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Wed, 10 Jun 09 – Episode # 4873

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Irene Backhands Annie … Without A Tennis Racquet In Sight “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed, 10 Jun 09 – Episode # 4873 ]

Note – this ep guide is set out differently to normal.

At the warehouse, Roman is lying on the floor – still muchly wounded for the gun shot. Grady tell Roman that he is going to “take care” of the warehouse workers.

Hugo is driving along with Xavier in passenger seat. Xavier wonders why he has bought the shark cage, and hug tells him tat it’s for reassurance for his customers.

Talk turns to Martha - and Hugo is surprised when Xavier starts giving him ‘ship advice. Xavier insists tat someone has to – as Hugo is hopeless at such things.

At the beach house, Iren heads off to have a shower, and hen she is in there., Annie tell Belle that she saw Irene drinking – straight from the bottle’s and all. Annie is annoyed tat Belle knew bout Irene’s addiction – and she also suggest tat Irene should go to rehab like Belle did. Belle tells Annie that there are other ways of dealing with this. Belle gives Annie a BIG hug.

Charlie [police station] gets a call – saying tat there have been shots fired at a warehouse near the wharf. She tells Angelo that info before she heads out.

After Gardy [warehouse] looks at some of laptops that he is going to steal, he goes back to where he shot Roman – who ISN’T there. Gardy hears the sirens of politic cars approaching.

Charlie & several other police officers [all wearing bullet proof vests] approach a warehouse. Charlie opens a roller door – only to fins several unknown male teens playing with firecrackers. To say that Charlie looks annoyed is understatement.

Meanwhile, not that far away in other warehouse, Grady searches for Roman.

At the beach house, Annie bails as soon as Irene comes into the main room. Belle tells Irene tat Annie saw Irene drinking. Hn Irene tries to tell Belle that she just needed 1 drink, Belle reminds Irene tat she is talking to a recovering addict.

Their verbal clash is cut short when Leah arrives. Belle bails moments later.

Bell finds Annie on the beach. She talks to Annie bout Irene’s situation – and Annie agrees to trey to help Irene get through this.

At the beach house, Leah tells Irene that she didn’t mean to infer tat she wanted to Irene to come back to work straight away [when they chatted at te diner earlier]. When Leah goes to the bathroom, Irene has a drink, but then burns her hand when she is taking some scones out of the oven.

Charlie [police station] talks to Angelo bout Gardy & Roman. He suggests tat maybe Gardy is brazen enough to try a daylight robbery on the same warehouse that he tries to hit the night before.

As Gardy continues his search, Roman is able to creep up behind Gardy and grab him. Roman wrestles him to the ground and chokes Gardy til he appears to loose consciousness.

After Leah & Bell tend to Irene’s hand, they both bail from the beach house. Irene is ken to talk to Annie, but Annie rather bluntly says tat she has homework to do.

By the waterside, Xavier helps Hugo get all the supplies that he ad ordered – like the shark cage, harpoons gins. As they try t9 lift to shack cage, they realise that they can’t do it with just the 2 of them. Before Xavier goes off to get some help, Hugo agrees to take Xavier out diving.

In the warehouse, both Roman and Gardy are able to get to their feet – and Xavier picks that moment to entry the building. Gardy takes him hostage at gunpoint and gapes outside.

When Hugo sees tat Gardy has Xavier, he picks up a spear gun and threaten shoot Grady with it. Gardy thks that he is bluffing – but Hugo firs the weapon at him. Gardy doesn’t get hit – but he is ksocked off balance and Xavier is able to get away. Gardy then sees Roman with a gun in his hand – and Roman shots Grady in the leg. Roman then collapse – just as the police [led by Charlie & Watson] arrives.

Nearby, Hugo follows a trail of blood to the wharf – Grady has jumped into the water.

At the policy station. Hugo tells Xavier tat Xavier “owes him” for saving Xavier life, whilst Angelo commit to Hugo that lots of intriguing things seem to happen when Hugo is around.

Nic is pleased to see Roman [whose arm is a sling]. He tells Charlie that they’ll either find Grady dead or not at all. Nic is keen for her & roman to go home – but he tells Nic that he has to talk to the plaice bout something form his pat.

Annie descends the stairs of the beach house. Irene is on the couch and its VERY clear tat Irene has been drinking again. Annie wants to keno where to rest of the bottle is. Irene insists that she finished it and threw away the bottle – but Annie goes into thekitshen and searches all the cupboards for the bottle. Annie DOES finds the botte - and Irene gets up and tries to stop her from tipping the rest of the content on the sink. Indeed, Irene SLAPS Annie across the face!!!!!!!

Annie is waaaaaaaaaay shocked – as is Irene !!!



Annie tells Jai that she can’t be around Irene

Roman is arrested by military police

Angelo & Alf both think that Hugo is a tad “fishy”

Nicole doesn’t want Roman to go

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: Black [hot pink X] singlet top/denim short skirt


Annie: white thin strap knee length dress


Leah: red wide strap top/dark shorts


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Belle : black [red, red & green skull] scoop top/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/police cap/bullet proof vest

Gardy: dark jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Hugo: aqua t/khaki shorts

Irene : black t/dark long pants

Irene: white [brown floral] long sleeve top/beige long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: dark jacket/grey t/denim jeans

Watson: light blue police shirt/police cap/bullet proof vest

Xavier: blue [light blue surfy motifs] t/denim shorts

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