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Mon, 8 Jun 09 – Episode # 4871

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Just Want To Go Home “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon, 8 Jun 09 – Episode # 4871 ]


After Roman descends the strurs, Gardy tells him that its time to do the warehouse robbery. Roman tells Gardy tat he is going to check if the back door is locked – sand as he does ss, Roman picks up his mobile. Roman & Gardy bail.


Alf isn’t so sure tat the just out of prison Irene will be as keen on the short film festival [that Colleen is arranging] as Colleen thks that Irene will be.

Trey & Nicole enter, and Nicole’s understandably still annoyed that Roman seems to have chosen Grady over her.


As Grady’s gang, in 2 vans, drive along, Roman is intriquined when Gardy tells him that he hasn’t got any solid plan for the robbery. All the while, Roman is tying to secretly type a text masg on his phone.


As Nic talks top Trey, she isn’t keen on everyone in town has been asking her how she is after the break in at trey’s place. Her mood isn’t helped when Alf is that latest to ask her bout it.

Ruby enters, and Nic tells her that she is about to head for home to do an assignment that is due in moorw. Ruby warns Nic that VJ has a bunch of his mates with hi at home. Nic isn't pleased bout that.


Gardy [via walkie talkie] tells both the guys in his van and in other van that battle plan of robing the warehouse. As he is doing so, Roman secretly types out more of the text msg.


Miles talks to Jai & Kristy and he makes it clear to9 them how dangerous Gardy is. When Kristy suggest going to police, Miles insist stat they should handle things Roman’s way.

Miles gets text message form roman – informing him that a robbery is about to take place.


Upon Grady’s commend, everyone puts their balaclavas on.


Miles is near the counter and, as quietly as he can, he talks to Harper bout the warehouse robbery.


Roman &* co arrive and get outs of the vans, but as they approached the warehouse, they hear police sirens approaching they rush back into the vans and thek off – just before tah police cars arrive.


Gardy is furious with roman – blaming him of the police finding out bout6 the robbery, but roman isn’t taking the wrap of this one, i.e. sugeying tat they might have tripped a silent alarm on thing like that.


Next day, Nic is doing her assignment when Ruby & VJ enters. Nic is alllbut finished the hand written assignment when Vj acciosedntely spills some OJ over most of it. Ruby tries to help - but this is the last strew for Nic., she tells Ruby tat Leah & co have been ACE, but Nic just wants to go home!!!


Miles meets up with Roman. Miles wants roman, esp. after lat night to go to the ;police, but Roman reminds Miles tat Gardy has threatened to hurt Nic and others. Roman also suggest tat even if Gardy is in prison, his allies will get to Nic etc.

Roman then realises that he doesn’t have his mobile with him. Worse still, he didn’t delete the text to mile last night bout the robbery.


After Nic is able to get an extension for the assignment [til morrow][ form Martin, she tells Ruby that she is ringing Roman.


After Nic rings Roman’s mobile, we see the phone on the couch at romans. Grady is asleep nearby -0 but the phon wakes him. He hangs up. Gardy then appears to be looking ion the phone’s memory for THAT text.


Nic is VERY annoyed that roman has hung up on her. Nic tell Ruby at she is going home to talk too Roman.


Roman enters and looks on the couch of the phone. He goes into the kitchen and sees it on the bench. Gardy is in the kitchen too, and as roman tire to see in his phone has been tampered with, Gardy hits him over the back of the head – knocking him out.


Gardy approaches Jia. He wonders where Miles is. After jai says tat he doesn’t know, Gardy hands Jia Roman’s mobile – and asks jai to give it to Miles. Gardy bails.


In the corridor, Nic tells trey tat she is going home. Trey agrees to go with her.

Jai enters a classroom – he gives Miles Roman’s phone, which has been damaged.


Nic is annoyed tat Roman isn’t home. She & Trey then start kissing, before they head upstairs – for obvious reasons.


Miles quickly enter and speak to Harper. He wants to speak to Charlie.

Soon after, Miles tells Charlie what’s been going on with Roman & Grady.


After Roman wakes, Gardfy tell him that the 2 of them are RIGHT NOW going to fod to warehouse robbery. If Roman doesn’t then Nic will pay the consequences. Roman begrudgingly takes one of the guns form Gardy.



Looks like its the final showdown tween Gardy and Roman

Irene’s out of prison – but she’s still drinking

Donna is still out to get Irene

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: silver thin strap top/dark long pants


Ruby: red thin strap knee length dress


Oliver: aqua [red unknown motif] t


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt

Colleen: yellow & bleu floral dress

Gardy: dark grey t/dark long pants

Gardy: dark jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Harper: light blue police button up shirt/dark blue police jacket/police hat

Jai: orange t

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: dark top

Martin: black suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t

Miles: grey [black “Est. 1982 New York Abercrombie & Fitch”] t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Miles: white [white “republic” logo & sparkplug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background]/grey [white vert stripes] shorts

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: dark jacket/grey t/dark long pants

Roman: dark jacket/grey t/denim jeans

Ruby: SBH uniform

Trey: light blue [white “sports club” and car motif] t/dark long pants

Trey: SBH uniform

VJ: blue long sleeve primary school button up shirt

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