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Fri, 05 Jun 09 – Episode # 4870

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ What’s Tony Up To ??? “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri, 05 Jun 09 – Episode # 4870 ]


Xavier is surprised when Martha tells him that she is moving out. She says tat because she has fallen behind in getting that farm up too way tat she wants it to be.

After she bails, Xavier tells Hugo that he thinks that Hugo is why Martha has moved out. Hugo denies this.


Gardy talks to a number of guys – giving them instruction bout the upcoming warehouse robbery.


As Angelo is working bout, Tony praised him for going to all that effort to find evidence that will clear Irene.

Alf enters and tells Tony tat the fishing gear he wanted has arrived at tee bait shop. When Tony comment to Alf bout Irene, Alf still has a go at Angelo [i.e. Irene never should have been in prison in the 1st place].

After Alf has gone, Tony asks Angelo to come fishing with him soon. Angelo agrees – and then suggests that Tony should come for a run with him right now. Tony is little worried bout the time, but agrees.


Charlie questions Gardy of his whereabouts etc on the nights of several recent robberies. He insists stat that roman can back up his alibis. Note – I LOVE how although Gardy wants Charlie to call him Gardy, she kept on calling him by his actual 1st name, David.


Geoff is walking along when Martha [in Alf’s Ute] stops just after she goes by him. After Martha gets out of the car, he tells her that he had to get away doe a few days the sort things out in huis head. When Geoff that Martha that he has to talk top Claudia, her ways tat Claudia will be at the farm today.

Geoff then comment on the bags in the back of the Ute. She tells him that she is moving out to to the farm for ait. Both then get in the ute – and they drive off.


Miles entres and has a go at roman for the way been been behaving lately. Roman eventually admits tat he’s trapped – since Grady knows that Roman killed one of his soldiers in Afghanistan.


Tony enters and Rachel blasts him as she had to cancel the ultrasound appointnmst that they had today as she didn’t think that Tony would be back in time. She can’t believe it tat he was out running with Angelo.


Roman tells Miles more of what the situation is when Grady arrives. Miles quickly bails.


Geoff is pleased when Martha tells him tat Claudia will be her soon.

After Geoff walks away, Hugo aives and wonders to Martha is she has feeling for him. She avoids the question – using Claudia’s arrival to do so.


Charlie talks to miles bout Gardy – and although Miles doesn’t actually says a lot, the kinda scared way tat he is talking most likely gave Charlie all the answers she needed.

Charlie phone rings, and after she goes out of the room to answer it, gardy approaches Miles. He clearly threatens Kirsty & Jai.

Grady walks away, and Charlie returns to sit with Miles – who bails pretty quickly after she does.


Claudia tells Geoff that she can’t believe that he just left town like he did – esp. after her parents kicked her out of home. Geoff tells her tat he’s had time to think. He will 100% support her if she has the baby, but that they will be over if ahe goes through with the abortion. Claudia tells goaf tat she now needs time to think.

Elsewhere on the farm, Hugo confronts Martha – and she tells him that she doesn’t have feelings of him.


Claudia tells Geoff tat she IS going to have the baby.


Rachel suggest to tony tat they should have a picnic etc in the national park this w./e. but he tells her that he had already made plans with Angelo to go fishing. Reach seems concerns but doesn’t say anything. She bails to go back top work.


Tony touches Jack’s headstone. He looks way determined.


Its night time, and Xavier and Ruby are on the couch when Hugo enters. He tells them that Martha doesn’t have felling for him. After Hugo leaves the room, Ruby comments to Xavier tat she got the wrong person – its Hugo that’s inlobe with Martha, not other way round.


Roman is walking along when Gardy’s van pulls up beside him. Gardy &^ 2 other men gets out of the van – and the other 2 haul roman into the van. Grady comments on his annoyance that Roman had told ppl [miles etc] what’s going on.



Looks like, mid warehouse robbery, Roman stands up to gardy

Nic waaaaaaaaaaaaay just want to go home

Sound like Miles tells Kirsty bout Gardy’s threat

Belle and Annie discover tat [even after she is let out of prison] Irene is still drinking

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: red thin strap knee length dress


Rachel: emerald green wide strap top/dark long pants


Claudia: red [white stirrups?] singlet top/denim shorts


Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: grey singlet

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Gardy: black [white & red stripes across chest] jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Gardy’s accomplice: maroon t

Geoff: white [black “north east coast” and crest] t/dark shorts

Hugo: light blue t/khaki shorts

Hugo|: white singlet/dark blue PJ long pants

Martha: white [brown squares] singlet top/denim shorts

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t

Rachel: red singlet top

Roman: purple [dark numbers] t

Tony: black [yellow Puma] t\denim jeans

Tony: white [dark “BONT” logo[ singlet/dark shorts

Xavier: light blue t

Xavier: red [white surfing motifs] t

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