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There Must Be An Angel

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Story Title: There Must Be An Angel

Type of story: One-Shot

Main Characters: Geoff and Nicole

Mentions: Annie, Belle, Aden, Jodi

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: Geoff, is planning to propose to Nic, but it dosn't go to plan.

No-one on earth could feel like this

Im thrown and overblown with bliss

There must be an angel

Playing wiht my heart

I walk into an empty room and my heart goes "boom!"

Its and orchestra of angels

An theyre playing with my heart.

They were having a romantic night in, "this song is so appropriate for the way i feel about you, you were given to be by angels, i really love you!"

"Geoff, how corny!"

"Its true!"

"Your so lovely, you come of with the cheesiet lines ever, but i don't know what i'd do with out you! Your my angel!"

They leant in and shared a kiss.This was the perfect moment, Geoff reached into his pocket to find and empty space, nothing but his hand, he quickly checked his other pocket and still there was only his hand.

He bagan to panic, but he stopedd himself, he didn't want Nicole to know, he didn't want to ruin what he had been planning even if he couldn't do it then, he would wait and he would find the ring. He hoped at least.

He let the night carry on like nothing was wrong, and in his head he thought of evey place the ring could be.

the minute he got home, he began to frantically cheack every single area of the house, The sofa, the floor, his bedroom, the bin. But he found nothing, apart from some loose change at the back of the sofa.


"What?" His little sister came walking sleepily down the stairs "Whats wrong?"

"Have you seen a ring?"

"Whats it like?"

"Small, round, you know the thing that goes on fingers" Geoff said sarchastically

"Sheesh calm down."

"Calm down? I can't calm down, i spent a fortune on that thing, And i've lost it!"

"Whos it for?"

"Nic, im goin to ask her to marry me"

"Oh, geoff" Annie smiled widely

"No time for oh's! Help me look!"


They began to search again, looking everywhere Geoff on the floor searching every inch of the house.

Annie searched her room, just incase, then she decided to look in Belle and Adens room, unaware of their presence inside, she opened the door and walked in.


"Sorry Guys, Have you's seen a ring?"


"Gee, thanx your helpful!"

Annie was about to exit the room when she noticed jodi, Aden and Belles one year old on the floor playing with something shiny, Annie dashed over and grabbed the ring form her grasp, She held it up for the young parents to see, "Great parental skills guys!"

They looked at each other in embarrasment.

Annie made a swift exit form the room and headed for Geoff who was still scaling the floor, "Found it!"

"Oh thank god! Eh! Its wet!"

"Yeah jodi was finding it rather tasty!"

"Lovely! " Geoff wiped the slobbers of with his T-shirt.

"So when you gonna ask her?"

"Dunno, i want to make sure everythings right, im cooking her dinner again tonight, maybe il do it then."

"Why don't you make cupcakes and put the ring in one?"

"I'l probably burn it, knowing my luck!"

Geoff was wrecking his mind trying to think of a way to prpose, but he could'nt, the more he thought about it the more he started to think Annie's idea wasn't actually that bad.

Geoff began to prepare the dinner, and at the same time bake a batch of cupcakes, when he had finished at the cupcakes had cooled, he write the words "I love you" on the one he had put the ring in.

He finished eveything just in time for Nicole to arrive.

"Hey," Geoff placed a soft kiss on his girlfriends lips.

They ate their meal in a romantic mood, with candles and lovesongs playiing in the backgorund.

When they'd finished Geoff gave Nic her cupcake, "Aww, thats so cute."

She bit into it, Geoff watched and waited for her to find the ring but she didn't, he reached into his pocket and there it was the small ring.

Great twice it had went wrong, Was it really meant to be? The angels are out to get me! he thought

He made his way to the kitchen to place the dishes in the sink, he was going to have to do it the old fashioned way, poropse to her on one knee, he'l do it now he thought.

When he got back out to the living room, he saw the door open and Aden, Belle and Jodi appear, "Great!" he mumbled sarchastically,"what else could go worng?"



"Wanna go for a walk?"

"Sure, cya guys!"

"Bye!" Aden and Belle didn't seem that bothered

They walked along the beach until Geoff came to a hault, Which made Nicole also stop rather suddenly.

"You know this is where i first realised i liked you!"

"Really? I thought that was on the Island"

"No, i liked you long beofre that"

"I always liked you, but you knew that"

"Yeah, you didn't really hide it, i mean you bet i'd sleep with you!"

"Yeah, sorry!"

"Anyway, ive been trying to do this right, but it just won't seem to work!"


"This" Geoff knelt down on one knee, "Will you marry me?"

"Of course, wow!"

"Good!" he jumped up and placed the ring on her finger.

"Its beautiful" she said

"Jodi seems to like it, also she says it tastes good"


"Long story" he laughed

"Geoff your perfect! Theyre must be an angel watching over us."

"Your perfect for me, everytime i walk into a room, suddenly my heart starts to boom."

"Geoff is that a song?"

"No!" he lied

They kissed, he picked her up in his arms and walked along the beach looking at all the beautiful stars.

"I must be hallucinating

Watching angels celebrating

Could this be reactivating?

All my senses dislocting

This must be a strange deception

By celestial intervention

Leaving me the recollection

Of your heavenly connection" Geoff sang

"Told you its a song" Nic laughed

"Must be talkin to an angel, must be talkin to an angel"


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