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The Babe Is Back

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: The babe is back

Type of story: short/medium, (Undecided)

Main Characters: Ruby, Xavier, Freya

Others: Nicole, Geoff, Many others.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama,

Spoilers: Nope

Warnings: No, if there is il give it before the chapter

Summary: Freya returns to the bay, What is she hiding? Can they trust her?

Enjoying a day off school, Xavier and Ruby walked along the beach hand in hand.

"what do you wanna do today?"

"Umm, how about we just go back to yours for some lunch for now?"

"Sounds good, il ring hugo and see if its ok."


"The house is free!"

"Great, no offence, but i hate when hugo's there,"

"Same!" Xav chuckled

"So shall i cook?"

"Well, do you like burnt?"

"Nope!" ruby laughed

"So, what we having?"

"I dunno, what do you want, Snadwhiches? toasties?"

"Umm, Toasties?"

"Sure, Ham and cheese?"

"My favourite!" He grinned

Ruby headed to the kitchen to prepare the lunch,

"Wow, this is awsome,"

"Why thank you!" she grinned

"you up for a swim later?"

"yeah i suppose, what else is there to do?"

"Well, we can do whatever you want?"

"I think a swim sounds good, Maybe invite Nic?"

"Yeah, how is she?"

"She's ok, She just hasn't been herslf, since Roman left, And well, the stunt Trey pulled, and just everything thats been going on

kinda got her down. But she has alot of support, and good friends."

"Speaking of good friends, Geoff?"

"Nope, I mean you can see they still have something htere but, I dunno, nothings happening, Nic said she Feels something

but he dosn't so she dos'nt want to push it,"

"Poor Nic, Her and Geiff were so good together! "

"Yeah, Maybe one day."


There wasa knock at the door, "Il get it" Xavier said ad Ruby stood up, instead she lifted the dirty dishes and placed them in the sink.

"Hey babe," A familar voice sounded from the door. Ruby turned round and to her horror, her thoughts were right, There in

the doorway, was that blonde hair, and too much flesh.

"Freya?" Xav said shocked

"Yea, hey! you not goin to invite me in?"

"What are you doin here?"

"Il take that as a no then?"

"Freya?" xavier said in an almost angry tone.

"Well, i missed you, thats all,"

"Come on?"

"fine, my parents kicked me, out so i went to stay witha friend and got kicked out, and well so on."

"And what you thought you'd come here?"

"Well, yeah, you wouldn't see me on the streets would you?"

"Gladly" Xavier said whilst ushering Freya out of the porch.

"Babe, Please! Can i atleast get a shower?"

Xavier turned round and looked at Ruby, "I suppose"

"Thank you, And i promise i won't be any trouble, Ive changed really!"

"Have you got any things, Clothes and stuff i mean?"

"Well, Em, no, Mum wouldn't let me take anything, I was using Abbies, but well her Mum got sick of having someone else Around the house,

So she sent me packing, Give me a bit of cash for buses ans stuff"

"Ok, Well il go get you something o change into"

"Thanx,Ruby" She said almost in a nice way

Ruby walked over to her place, She was thinking, "ive just left her over there with Xav by themselves, Great!" she said to herself

"Hey charlie, im just grabbing some old clothes, have you got anything you'd like to donate?"

"What for?"

"Well your not going to believe this, But there for Freya"


"Yeah, she just turned up with no where to go, No clothes, No money, Nothing"

"Oh, Well i don't sorry, I gave out a charity bag last week."

"Ok, thanx anyway, You didn't give the pile of mine did you?"

"SOrry, I didn't think you'd need them"

"Its ok, il just grab a few thing, theres a heap of stuff, i havn't worn in ages." Ruby hurried into her room, Grabbed a bag

and started to put a few things in. She didn't have to much a pair of shorts a few T-shirts and a dress, " i never thought id be

giving Freya of people my clothes" she laughed to herself.

Before leaving she grabbed a pair of shoes, she hadn't worn in about 3 months an chucked them in the bag.

"Bye" Ruby shouted before exiting the house.

"Hey, where is she?"


"Ok, Il give her these,"


"Yeah? Im just coming,"

"Ok, heres some stuff, il leave outside the bathroom."

"Ok, thanx"

"This is weird, I never once thought i'd be giving her my clothes."

"Tell me about, i never thought she'd take any of your clothes"

"Did she do anything while I was away?"

"Surprisingly no!"

"Do you really think she's changed?"

"I dunno, Do you?"

"Well, shes seems different, I mean im not saying were going to all of a sudden best buds, But hey, il give it a go!"

"Well, if she does one thing, she can go right back where she came from,"

"ok, But wheres she gonna sleep?"

