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Fri 3 Jul 09 – Episode # 4890

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Care For Some Bacon? Because I Can Smell Some “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 3 Jul 09 – Episode # 4890 ]


Xavier can't believe tat Angelo is being so annoying – and not, In light of Angelo killing jack, turning a blind eye about how Xavier was driving [on top of the car having a faulty tail light]. Hugo tire to keep Xavier in check, but its not easy.


Miles s& kirsty are in the kitchen and when she ads salt to what she is cooking, Miles comets tat that means they are more likely to have a boy if/when Kirsty gets pregnat. Indeed, miles is ken to get the ball rolling in that area, but then Jai enters the room, and miles focus turns to Jai. They clash over jai’s recent actions [esp. with Trey],


Annie is watching a romantic comedy when Irene suggests tat she should talk to Jai. Annie inslt so keen, given the way tat he was when he was drunk – AND what’s happened tween Claudia & Geoff. Irene reminds Annie tat the guy [that she now likes] in the movie wasn’t so crash hot at start of the movie. Irene heads off to bed.


Next day, some of the other boys give Jai an adult mag. he tries to give in back to them but they bail too quickly. Jai puts it in his bag when he sees annie nearby.


Hugo is still trying to get xavier to stop bagging out Angelo at every opportuity, but she sooo isn’t having much luck. Indeed, when Angelo enters the room, Xavier comments tat he can smell beacon. Xavier then bails – and Angelo suggest that Hugo should keep Xavier in line. Hugo insists stat he will talk to Xavier.


Jai isn’t that pleased when, on top of being grounded, miles tell him tat jai is to clean out the amenaties block every day at he is grounded.

After mile leaves the room, Jai is please to see Annie at the door. She is ken to talk – also he quickly puts some books etc on his school bag and they head off. THAT adult mag has fallen out of his bag tough – and is now on one of the dining table chairs.


Irene tells Alf about discrepancies tat she’s found whilst going through the books of the trawlers business. He suggets that ths she talks to Gibsy bout it.

SBH GROUNDS [i think]

Annie is worried that Jai is way ken for her to sleep with him, Nbut he asure her tat he was dank and dinlt kwn that he was saying. He also insists stat he can wait. Jai invites Annie over for diner tonight – she accepts.


Alf sees THAT mag, but hides it amongst Miles things when the later comes into the room. Both think the mag is the others, and it’s a rather comical scene. Both say that it’s not theirs, and Miles even suggest tat it might be Kirstys’, who picks that moment to enter the room. They all then come to the conclusion that jai must have bought it.


When Irene talk to Gibsy bout how Lou was claiming more furl back from the government rebate scheme that he should have been, Gibsy suggest tat Lou took the risk that the tax dept wouldn’t investigate as they have bigger fish to fry. Irene is soooooo not impressed.


When jai comes home, Miles & that other confront home bout the mag – so jail quickly bails.


Miles goes after him and suggest at every teen male has looked at mag [or 2 or 6] like this. Jai insist stat he doesn’t want to talk bout it. jai tells mile bout how annie is coming over tonight – and miles assures jai tat the others will make themselves scarce so Annie & jai can really talk t each other tonight.


Its night time and Anni is so right with she say to jai tat he’s done a great job with the house [way romantic like mod lighting etc]. When jai tells annie that he doesn't always think bout sex, she commsnts that he only does it 99% of the time. Jia likes that she is joking bout the subject, buy when Annie starters talking bout ten school project that they’ve got, she geo to his bag. Annie sees THAT mag she comments that all tis romantic stuff is an act – and she bails.

Soon after, Jai tells Miles & Kirsty what happened, and thinks tat he &* Annie won’t be able to get past this.

After jai goes to bed, mile ssugge4s to Kirsty tat they should really start t baby making process. Kirsty joke that she was a headache, but agrees with miles’ suggestion. After he heads upstairs though, Kirsty [having Sid that she’ll go off them] takes the pill.

[Note – no one busted her this time, unlike when Jade did when Kirsty took the pill when was supposedly preggers to Kane in THAT infamous storyline bout 5 years ago].


Xavier sees Angelo’s police car and slashes on of its font tyres. Hugo catches him – and tells Xavier to bail, which he does. Angelo catches Hugo by his car with knife in hind.



Xavier shoots Jai [with a rifle] by accident

Trey’s dad says to Trey “why can’t you be normal?]

Locks like Aden gets bashed

Martha kisses Hugo

Charlie says to Angelo “why are we always at each other’s throats?”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: blue wide strap low cut knee dress


Kirsty: royal blue [white trim] top/


Irene: red low cut v neck top/white long pants


Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shir/tbone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo: red t/dark long pants

Annie: blue elbow sleeves top

Annie: SBH uniform

Don Gibson: dark t

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t//purple [white waves?] shorts

Hugo: yellow [disco ball like motif] t/dark long pants

Irene: green leafy long sleeve blouse

Jai: grey &* white t/grey scarf/dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Kristy: yellow top/dark long pants

Miles: grey [green & orange rainbow] t/brown ¾ pants

Miles: white [yellow cowboy motif] t/dark shirt/dark long pants

Xavier: light blue [dark crest] t/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Xavier : blue t/dark long pants

Xavier: SBH uniform

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