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Telethon 09' The 'Big Night In' (New-Zealand)

Guest suzannelgnz

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  • 1 month later...

Bernard saying Gidday, and Scoffing Pizza- Credit to Throng.co.nz

Bernard also dressed in drag last night as part of a dare, for $100 to Kidscan there was a group of guys who would model and for $1000 they were to model in drag!

No pictures yet, but hopefully there will be some on some form of news website soon.

Article from Nzherald.co.nz Here

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Bernard actually looked pretty HOT in drag!! Bernard was involved in heaps of the dares and I think I saw Ada once or twice on TV. I didn't get a chance to go but it was great to see them on TV!!

Ooh I love that video, Bernard seems like a really funny guy :wub:!

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Thanks for posting the vid, Suz.

I managed to miss Bernard and Ada completely but then again, I haven't been watching it much.

EDIT: They just replayed the drag...thing. Was...interesting. Bernard seems like a good guy.

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