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Thurs 2 Jul 09 – Episode # 4889

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Billy Jean – Part 4 “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 2 Jul 09 – Episode # 4889 ]


Geoff almost can't believe it when Claudia confirms tat she’s know virtually right form the start that it’s Lochie’s baby. She tells Geoff tat she thought tat Lochie would run a mile when he found out and that she knew tat Geoff would be all responsible if she told him at the kid was his. Geoff is so not impressed - and bails.


With Kirsty bout to head off to Rachel’s baby shower, naturally the subject is children is raised tween her & Miles. Whilst she knows tat he wants more kids, Miles insist tat he is willing to wait til Kirsty is ready.


Kirsty talked to Irene bout the whole baby thing – and how she really isn’t ready to loose anbout6her year of her life at the moment.

Geoff enters – and Irene can see tat soetingh is up, and Geoff tells here.


Rachel & Leah talk bout how it wonk be long now [a few weeks] til that baby is born. Leah assures Rach that she will be a good mum – whilst Rach suggest at she will muddle trough somehow.

Colleen arrives – with some clothes [that she’s made herself?] for the bub.


In et grounds, Ruby wonders what Xavier wants to get up to today, but he say tat he already has plans – to go snorkelling with Hugo. Xavier is unsure of he should go – given the stranmge situation tween Hugo & Martha, but Ruby suggest a he should.


Like Geoff, Irene waaaaaay has a go at Claudia for what’s happened. She muchly tries to apologise – and Geoff REALLY isn’t impressed when she tells him tat she told him that he was the after as she know tat he’d be reliable. Goeff tells claudia & Irene tat Claudia can’t live here – and Claudia [in tears] bails.


Martha & Hugo have an uneasy chat before Hugo asks Alf of the location of a dive spot6 that he suggested.

Claudia approaches Martha 0 and wonders if she can live on the farm for a bit, she tells Martha what's happened. Marsha suggests tat Claudia should speak to her parent’s bout this again – but Claudia insist they won’t understand. Martha doesn’t budge =- so Claudia bails.


Like Charlie was with Ruby, Hugo is impressed tat Xavier didn't sleep with Ruby – suggesting that Xavier must REALLY love Ruby if he is willing to wait. Talk turns to Hugo &* Martha – Hugo insists tat a ‘ship tween them isn’t going to happen.


Rachel unwraps pressies from the likes of Martha, Leah etc – but she is clearly affected by colleen gi9viong her a cook book and insisting tat the oven will be her nest friend when she cannot sleep etc because eof the baby etc. indeed, when Rachel goes into the kitchen, Leah follows her, and insist tat things are like that these days.

Rachel then talk to9 Martha – who insist tat the she isn’t going to get together with Hugo. She insists tat it’s got nothing to do with T9ony – its juts tat Martha can't take that step with Hugo.


Claudia [carrying a big backpack] si about to bails when Irene comes home. Irene suggest if claudaa had been up front form the start, Geoff mostly likely still would have been there for her. Irene gets worried with claudia suggest that she is going to terminate the pregnancy. Indeed, when Geoff gets home he almost can’t believe tat Claudia is still here – but Irene tells him bout how confused etc Claudia is. Geoff agrees that she can sty here til she finds another place – but he insist tat Claudia has to move into Belle’s old room [as he wants noting to do with her].


After Hugo stops tat car so they can have a break for a bit, Xavier suggest at they should tell May what Angelo did to Jack – but hugo ins't so sure that they should get involved.

They looks at a map – and realise that since they’ve taken a few wrong turns etc getting to tee cove that Alf suggested, they better head back to the bay. Xavier is spurred, but please, when Hugo says tat he can drive for a bit – as they are on quite country roads etc.


Irene arrives at the baby shower, and comets on how she was late because of the issues with Claudia.

Kirsty & Irene talk in the kitchen bout having kids. Kirsty tells Irene that although she isn’t that keen on having another child, miles has been so good to here etc and deserves to0 be happy. Irene is cautious bout it all tough.


As Miles, Kirsty, Oly & VJ enter they comment on the fun soccer game tat they’ve just played.

Kirsty & Miles are alone when kirsty rather surprises Miles by telling him tat she is going to go OFF the pill – but as they hug [with Miles looking pretty ecstatic] kirsty looks very concerned.


Xavier is driving the car well – and has to admit tat he was given a lesson or two in the past. Both are naturally worried when a police car indicates from them to pull over.



One of the guys at school gives Jai and adult mag - which Annie finds in his bag!!!!

Hugo catches Xavier slashing tee tyres of Angelo’s police car

Gibsy tell Irene that Lou “cooked the books” sometimes

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: black [silver trim] thin strap knee length dress


Rachel: green wide strap knee length dress /red beaded necklace


VJ: aqua [blue unknown logo/white shorts


Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/bone LPs

Claudia: white [red check] blouse/denim shorts

Coleen: pink [blue floral?] full length dress

Geoff: light blue t/denim ¾ pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t//purple [white waves?] shorts

Irene: beige singlet top/dark long pants

Irene: red low cut v neck top/white long pants

Kirsty: dark blue low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Kirsty: yellow top/dark long pants

Martha: black white lace trim] top

Martha: white [gold trim] knee length dress

Miles: grey [green & orange rainbow] t/brown ¾ pants

Miles: purple [dark vert stripes] button up shirt/white [blue unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Oliver: olive green [white sleeves] t

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: light blue [dark crest] t/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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