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Tues 23 Jun 09 – Episode # 4882

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’m Going To Be Sick “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 23 Jun 09 – Episode # 4882 ]


Irene can’t believe it when Angelo tells her bout the trawler being sunk. He tells her tat its being taken to a dry duck for investigation. Irene tells Angelo that she thinks tat Donna is behind this.


Ruby urges Jai to tell Nic bout THAT media card – or she will.


Angelo questions Donna bout where she was last night. Donna says tat she stayed with a friend, as she’d had too much to drink.

Donna is condescending when Angelo shows her the pics of Lou & Irene on the Eagle Rock, saying that anyone involved in a divorce case would have that done.

When angelo questions Donna some more, he corrects her when she says that the trawler was Lou’s, as it now belongs to Irene.


As students file out of the room when a class ends, Miles encourage them all to attend the film festival tonight.

In tee corrdor, Ruby sess Nic nearby and urges Jai or Xavier to teal Nic, bout Trey & Nic bails before they get the chance.


Aden talk to Gibsy bout how he’s put a deposit on THAT ring. Gibsy suggest tat Aden could work of Hugo’s dive business, but Aden says that it’s been rather slow lately thank to the shark scare. Gibsy then tells And that he knows someone who could loan him the money. Aden isn’t so keen on the sounds of it though.


Ruby & jai are on tee back patio and Ruby once more urges Jai to tell Nic bout what’s happened. Nic overhaers them talking – and she is intrigued when Jail bails. She tells Ruby tat she thinks that Jai will tell Miles & Kirsty tat she had Trey in her room, but Ruby says that it’s much worse than that. Ruby tells Nic bout the sex tape. Nic is understandably very shocked [see ep title], and there’s an awkward monet when Kirsty comes onto tee back patio looking for the thongs [which she quickly finds]. When Kirsty is back inside the house, Nic insist to Ruby that no one else can know bout this.


In the kitchen, Irene, Alf and Adelle talk bout the trawler, incl the fact that she doesn’t even know if the insurance is up to date.

Aden comments to Alf that Tony said tat Alf won’t be at rugby training today – and Alf responds by saying that he’ll be helping colleen wit the film fest.

As Adelle bail, Alf comments to Irene that he’s heard that Angelo has a new lead that he is investigating.


In tee interview room, Angelo questions Donna about why she haired a boat at te same time that Lou & Irene went sailing on te Eagle rock. Donna is initially defensive, but admits tat she went looking for Lou &* Irene but cam home when she couldn’t find them at sea. Angelo tells Dona that they have a warrant to search her home.


As they help set up for the film fest, Alf & hugo coomsnt bout how love make ppl do crazy thiongs.

Nearby, Nic sess Trey and confronts him bout what happened. She is SOOOOO not impressed when he says tat he did give it some thought that he allowed the filinmig to continue so he could show his mates. That’s way enough of Nic, who slaps Trey in the face – with the like of Geoff, Ruby, Xavier, Jai & trey’s mates nearby.

As Nic walks way, Geoff goes with her. After they sit down, with Nic mushly in tears, she admits tat Geoff & the others were right all along bout trey.

Miles & Kirsty arrive for tee film fest, and they se tat Nicks been crying, she tells that that she’s broken up with Trey. They offer to taken her home, but Nic decides to go for a walk with Geoff.


Aden answers a knock at tee door. A loan shark [whose name on the end credits is listed is Clint] offers his services to help with Aden’s financial issue. Aden says tat he doesn't need that kinda of help right now, but Clint inst atyt he knows that Aden plays for the local rugby team – as Clint attends each & every game. Clint bails.


When Trey sees Nic & Geoff talking, he comments to that it looks lie she’s gone running back to her ex. She clashes with trey once more – and its clear tat Trey doesn’t like it that his mates are laughing at him.


As Angelo speaks to Donna, another officer shows angelo a revolver that they found in tee guest house. The other officer points out that the calibre matches that which killed Lou. Donna insists tat it must have been planted in her home.


Donna is lead in the main room in handcuffs, and when she sees Irene, she insists tat Irene must have set her up. After Donna is hauled out of the reception area, Angelo teller Irene that that they have enough on Dona to charge her.


It night time now, and Nic sitting with Geoff. She commits tat things are probably all nice and rosy tween he & Claudia, but Geoff admits tat he & Claudia have their issues. Btw, Claudia isn’t at the film feat as she is tending to Annie who is unwell.

Nearby, Irene talk to Adelle bout whirl’s happened – and it looks like what she’ said [bout love &money] seems to have affected Aden.

Colleen welcomes everyone to the film festival and tells then that there’s some cool prizes for the peon whose films gets the most votes – incl a w/e away at the Sands Resort.

With Trey waaaaaaaaaaaaaay grinning, Colleen introduces the 1st film, called “hot summer night” and EVERYONE is shocked to see THAT sex tape of Nic & trey. Nic is totally distraught, whilst Jai runs and switched of the film and Trey has an evil grin on his face!!!!!!!!!!



Nic comments tat there’s something seriously wrong with Trey

Miles can’t believe that Trey showing the film was payback for Nic not listening to him

Charlie tells May bout how Jack died

Angelo “suggest” tat Charlie should keep out of his life

Lochie tells Geoff to see what’s REALLY going on

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: green [white floral near top] knee dress


Irene: sky blue blouse


Miles: white [blue “suburban” with a upside down triangle logo] dark shorts


Aden: blue [white “suburban Spartans”] t

Aden: white singlet/denims

Alf: white [brown check] shirt/done long pants/\wide brim hat

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Belle: black [white swirls near collar] shirtdress

Clint [loan shark] : dark long sleeve shirt

Colleen: red beret/ black sparkly dress

Colleen: red long pants/red [white floral?] blouse

Don Gibson: blue polo

Donna: white [brown diag stripes] top/dark long pants

Geoff: light blue [black “fortitude” and lion motif] t/dark shorts

Hugo |: dark [brown leaf] t

Jai: white [grey squares] t/grey dark dots etc] hoodie/dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: red scoop knee length dress

Miles: olive green button up shirt/ brown [gold “lake placid truck district”] t/denim jeans

Nicole: brown & blue [white curvy vertical stripes] full length dress

Nicole: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief”] t/dark shorts

Trey: SBH uniform

Xavier: yellow [red sun motif and “Cayman islands”] t/dark shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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