else?"

"No! Why?"

"You weren’t with a familiar blonde on the beach"

"I was with Nic."

"Yeah Geoff your ex."

"Claudia were just fiends"

SO why didn't you mention her when i asked you were you were?"

"Because i didn't think i needed to"

"So you lied to me?"

"Wow, Claudia you can't talk about lying!"

"Oh here we go bringing this up again"

"Well I didn’t lie about something so important!"

"Oh Geoff go on, Go run back to your precious Nicole!"

"Maybe I will, she’s twice the woman you are."

Fine, whatever, don't come crying to me when she cheats"

"Claudia I really can't believe you!" Geoff left slamming the door behind him.

“You ok?” Geoff asked as he sat down on the beach


“Have you left here?”


“Nicole, Are you sure your ok?”

“Yes, Geoff, Im fine, im just thinking, I wish i hadn’t Aden to go for Belle, I know its selfish, but i just want to be happy!” she sighed

“its not selfish, No one wants to be alone, But Nic you handled it really well, Im so proud.”

“thanks, But now im lonely.” She laughed

“would you rather your boyfriend be cheating on you behind your back?”

“Well no. But i don’t think Aden would have.”

“You couldn’t be sure.”

“I know, but what now?”

“Well you’ll find someone else.”

“And if i don’t?”

“Then you’ll grow up old and lonely with your ten cats” He laughed “No seriously, You’ll find someone, I’m sure there’s a queue at your door right now.”

She laughed, “i hope i find someone as good as you. Claudia’s lucky. I messed up with you, Big time.”

“We both did.”

“Yeah but i was stupid and hurtful. And i still have your twig” she laughed.

“You do?”

“Yeah i planted it out my back”

“Is it growing?”

“Yeah its really big. You should come see it”

“Cool, although I’ll have to check with Aden first.

“Yeah sure, I’d love to!”

“Ok, I’ll just ring him.” She lifted out her phone and rang Aden. She hung up and turned to face Geoff again. “He’s not in so he says i can go on round” she smiled.

They got to the house; she got out a key and opened the door. She lead him out the back and walked over to an area where a large blossoming tree was growing.

“Wow, Its gotten so big.”

“I know, i thought i would die, I mean im not a plant person.” She laughed

“Its beautiful isn’t it?” he asked

“Yeah, its really pretty. Do you want a coffee?” she asked

“Yeah sure.” They made there way into the kitchen, Nicole began to boil the kettle, and get cups from the cupboard. They door knocked, “I l get it,” Geoff said and made his way to the door.


“Can we talk?”

“Who is it?” Nicole asked walking from the kitchen “Oh”

“Well isn’t this cosy” Claudia spat”

“What?” Geoff asked

“You two, All lovey dovey round here.”

“Claudia were having a coffee.”

“Yeah right, thats what you think This is all her little plan to get you back. Isn’t that right?” Claudia walked towards Nicole.

“what? No!”

“Uh huh, Well you can’t have Geoff, A cheap little tramp like you doesn’t deserve him.”

“Claudia! Don’t talk to her like that!” Geoff snapped

“Geoff, I don’t want to loose you!”

“Well, its not helping talking to Nicole like that”

“But she wants to get back with you.”

“So what if i do, Geoff’s not like that. He wouldn’t cheat.”

“I know he’s not, But i know what you like.”

“Huh? What am i like?”

“Manipulating, Scheming, You’re a tease, you wear literally nothing to try and get as much attention as you can lap up.”

“That’s not true, you don’t know me Claudia.”

“ I know enough, your kind don’t deserve people like Geoff”

“Her kind?”


“Claudia! That’s it go home! I can’t be bothered with you!”


“No Claudia seriously get out! Now!”

“Fine! Have him, See what i care.”

“Nic, im so sorry!” he hugged her

“Its ok, Im used to it, “

“Still, Its not nice to listen to all that Sh*t”

“Wow, Geoff? Ive never heard you swear.”

“Well, Neither have i actually” he laughed. He beant his head towards her, He toughed her lips with his. He placed one of his hands on her face nad the other on one of her hips. She responded by placing her arms around her waist.

“Geoff wait, you don’t want to do this.”

“Yes i do” he continued to kiss her.

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This is the last chapter :)

Thank you to everyone that read it! :)

I still have my other fic: The babe is back. Please read that.

Here you go enjoy:

“what happens now?” She asked

“Well, I guess i’ll have to tell Claudia its over.”

“And?” Nicole looked at Geoff, “what about us?”

“Do you want their to be an us?”

“Yes. But do you think we could work?”

“Yeah, I mean we’ve both grew up. And i really like you.”

“I really like you too. But maybe we should take things slow?”

“Whatever you want. Nic i just want to be happy. And i want you to be happy.”

“I am” She smiled up at him. “Do you want me to come with you to tell Claudia?”

“That might be a good idea, You could stop me killing her” He smiled

“Ok, So, Now?”

“I guess so.” He said nervously.

They walked together, hand in hand. Nicole felt great, she’d never stopped loving Geoff, and deep down she always hoped they would get back together. She didn’t think it would happen so soon, But hey, No time like the present.