"Oh, em i have no idea, She has no money for a caravan, Do you think Miles will do me a favour?"

"i dunno, he pretty booked up, and its his buisness, i don't think he could afford to."

"Great, the beach?"

"We'll sort something out."

Freya came into the living room, wearing the dress ruby had just given her "that looks great on you!"

"Thanx, i bet it was a lot nicer on you."

"No,i always hated that, Really suits you"

"Em , thanx, Il get out of you hair now, Thanx for these Ruby." Freya indocated to the bag.

"Your welcome."

"Wait Freya, Where are you gonna stay?" Xavier asked concerned

"Em, I have a bit of cash left, il find somewhere."

"Freya? Are you sure your ok?"

"Yeah, im fine! Thanx again, Bye" Freya closed the door behind her

"I feel bad, Where is she gonna go? I doubt she has ebough cash to last her couple of days!"

"Rubes? You do realise this is Freya, You hate her!"

"I know, its weird, but shes different, Really different."

"i know, theres something not right with her"

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Freya headed to the caravan park to see if she could rent a van. Great she thought, everyone hated her, how could she get a van,

a job? Anyone to like her?

"knock knock?" she said as she found the door to the house open


"Um, hi, I was wondering if you had a van?"

"What are you doing back here?"

"Im not here to cause trouble Miles, I promise, i just need a place to crash"

"Freya, im sorry, the vans are all full."

"Oh, Ok, Em, thanx see ya around" she made a swift exit from the house, trying not to look too disapointed. No on liked her

she had no where to go, Hardly any money and no one to turn to. What a great life she had made for herself!

As the night grew darker, she had no place to go, So she went to the beach and curled her self up in one of the sand hills.

It was freezing, She had a dress on and nothing to keep her warm.

Morning came, it became a little warmer she sat up and watched the ocean, What was she to do?

"Nic, you here?"

"She's upstairs Ruby, go on up"

"Thanx Miles"

"Hey, You ready?"

"Yep, Just gotta grab a towel."

"Ok, the water looks so nice today. I can't wait to get in"

"Good, Right lets go"

The girls made there downstairs and headed for the door. "Bye, Il be back for dinner Miles"

"Ok, have a good day"

"We will"

It was a beautiful day, "Hey, do you wanna get a drink before we go?" Ruby asked

"em, yeah sure"

They entered the diner and at one of the tables, Nic saw him, Sitting with his perfect hair, his bright blue eyes you could

just get lost in.

"we cn get them to go" Ruby said,

"Rubes its fine, i can't just curl up into a ball everytime i see him."

"Hey, guys what are yous doin?" he called

"Oh, Em just getting some drinks to go, then were heading for a swim."

"Cool, Do you's wanna join me?"

"Em, no thanks, We wanna get in before the beach gets crowded, thanx anyway Geoff"

"Oh ok, No problem have a good swim."

"Ok, We will, bye"

"Bye" She said her first words to him.

"Bye," he said sounding a little disappointed.

As they walked onto the sand, Nicole noticed her, sitting alone on the top of a hill, "Is that...."

"Freya?" ruby cut her off

"Wearing your dress?" Nicole noticed her best friends dress and seemed a bit confused

"Yep, She showed up yesterday, Had no where to go, her parents kicked her out."

"Oh, Wow, SO why is she in your dress?"

"I gave it to her, she had nothing, so i give her a few things, not that it was much though, Charlie threw all my old stuff out."

"i bet its more than she deserves."

"Well, actually she's changed, Shes different than she was."

"what do you mean?"

"I dunno, shes not a *****"

They began to make their way towards Freya, as they approached her, they noticd she been crying, "Hey, Did you get somewhere to stay?"

"Um, What? Oh yeah"

"Great, where are you staying?"

"I got a van"

"Really? i didn't notice anything on the books?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, i did the books today for miles, You havn't booked one"

"Oh, em he must have forgot to put my name down or something."

"But were booked up?"

"Must be a mistake, i was in van four"

"May's in that van"

"freya, where did you really stay?"

"Here," she said quietly

"You stayed on the beach?"


"Freya, why didn't you say you had no where to stay?"

"I didn't want to annoy you's, after all i put you through, i don't eserve anything"

"freya, don't be silly, no one wants to see you on the streets"

"i have no where else, I hurt you and xav!"

"Thats all in the past, Youv'e changed i can see that."

"Freya, you can stay with me!"

"Nicole, Are you sure, Will Miles let you?" ruby asked concerned

"I don't know, i doubt he'd see her on the streets"

"Nicole, I don't want to throw myself on you like this, i can perfectly well stay here, If you could just get me a blanket?"

