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lesleyann08's music vids

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Some of these are made in WMM, all the newer fancier ones have been made in SOny Vegas 8.0, please comment and rate guys :)

WMM made:

Geoff and Nicole =

Sally Tribute Vid =

Goodbye Jack Holden =

Kane and Kirsty Mini Series (part 1) =

Kane and Kirsty Mini Series (part 2) =

Kane and Kirsty Mini Series (part 3) =

Kane and Kirsty Mini Series (part 4) =

Belle's Drug Abuse Storyline Fan Vid =

(excuse my terrible rendition of the Drugs Don't Work, But YT wouldn't let me add it with the original Verve version as it kept rejecting it as Copyright)

Sony Vegas Made:

Ruby and Xavier =

Haa 2009 Cast Vid =

Kirsty and Miles =

SummerBay Teens =

Hope You Enjoy Guys, I will update this fairly regularly as I post new vids :)

If your on YT please subscribe or add me as a friend, If u enjoyed these vids :)

x x x

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