And Geoff, His relationship with Claudia had started great, He really liked her and she seemed to like him, But then she told him she was pregnant, It was a shock. Annie hated him for a bit but then she got over it, she couldn’t go on the rest of her life hating him. So they carried on, until Lachie turned up, He said the baby was his, Geoff of course didn’t believe him, Claudia told him it was his, So the baby was Geoff, Until however Claudia told him the truth, He was crushed she’d been lying to him all that time, He told her to get out and she did, He didn’t want anything to do with he until he seen Lachie hitting her. He stepped in and saved the day, He forgave her, and he understood why she lied. She just wanted the baby to have the best father it could have, But unfortunately he lost it. She was upset, but she carried on they both did. He loved her, until in the recent weeks she had become jealous, Geoff couldn’t talk to anyone without her wanting to know why. And especially no Nicole, Anytime he went near her Claudia bit his head off.

Geoff thought to himself, It was sort of Claudia’s fault he and Nicole were together, she pushed and pushed him until he snapped at her, he was so angry he went to Nicole and they grew closer.

They got to the house. Geoff walked inside followed closely by Nicole. This would be fun, they both thought.

“Claudia?” he called

Claudia came from their bedroom, She had a bag in her hands.

“What are you doing?” Geoff asked

“Im saving you the trouble.”

“You’re leaving?” Geoff asked surprised

“Yeah, We’re not right for each other Geoff; we can’t trust each other anymore. It’s not right for us to be in this relationship. Were both miserable. We deserve more than that.”

“Im with Nicole now.” He blurted out

“I know” Claudia said sadly


“I saw the way you’ve been looking at each other, that’s why I’ve been so grumpy lately. I didn’t want to give you up.”

“Claudia i’m sorry.”

“Geoff, it’s ok! I should be the one apologising, Im sorry for everything! And you two have a good life. Nic take care of him!”

“I will, And thanks,”

“Your welcome” She smiled, with a tear falling from her eye.

Geoff through his arms around her. “Keep in touch?” he asked

“Of course!”

“Where are you going to go?”

“Back to my parents”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, they’d of had a lot of time to take everything in. I miss them.”

“Ok, well take care of yourself.”

“You too. And take care of Nicole too. I’ll always love you.”

“You too.” He let go of her. She grabbed her things and made for the door, she stopped on the way and put her hand on Nicole’s arm; she gave her a smile and made her way out of the door.

She turned around for one last looking before continuing on the path.

“I didn’t expect that, I expected her to try and kill me.” Nic laughed

“Me too. But im glad she didn’t, She took it really well”

“i know, Now that means we can tell everyone, I bugsy telling Annie!” Nicole said.

“Ok, Well then i want to tell.... em, yeah i don’t really care who knows” He kissed her.

“Can we go tell people now? Oh and in the morning we can go see Dad” She smiled. That was the happiest Geoff had seen her, when she mentioned her dad. Usually she says things quietly about him, and she droops her head. But atleast this is progress, and Geoff would be there for her anytime she needed him.

“Annie!” Nicole called down the beach. The girl turned her head and raced towards where Nicole and Geoff were standing.

“Wait! You’s are holding hands, Are you?” She said excitedly

“Yep” Nicole grinned.

Annie grabbed her and hugged her tight. “Oh my gosh! Yay! But what about Claudia?” Annie indicated her question towards Geoff,

“She left.” He said

“Left? You mean you didn’t tell her to get out? She want quietly?” Annie asked surprised.

“Yeah, We were as shocked as you.” Nicole told her.

“Have you told anyone else yet?”

“No, I wanted to tell you first.”

“Aww, Thanks im honoured. If you want Rubes and Xav are in the diner. And i saw Aden and Belle there too. And theres also Irene and Leah, So you can pretty much tell the whole town in one go.” Annie smiled

“Ok, Well i guess were going to the diner. Are you coming?” Nic asked

“No, im just going to meet Jai. But i’ll see yous later.”

“Ok, Bye” she hugged Annie and took hold of Geoff’s hand and headed towards the diner.

As they entered the felt eyes look towards them, Nicole seen Ruby’s eyes fall to Her and Geoffs hands. Then she noticed a smile form on her face.

“Back together are we?” Ruby asked

“What gave it away?” Geoff joked

“Good on ya’s!” Nicole heard a farmiliar voice come from a table across the room. She looked over to see Aden and Belle smiling.

“So we have your approval?” Geoff looked around the room.

“You sure do dawl.” Irene appeared from the kitchen. “but what about Claudia?”

“She went back to live with her parents.”

“Oh! Well im happy for you’s!”

“Thaks Irene. If you don’t mind were going to get out of here.”

“Not at all, I’ll see you later.”

“Hey, Bible boy?”

“Yeah?” Geoff turned to look at Aden.

“She’s a great kisser! Isn’t she?” Aden joked

“Well she said your not that good.” Geoff winked, Everyone laughed an the two of them left. They strolled down the beach.

“Now all’s left is to tell Dad”

“I have a feeling he’ll be ok with it.”

“Really? Why?”

“When i went to visit him, he told me to look out for you. And I am!”

“i love you. More than anything in the world.” Nicole stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.


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