"No way! Come on, we can go see Miles"


"In here" A voice came form the kitchen

"Hey, that was a quick swim"

"We didn't have one, Well yet, Ok Could i have a guest stay?"

"Sure, who is it?" Kirsty asked

"Em, Freya?"


"Yeah, Look she has no where to go, and i have a spare bed in my room, She'l not be any trouble"

"Em, Ok but as long as she's on her best behaviour, Does Ruby know?"

"Yes she does" Ruby entered the house, followed by Freya

"Thank you guys, I swearm il be no trouble, thanx so much"

"Em your welcome, Nic can you show her to your room?"

"Yeah come on" They swiftly made there way upstairs.

"ok, thats your bed, and you can have these" Nicole handed Freya a few bags

"Nic? This is too much"

"Im throwing them out anyway, This is weird your being nice!" she laughed.

"i know right?"

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"You guys ok?"

"Yeah were fine, just gonna go for that swim now, Got Freya a bikini, See you's later!"

"Bye, girls"

"its been so long since ive been in this water, If i see colleen, I must apologise"

"What for?"

"Don't you remember, she seen a bit too much last time"

"You swam in the nude?"

"Yeah, don't you remember?"


"Nic, you have such a bad memory"

"Tell me about, I never thought i'd here you say apologise, and to Colleen of all people" Nicole chuckled

"me neither"

"I never thought this day would come you know, Me, Freya, friends"

"Well, im glad it has"

"strangely me too"

"Me three, We need a new girlfriend."

"I actually didn't think, you's two would be so close."

"Things change i guess." ruby giggled

"That was lovely,"

"Yeahm the waters so clear,"

"Right im going to meet xav, Il see you's later."

"Ok, Bye, Meet at the surf club tonight?"

"Ok, 7? Bye"

"See you there"

"Em, Home?"

"Sure, Can we go to the dine first, I want to see about a Job."

"Ok, Wow, you have changed"

"I told you."

"Hey, Em i was just wondering, if you had any shifts?" Freya asked awkwardly

"Erm, Dawl, i don't think so"

"What are you doing back here? I hope you arn't going to cause more trouble"

"Colleen!" Irene scolded

"No,its ok, Im just trying to get my life back, Im not going to b any trouble, And im sorry about last time."


"Ignore here Dawl, Maybe i can you give a short shift later tonight, If your interested?"

"Oh, yes please, anything!"

"Oh, but any nosense girlie and your out on your ear."

"Thanx so Irene, I promise, there'l be nothing,"

"Ok, Well, You can start at 7,"

"Ok, thanx, see you later"

nicole and Freya got back to the house, "Do yous want dinner?" Miles asked form the kitchen

"Yeah, im starved"


"Em, No, thanx i think im just go for a lay down"

"Ok, you sure?"

"Yeah thanx"

Freya made her way upstairs, she looked through the bags of clothes Nicole had given her, She chose an outfit and layed it on her bed to change

into before her shift at the diner.

Freya st on her bed, all of a sudden tears streamed her face, she curled up on the bed and cried.

"Freya?" nicole said worried as she opened the door, Freya wiped her face and sat up. "Whats wrong?" Nicole asked carefully.

"Oh, Em nothing"

"Come on Freya that wasn't nothing."

"Nic, i can't"

"Can't what?"

"Im pregnant!"

"Oh, Freya, God"

"And i don't know what to do."

"Do you know who the Dad is?" Freya cried harder. "freya?"

"I, I......was raped"

Nicoles face turned pale, she hadn't a clue what to say. "Freya, you need to tell someone"

"No! I can't!"

"When did it happen?"

"About a month ago, I told mum, And she kicked me out"

"For gettin raped?"

"No, i couldn't tell her, i said i was pregnant, so she kicked me out, I told i was raped and she thought i was making excuse."

"Oh my gosh, You really need to tell someone, Don't worry im here for you"

"Nic, i don't know what im going to do."

"you don't have to do anything you don't want to do! Im here for you!"


"Look, just go do your shift, we'll sort all this out later, And we can tell Miles and Kirsty if you want"

"Ok, il see you later"


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Thanx!! Enjoy:

Freya got to the diner, and began her shift, She did nothing but think about everything that had happened to her.

What was she going to do?

"You alright darl?"

"Oh, yes im fine, just a bit of a daydream."

"ok, well the orders up"

"Ok" she grimaced a smile "there you go enjoy your meal" she said freindly to a customer

She continued her shift until Irene told her she could go. "You did a god job today, I think i have a few more shifts for you."

