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Mon, 15 Jun 09 – Episode # 4876

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Jack’s Birthday “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon, 15 Jun 09 – Episode # 4876 ]


Rach enters and talk to Hugo – who initially has a piece of toast in his mouth as they talk. Rach suggest that Hugo should go out to the farm and see if Martha is ok – he agrees.


As Tony & Angelo walk along the rocks beside the water, Tony tells Angelo that this is Jack’s fave fishing spot.


Martha is on a ladder trying to prize open an old wooden fuse box when Hugo arrives. Whilst Hugo’s keen to find out how Martha is emotionally right now, she’s more inedited in getting this farm back into shape. In gets to the point where Martha falls form tee ladder – but Hugo is able to catch her so she doesn’t crash to the ground.


Charlie & miles are walking along – and as they do, they talk about Roman, e.g. Leah visited roman yesterday [briefly].

May approaches and hands Miles the rent for her van. May is a lintel surprised when Miles introduces her to Charlie – as, after spending time with Angelo last night, May thought that Charlie is a male. May also comments on how chatty tat she knows that she [May] is – before she walks way.


Hugo try to see if Martha is ok, but she takes tat as an suggeysons that Hugo is trying to replace jack as the man in her life. Indeed, Martha waaaaaaaaaaaaay tells Hugo that he’s soooo not in jack’s league. Hugo bails.


As they fish, Tony tells Angelo tat he missed Jack’s birth – he was away with a school group when jack came mush sooner that Tony and his wife expected.

Angelo is close eto the edge of the rocks when Toy comes up behind him. Tis clear that tony is about to push Angelo off the rocks into ten water below – but then Angelo looses a battle with a fish that he’s been trying to catch and Angelo looses his balance a little. It’s enough to curtail tonics palms though.


After Charlie talks to Leah bout what’s to happen to the diner in light of roman’s legal issue, Leah ay stat things are up in the air until Roman is convicted.

After Leah walks away, May approaches Charlie. May is as chatty as ever – and she wants to know what foods, music etc Anglo likes but Charlie doesn’t offer her much help.


As Angelo talks about how his father always hated it when Angelo lost any lures, Tony has a knife in his hand. Angelo asks Tony for the knife and as Tiny stands over Angelo, you get bte feeling tat this is the moment that he gets revenge, but Tony gives Angelo the knife.


Hugo & Alf talk about how its VERY intriguing tat Tony is going fishing with Angelo at one of jack’s fave spots on jack’s birthday.


After Rachel talk to Dr Young bout a patent, he walks way.

Miles then approaches Rach. He is her to collect Roman’s belongings that were bought in with him after he was shot. Rachel is telling Mils that he’ll have to speak to admin bout that when she begins to feel woozy. Miles helps her sit down – but when he suggests that he will get a Dr, Rachel insist tat she will sit for a bit before she acts further.


Tony decide sto take a break form the fishing... Indeed, he suggests to Angelo tat he wants to show him something nearby.


Martha enters and apologises to Hugo for ta way that she spoke to him.

Alf & Hugo then tell Martha that they are concerned bout this whole fishing trip of Tony & Angelo’s. She is pleased that they finally see her point. Hugo & Alf decade to head to perking point. Martha is keen to hear of their findings.


Rach soooo isn’t getting any better – indeed, she's really worried when she starters bleeding. Dr y9ong & nurse Sue start treating her – whilst Miles agree to contact Tony.


As they walk along, Tony tells Angelo that jack became a plaice man because of what happened to his mother – became of how a bag snatcher cause her death. Angelo is intrigued bout where they are heading – and Tony is so on focus tat be turns off his phone as soon as it starts ringing. At the very end of the scene we see Jack’s headstone – with Tony & Angelo way in the back ground.


Hugo & Alf are making their way to where Tony & Angelo are when Miles rings. Alf is surprises to hear Miles – as he is using Rach's mobile. Miles urges Alf etc to find Tony – as Rachel is unwell in hospital.


After Martha talk to Leah for a bot bout things like it being jack’s birthday, Charlie approaches. Mara tell chalkie bout how she this tat she is worried what Tony might do to Angelo.\

Martha’s phone rings – an when Martha is of the phene, she tells Charlie that Hugo & Alf found the fishing gear at Pekins point, but there was no sign of Tony or Angelo. Charlie and Martha are worried – so they bail.


After Dr Young & Nurse sue to talk Rachel bout her satiation, they bail.

She then tells Miles tat if the blood loss was her own, it’s not so bad, but if they determines tat its baby’s blood, that’s way not good. Rachel is keen for Tony to be here – bout Miles tell her tat he couldn’t contacted Tony on the mobile.


Tony [near jack’s gravestone] tells Angelo tat he always liked it tat jack lived next door, so they could chat etc whenever they wonted to. Tony then tell Angelo tat its jack’s birthday – and how it soooooooooooo doesn’t seem right ter Angelo is alive and yet jack is dead.

Tony soooo doesn’t like it when Angelo walks away – but Angelo says that he has paid his respects to jack.

As Angelo continue ti walk away, Tony leaps on him form behind. Tony pins Angelo against tat rocks – and starts to choke Angelo!!!!!



Angelo is hanging of the side of the cliff

Sounds like Rachel’s baby will have to born now [i.e. waaaaaaaaay premature]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: yellow singlet top/denim shorts


Rachel: royal blue singlet top/dark long pants


Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/ dark button up shirt/dark shorts


Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: grey t/blue & white check flano shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Dr Young: blue-grey long sleeve shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: green [light green trees] t/denim shorts

Leah: dark wide strap knee dress/dark long pants

Martha: dark [white trim] t/ denim shorts

May: off white & grey knee length dress

Nurse Sue: purple [white collar] t

Tony: dark blue t/grey jacket/dark long pants

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