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Tues, 16 Jun 09 – Episode # 4877

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” Charlie, Don’t Go All Green Eyed Monster About Angelo & May “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues, 16 Jun 09 – Episode # 4877 ]


Martha & Charlie see Tony trying to choke Angelo – and whilst Martha is keen to/ trey and break it up, Charlie urges her to stay back. All the while, Angelo is keen for Tony to end his life, and this intensity when their struggle ends in Angelo hanging on ten side of the cliff.


Nurse Julie and Amy [an obstetrician] do some test on Rachel [whose in a white hospital gown] - with Miles & Leah in the room as well. Rachel is worried bout the bub AND bout where Tony is.


Alf & Hugo are at a loss as to where Angelo & Tony are – but then they hear Martha’s scrams.

As they run to where Angelo is hanging off the cliff, Angelo keeps on telling Tony to let go of his hand – so all this will be over. Tony however won’t let go – and when Alf & Hugo arrive, they help Tony, Martha & Charlie pull Angelo back onto solid ground.

Alf & Hugo tell Tony bout Rachel – but Charlie isn’t willing to let him go to the hospital, since Tony committed a crime. Angelo however insists that he won’t give a statement, so Charlie agrees to let Tony go to hospital. She insists that throat Tony is to come to the police station afterwards.


After Amy talks to Rachel bout what’s hoing on, she leave the room, Rachel then tells Leah that if it was the baby’s blood [combined with Rachel’s contrcations] that Rachel will have to have an mercy C-section.

Tony enters =- and hugs Rachel. She is waaaaaaaaaaaay pleased that he is there.


After Martha, Hugo& Alf enter; Martha commits tat Tony has said various things of late to suggest that this [being alone with Angelo with the intent to kill him] was on the cards. Martha is worried that Tony could do something like that, but Alf & Hugo reminds her that Tony in the end came good [he could have let go of Angelo’s hand, but he saved him]


Charlie sits with Angelo. He tells her that he wanted things to do over, i.e. he had no issues with dieing today. Charlie insists tat ANgelo must speak to a counsellor etc bout these feelings.

Charlie also insists that she is going to take Angelo to the hospital to get a stomach wound seen to.


Amy tells Rach at the blood was hers [Rach] and not the baby’s. Rach & Tony are muchly relieved – whilst Amy “suggest” tat Rachel should take things rather easy for a while.

Hugo & Martha enter the room just after Amy leaves. Tony tells Rachel that he has something to tell her – and he tells Martha & co tat they can hear it too,


Miles & Leah talk bout what’s been happing – and Miles & Leah admits tat it was cooool hanging around the preggy Rachel. Both commit tat it made them feel kinda clucky.

May approaches – she is looking for Angelo.


Charlie & Angelo approach Nurse Julie who begins to treat Angelo’s wounds.

In Rachel’s room, Tony tells Rachel & co that he deliberately became friends with angle with the sole intent of killing him [for what Angelo had done]. To say Rachel is shocked is the BIGGEST of understatements.

After Martha & Hugo exit ten rooms, Rachel and Tony have a big D&M bout things. Rachel is esp.[.worried as many time she asked etc if Tony was coping with that was going on. She is also woiried bout what kinda of world for is bringing their baby into. Tony seems to agree with Rachel’s suggestion that he should talk to someone bout what’s going on.

In the corridor, Charlie & angelo are talking when May approaches. She is very worried bout Angelo – and there’s a look on Charlie’s face suggestion tat she’s not so keen on how May is hanging around Angelo so much.


Miles approaches Hugo & Alf – but they keep tight lipped bout what REALLY happened tween Tony & Angelo today. When Miles was walked away, both Hugo & Alf agree tat it won’t be long before the whole town knows.


By Rachel’s bedside, Charlie tells Tony that Angelo refuse to make a satmetm,et. Charlie task Martha is she is going to make a statement bout what occurred. Martha declines. Charlie tells Tony ho VERY lucky he is that that didn’t.


On the front patio, Martha thanks Angelo for not making a statement top the police She also talks angelo that she doesn’t hate him – AND that he should stop hating himself.

After he bails, Martha goes inside – and looks at a framed pic of her & jack on their wedding day.


With his hand on jack’s gravestone, Tony tells jack that whilst he waaaaaaaaaaaaaay misses jack, its time to move on. Tony hopes tat jack can forgive him for what he tried to do to Angelo. Tony then walks way.


Its night time when Hugo enters. He is surprised tat Martha is there = but she insist tat she doesn’t want to be alone tonight. Indeed, so much she that they KISS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ruby wants Xavier to sleep with her

Hugo tells Martha that their kiss wasn’t 1 sided

Kirsty & Jai won’t like it that Trey is in Nicole’s room with her

Sound like there’s trouble tween Annie & Jai – she tell him the kissing is a personal ting

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse


Martha: dark [white trim] t/ denim shorts


Leah: dark wide strap knee dress/dark long pants


Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Amy [Obstiotrition]: light grey short sleeve blouse

Angelo: grey t/blue & white check hoodie/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Hugo: green [light green trees] t/denim shorts

Martha: white thin strap knee length dress

May: off white & grey knee length dress

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/ dark button up shirt/dark shorts

Tony: dark blue singlet/mustard button up shirt/dark long pants

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