"Oh, thanks Irene, Thank you so much"

"Your welcome, dawl, Now get yourself home."

"Bye" she called as she left

Instead of going straight home, she went for a walk, She walked all aound the bay, until seh got to the beach and sat on the sand,

She gazed up at the stars and out into the deep blue sea.

She was so messed up now, This time eight months ago or something like that, She was in the bay having fun and causing

trouble. To think how much it had changed. Now she was in the bay with no where to go, she was convinced no one liked her

and she was pregnant, But not by a boyfriend, instead she was raped, Raped by a creep that she didnt even want to think about.

"Hey, you ok?" ruby asked as she sat next to her

"Yeah, im fine just thinking"

"Ok, You look upset, ae you sure theres nothing?"

"Yeah im sure, I think im just tired, I might just go home. Sorry"

"Oh, no problem im meeting Annie and jai, il see you later"

"Ok, bye"

Freya entered the house, "Hey"

"Hi, Do you want anything to eat?"

"Oh, no thanks, i had dinner at the diner"

"Ok, how did your shift go?"

"It was good, Irene said i could have some more" she smiled

"Thats good" Kirsty said sounding very pleased

"I might just head to bed, Is Nic in?"

"No, she shouldn't be long though."

"Ok, Well i'l see you tomorrow, Night"


Freya made her way up the stairs towards her room.

"Theres something not right about her."

"I know, but she'l tell us in her own time"

"I guess" kirsty muttered

Freya entered her room, she lifed a pair of Jammies and out them on, she went to the bathroom, and placed the clothes

she had previously taken off in the washbasket.

She lay on her bed on top of the covers, She placed her hand on her stomach, "what am i going to do, eh?" she asked

as if to get an answer, "i don't want to hurt you, or give you up, its not your fault" she sobbed

She turned around on her side and held her stomach and went to sleep.

An hour or so later Nicole came into the room, she saw Freya, and felt her heart sink, "Freya?" she whispered

"Oh, hi." she said sleepily

"Are you ok?" Nic asked

"Yeah, Im ok, I just im scared Nic."

"I would be to, Do you want to talk about it now? Its ok if you don't, Il understand."

"No, no its ok. So what do you wanna know?"

"i don't want to upset you, But what happened Freya?"

"Well, i was walking home, and i saw this creep in the park, He was staring at me so i turned and walked the other direction,

when i turned the corner he was there, he put hs hand on my hip and asked me what i was doing out on my own. I tried to

get away but her grabbed me, He pulled me into the bushes, and......." Freya began to cry

Nicole crossed her room, she sat on the bed beside Freya and put a reasuring hand on her shoulder.

"I couldn't get away, i screamed and he put his hand on my mouth, Finally when he was pulling his trousers back up i

ran, i couldn't stop running, When i got so far away i stopped and slumped to the ground, it was so awful Nic"

"Did you not go to the police?"

"No, everyone knows my rep, They wouldn't believe me"

"What about your mum?"

"When i found out i was pregnant, I told her, She flipped, she told me to get out, this was my mess i had to sort it myself,

then i told her i was raped, and she told me to stop making excuses, So i packed my stuff, and went to a freidns,

but her mum didn't like the idea of me living there, and in a few months living with a kid aswell, so i came here."

"Freya.....Do you know his name?"

"Well, i saw him a couple of days before i came here, His name was ryan.....Ryan Parks."

"Maybe we can go to Charlie? Once you sort yourself out?"

"Em, yeah. I dunno Nic"

"Do you know what your goin to do? I mean about the baby?"

"No,I don't know Nic, I don't want to get rid of this baby, Its a little life, But i don't know if i can do this on my own."

"Hey, your not on your own."

"Thank you, it means alot, After all i did last time i was in the bay."

"Thats all in the past now, If you want to have this baby, I'l be here for you, And Ruby. And Miles and Kirtsy, once you

tell them, im sure they'l do all they can."

"Im really going to have to tel them, there letting me stay here."

"I can be there with you"

"Thanx, Will you come now?"

"Right now?"

"Yeah, I want to get it over with."

"Ok, If your sure."

Nicole took Freyas hand and walked down the stairs Freya folowing.

"Miles, Kirst, can we talk to you?"

"Yeah, whats wrong?" Kirsty asked worringly

"Oh, Freya just wants to tell you something." Nic gave the girl a reasuring look.

"Em, I totally understand if you guys don't want me staying here after i tell you this,"

"Freya?" Miles asked

"im pregnant" she said looking down to the floor.

"Oh, em how long?" Kirsty asked

"Em just about a month," freya began to cry

"Freya whats wrong?"

"I, I was raped, and now im pregnant, And i don't know what to do, And your prabably going to throw me out, So if you are

can you do it now?"

"Wow, wow Freya were not going to throw you out hun. We want to help, God you must be torn up" kirsty gave freya a hug.

"did you report it?" Miles asked seriously.

Freya shook her head, i have a bad rep, i couldn't they'd judt think i was lying to get myself out of another mess."

"Freya no one will think your lying"

"Miles ive already told her we can go to kirsty when she feels ready?"

"Yes of course, But when you feel up to it, Theres no pressure, but i really think you should report this guy!"

"do you know what your going to do with the baby?"

"Em, I don't think i could get rid of it, I mean i don't know if im ready to be a single parent, But its a baby

my baby...."

"no one is going to make you do anything, Its your choice, Were all here for you."

"Ok, Well i guess i just sirt it all out in the morning, I have a sleep and a good think, and we can go to the police station tomorrow,"

A faint smile appeared across her face

"Ok, sweety just have a good noghts sleep."

"Night guys" Nicole said as her and Freya made her way back to there room.

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"That went well, I thought i'd be on the streets." Freya said

"Miles and Kirsty are great! I knew they'd support you, They've helped me alot since i moved in."

"If you don't mind, why are you living here?"

"Em, My dad is in jail," Nic said quietly

"Oh, Gosh Nic im so sorry."

"Don't worry, I still see him, And it was for a crime he did when he was in Iraq, He turned himself in, i still see him."

"Its not the same though?"

"No, I miss him, I only got to know him and he was taken away from me"

"Oh, And what about Geoff?"

"Umm, Were not together anymore." she said sadly looking to the ground

"Oh im so sorry,"

"Its ok, I suppose we wern't meant to be,"

"But you still love him?"

"What no!"

"Nic i can tell,"

"Ok, But he dosn't Like me anymore. He was with someone else, and he just went ahead and slept with her even though

he would never sleep with me, He made me feel terrible, like he didn't want me."

"Maybe he wasn't thinking, He could love you, and you don't even know it."

"i doubt it!"

"Don't doubt love."

"Freya, I miss him, I love him so much! Ive never been with anyone like him, I felt so great when i was with him. I

ruined everything."

"Don't say that, Maybe you should talk to him?"

"No way, I know he dosn't like me anymore."

"Nicole? Just think about it? I know you like him."

"Well i know i like him too, but he dosnt feel the same way, But ok, Il think about it."

"Ok, Well im gonna turn in, night"

"Night, Were you serious about going to Charlie?"

"Em, yeah i need to tell someone, He can't get away with this, But will he have rights to my baby?"

"No way! He raped you, He wouldn't get near him or her, If he tries il kick his ass!" She laughed

"Thanx Nic"

"Your welcome, Gooodnight"

"Night" Freya turned around and snuggled into her blankets

"Mornin!" She grinned over at Nicole,

"Uhh, what time is it?"



"No at night,"

"Haha, Your so hilariously funny."

"I know" she grinned "come on, We'll get breaky then go see charlie?"


"And i was thinking of going for a swim later?"

"Sure, You seem cheerful"

"Well, I have to get on, don't i?"

"Yeah! Come on, Do you think Miles will make us something, Or will we have to cook?"

"Well you can, I burn water!"she laughed

"hey, yous are up early,"

"Morning, Were gonna go see charlie" Freya sighed

"Hey, don't worry, do you want me and Miles to come?"

"No, il be ok, I have Nic!"

"Ok, If you need anything just ask"

"Ok, How about some breaky?" she said with a cheeky smile

"Ok, Eggs ok?"


"Miles can i have scrambled?"

"Nic, you have to be awkward!"

"I know, But you love it"



"Hey, is charlie here?"

"No, shes out at the minute, Can i help?" Angelo asked

"Em, NO Freya just wanted to speak to her."

"she'l be about an hour or so, Can i help, Or would you like to come back?"

"Oh em," Nicole looked at Freya, who nodded.

"Frey, she was, em. Raped!"

"oh, i see, Freya can you come through to th interveiw room."

"Ok, Can Nicole come too?"

"Well we'd rather you did it alone, But sure," Angelo looked at Nic and undicated her to follow him.

"So when dod this happen."

Freya began to cry, She couldn't get the words out, it had been so hard to tell people, It brought back all the horrible memories, That night,

She never wanted to think about again, She came here to get a new start. But how could she. She was pregnant, and the

father did the horrible thing to her.

"Freya, If you'd rather we can wait on Charlie."

"No, im fine. It was about a month ago."

"Ok, and where did this take place?"

"In the city, Gray Park to be exact."

"And do you know who did this?"

"His name was, Ryan Parks."

"Ok, Freya, I need you to tell me what happened, Can you do that?"

"Yes, I was walking home, I just entered the Park, And i saw him, He stared at me then he approached me, I just kept

walking, But he had his hand on my back, I told him to get lost, but he pulled me round and kissed me, I slapped him and ran.

He caught up with me and pulled me into the bushes. And then....." She sobbed hard, Angelo placed his hand on hers.

"Freya thats ok, We have enough for the tape,"



"Im pregnant!"

"Oh, is it?"

"Yes, And i want to keep my baby, Can he have custody?"

"Not if you don't want it, You concieved this baby from unconsented sex. He won't get near you, I assure you."

"thank you."

"Ok, Now il let you know when we get any news."

"thanks" Nicole said leading Freya out of the room.

Please comment, I like to know what you guys think :)

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"Nicole?" Charlie asked

"Oh, Charlie, We were just."

"Is everything ok?"

"Yes Freya was just making a statement."

"Whats happened?"

"She was raped,"

"Oh, im so sorry, Il get Angelo to fill me in"

"Ok, bye" Nicole left Freya beside her barely saying a word, exept whispering "goodbye"

"So a swim?"


"Ok, YOu need a bikini?"

"Um, yeah"

"Ok, Well il just text Rubes and Annie, Get them to come."


While Freya was getting changed upstairs, Annie And Ruby arrived.



"What did you get up to this morning Annie asked

"Police station." Nicole said bluntly


"Freya was making a statement, Guys she was raped, and nows she pregnant."

"Oh my gosh!" Ruby gasped

"Look, Shes a little fragile, So don't mention it?"

"Sure, Thats just so awful."

"I know, But well we just have to get on."

"Ok, We can ceer her up." Aniie said

"Oh hey guys, Yous ready?" Freya appeared in the living room.


They made their way to the beach an took of the clothing, the dived into the water and swam for an hour or so, before

getting out, "If i stay in the any longer, Il be permantly pruey," Ruby laughed

"i know the feeling" Annie inspected her finger tips

"Diner?" Ruby asked

"Sure, im hungry" Nicole rubbed her stomach

"Do you mind if i stay down here for a bit?" freya asked

"Sure, You know were we;ll be!"

"Ok, Il catch you later."

Freya sat down on the sand, She eered down the beach and seen a brnette girl sitting alone, She got up and made her way

towards her.

"Hey, I could use some company?"

"Sure sit down,"

"So, YOu look down, Whats up?"

"Im dying," The girl said carelessly.


"Yep, Cancer."

"Oh god. Belle!"

"DOn't worry, Im over the initial shock, Sorry if im a bit blunt, I just can't be bothered anymore."

"Belle, God thats so, So Awful." Freya let a tear slip down her cheek

"we all go sometime, Some of us sooner than others, I jut wish it wasn't me, I mean Aden, He's going to be so hurt,"

"have you told him?"

"Yeah, we got married last week."

"Oh, I didn't know, Congrats i guess, But Belle, Make the most of the time you have left."

"Don't worry i will, But its hard, To know i have to make the most of my time, i don't have much left." Tears fell from

her eyes. Freya put her arms around her,

"You'l be fine, I know it"

"Anyway, what are you doin back?"

"Hmm, Pregnat, I was raped, Sounds pretty minimal compared to you."

"Woah!,Not to be an ass, but Wern't you a b*tch the last time you were here."

"Yeah, that dosn't even cover it, And i really apolgise, I mean Relly! apologise."

"Don't worry, I got sorted by the way. Im not a druggie anymore."

"Figured" She laughed

"Well i technically am, Im on all sorts for this"

"Is it painful?"

"No, not yet anyway, But i only have a few months, Maybe 1 or 2, At the most 4 or so im told."

"wow, Have you talked to anyone?"

"Yeah loads of people, But it dosn't make it better, Im still going to die soon, Too soon for my liking, But what can

you do?"

"Im sorry,"

"For what?"

"I dunno, Its just felt like the right thing to say, Everyone says sorry."

"I know, But no ones done anything. I, just blocking everything out, Im living my life to the full, With Aden, Im treasuring

everything, im taking millions of pics. Oh smile" She pulled a camera form her side and placed it on fornt of them, She began

taking shots, they made all different faces.

"I hate pictires,"

"Well, Now you'l hav some with me, And you can keep them when im gone, And think of me."

"Even though i don't know you very well."

"well, we hav atleast a month."

"Yeah, Lets make the most of it."

"Ok! I guess il have to go, Aden wil be panicing."

"Ok, well heres my number, See you soon." she handed Belle a piece of paper she scrimmbled her cellphone number on

"Ok, Bye" Belle said sadly and walked away slowly, she seemed to be taking everything in.

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"God I can't believe what’s happening to Belle!" Freya sat down at a table in the diner with the other girls

"How do you know?" Annie asked

"I was just talking to her on the beach, And i thought my problem was bad, That girl is dying and she doesn’t deserve


"I hate seeing everyone so sad around her, Aden’s crushed, But when he’s around her he’s so happy. I’m dreading when it happens

she’ll take him with her." Nicole said sadly

"Were all going to be here for him. We'll have to be" Ruby said positively

"Rubes, its not going to help, None of us, We can all be here for each other, But Belle won't I’m going to miss her so much.

Why Belle?" Annie began to cry

"Annie come on we all have to stay strong atleast while shes still here, She said she didn't want any of this."

"Nic i can't be strong anymore, She’s like a sister to me."

"I know Ann, I know."

"Hey Annie" A voice came form the entrance "What’s wrong, Are you ok?" The voice and its owner approached the table

"Geoff, I’m fine, I’m just having a moment

"Guys i have to go." Nicole got up and left

"Nic, wait up" Freya called and rushed out after her, "Well that wasn't obvious"

"I can't be near him."

"Nic" She sighed, "Talk to him."

"I can't" she ran off down the beach

Freya watched as she did, she saw a slightly saddened Geoff walk out of the diner and sit on the sand dunes. She followed

"Hi" she sat next to him

"Oh, em hey"

"You ok?"

"Yeah" he said cautiously, "Don't take this the wrong way, But weren’t you a ***** the last time you were here"

"Yep" she smiled

"And you not now?"

"No, I’ve grown up, Got raped, Now I’m pregnant, But enough about me, what’s wrong?"

"Whoa, that’s pretty awful are you ok?"

"I said enough about me!"

"Ok, I’m just upset that’s all, I hate that Belle is so ill, Its killing us all, That sounded really selfish, I love Belle!"

"Its not selfish, Belles being so brave, I feel for Aden, She knows its killing him, and she can't do anything about it."

"I know if it was..... Um, my girlfriend, I couldn't handle it, id be out of here!"

"Speaking of which, how is your love life?"

"Huh, What love life?"

"wanna be the father of my child?" she laughed "Joke"

"Good job you were joking, I couldn't handle thinking i was gonna be a father again"


"Well, I’ve to scares"


"Yep, Nic and Claudia"

"Wow, for someone who was against the whole sex before marriage stuff, You manage to get yourself into some situations."

"Well, that doesn’t really mean much to me anymore" he sighed

"So have you got your an on anyone?"

"Not really, what about you, Anyone in the bay for you?"

"Nope! Who wants a pregnant girl?"

"Well...I suppose. How’s Nic?"

"She’s ok.Why don't you ask her yourself?"

"Well, i do try, but it’s like she avoids me or something."

"Geoff, Geoff, Geoff!"


"She likes you,"

"No she doesn’t!"

"God, you two are as clueless as each other!"


"You just said the same thing as she did when i asked her about you!"

"She likes me?"

"She loves you."

"No way! I can't believe that all this time?"

"Yea, she was crushed when you slept with that Claudia girl."

"God I’m so blind, I love her!"

"Go get her,”

"freya,Thank you so much, Do you think she’ll talk to me?"

"Its worth a try, And hey that offer still stands, I think you'd make a great father!" she said with a grin

"Yeah, i don't think I’m quite ready. But you’ll make a great mum." Geoff said and stood up. "Do you know where she is?"

"She ran down there,"

"Ok, thanks"

"Let me know how it goes?"

"Fine" he laughed


"Nic!" he yelled down the beach "Nic please wait."

She stopped and turned around, He caught up with her, "Hey, Sorry i kinda want to be alone"

"I love you."


"Nicole i love you, I always have"

"Geoff have you been drinking or something?"

"What no, Nicole please!."

"Geoff, Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why do you love me?"

"Because i do, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I was stupid when we were together, I messed it up."

"It was partly my fault to you know"

"Well, I know"

"Oi!" She hit him on the arm, "I love you too, I didn’t think you even liked me, and..." Geoff placed his lips to hers,

She felt shivers as he kissed her passionately

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"I haven’t felt like this in so long" he said

"I know how you feel"

"Woo! Get a room" They heard some one call from up the hill, They looked up to see Freya staring down at them.

"I take it she talked to you?"

"What no,, Ok maybe she did, But i wish you told me"

"I couldn't i didn't think you had feelings for me anymore"

"They never went away" He kissed her again

"Maybe we should talk more this time?"

"Good idea, do you wanna come back to my place?" Geoff asked



“So?” she asked “Where are we?”

“At my place” he laughed

“haha, your so funny!” she said sarcastically

“ok, On serious note, Do you want to get back together? Really?”

“Yes, Geoff I love you, So much, I never stopped loving you. Not even when.....You moved on”

“Nic, I’m so sorry i slept with Claudia. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Geoff its ok.”

“No its not.” He protested “You must have felt so awful! I made a big fuss about not sleeping with you, and we break up and i go and sleep with her right away. I’m so sorry.”

“Well I’m not going to lie to you, It hurt. I thought you never liked me. But i got by with the whole no sex rule. I can live with it.”

Geoff pulled her hand close to him, he kissed her neck passionately. He took her hands and led her to his room. He pushed her down on the bed and kissed her, “Geoff?” she asked

“Nic, Its fine” he reassured.

They lay on the bad and kissed passionately, he pulled her top and she did the same with his.


“Wow!” She laughed “I thought you, weren’t you know before marriage?”

“Well, I’ve done it twice, Well three times now. And well i guess it doesn’t really matter anymore.

“Wow, So no proposing?” she laughed

“Not quite yet”

“Yet?” she asked

“Yea, Im going to marry you Nicole Franklin!”

“Oh really?”

“Yep” he grinned, He kissed her, As he did Annie walked into the house with ruby.

“Oh my, your are back together?” ruby asked excitedly

“I guess so,” Nic looked into Geoff’s eyes.

“wow, I’m so happy!” Annie jumped. “It took you’s long enough!”

“Well, were both as stubborn as each other” Nicole said.

“Well, Maybe some a little more than others”

“Oi!” She hit him on the arm.


Freya lay on her bed. She was thinking, the last time she was here she kissed Nicole. She was deep down trying to break her and Geoff up and now she’s just got them back together. Weird.

“Freya do you want some food?” Miles called up the stairs

“Oh yes please” she said getting up from her bed and making her way down the stairs.

“What do you want?”

“Anything. I’m not fussy.”


“Sure” She smiled “Need a hand?”

“No, its fine, you go sit down.”

She made her way to the sofa and sat down beside Kirsty, “How are you?” Kirsty asked

“I’m ok!”

“What are you doing with yourself?”

“Not much. I just played matchmaker and i think I’m going to head round and see Belle for a bit.”


“Yeah, Nic and Geoff.” She grinned

“Really? They’re back together?”


“Thank god, I wondered when they were gonna get their act together!” she laughed

“Tell me about it”

“did you say you were going to see Belle?”

“Yea. I think I’ll pop round for a bit.”

“Okay. Send my love won’t you?”


“How’s pregnant life going for you?”

“Uhh, I hate the morning sickness!”

Doesn’t everyone” she laughed

“Do you have any suspicions on the sex?”

“No, not really. Someone told me you can tell. But i can’t”

“Well i thought Ollie was a girl. I had Olivia picked out.”

“Really? Whoa, Well i haven’t a clue”

“Have you thought of any names?”

“I always like Noah or Zach for a boy. But none for a girl.”

“Noah. That’s really cute!”

“I know”

“Ready!” Miles called from the table; they took their seats round the table and ate lunch. When they had finished Freya made her way to Aden ad Belles house.

She knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Belle came to the door after a few minutes. “Freya? What are you doing here?”

“I thought I pay you a visit. You’re not busy are you?”

“Oh no, Just watching some TV. Come on in.”

Freya entered the house and sat beside Belle on the sofa. Belle had a writing pad sitting on her lap.

“What ya doing?” Freya asked

“Writing. They’re letters to everyone. Can i ask something from you?”


“When I’m gone. Can you pass these around? I’ll give them to you when I’m done.”

“Of course Belle. Anything.”

“Thank you. And another favour?”


“I need you to be here for Aden. I know everyone else will be. But i want you to be there. And I want you to tell him to move on. Tell him I told you that. He’ll be angry but he’ll come around.”

“Okay. Are you feeling ok?”

“I’m ok. I have worse days.” She said sadly

“Belle you don’t deserve this.”

“No one does. It’s my time. I can’t do anything about. The only thing I’m worried about is Aden.”

“He’s strong. I know it’ll kill him. But everyone will be here for him. He’ll miss you”

“I know. I wish this didn’t happen. I’d do anything”

“i know you would anyone would do anything to take it away from you.”

“When I’m done with these I’ll pass them to you. You promise you’ll give them to everyone?”

“I promise Belle”

“Good. Thank you!”


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