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Mon, 1 Jun 09 – Episode # 4866

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Kicked Out Of Home “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon, 1 Jun 09 – Episode # 4866 ]


Nic and Trey arrive outside his house. They are about to go in when they see the shadow of someone inside. Trey tells Nic that his dad must be home. Nic tells trey that she now thinks that she is rushing things to much – and doesn’t want to sleep with him. They bail.


Grady is driving his van, and roman wonders where they are going. Grady doesn’t give him a definitive answer.


Nic tells trey tat she merely wonted to sleep with him because of how angry she was at her dad. Nic is ken to hang out with terry some more –but he tells her tat he had to head for home, s he has a curfew tec.

After he bails, Ruby approaches Nic – and a comment form Nic leads Ruby to comet tat Trey is reminding her of Geoff. Nic however say tat Trey is nothing like Geoff.


Claudia & Geoff talk bout their situation – incl Claudia saying that her parents will sooooo not approve of this.

Kirsty, Oly, Jia & Annie enter, and Oly sits tween Geoff & Claudia.

Kirsty answer the phone – its Belle who says that she is at the hospital; with Liam. Kirsty, Oly & Jia then bail.


Nic tlak to Ruby bout how much of a creep that Grady is – with Leah overheing most of the chat.


Grady tells Roman that are checking out the security of this electronic warehouse – as a robbery her will seriously help Grady’s money woes. When Roman tells Grady to go it alone with the plan, Grady tells Roman that if anyone gets hurt, it will be roman’s fault.


Because roman isn’t exactly believing him, Grady really assure him tat all of this is because Grady owed lots of monent to the some very tough ppl. Grady insist tat roman is the best right hand man in the business – and he doesn’t really take that hint when Roman gets yup and bails mid their chat.


Next day, Nic is on the kitchen when Roman enters with a bag that he's packed. Nic is please that he seems to be kicking Grady out – but she can’t believe that Roman wants HER to move out. Nic isn’t listening to9 roman’s explanation that it’s a complicated situation. As Nic goes to bails, Grady nets. Nic tells Grady & Rom and that they deserve each other.


Annie kioda rambles on a bait bout Belle & Liam before she realises that Geoff isn’t listening to her.

Miles and Kirsty arrive – and Geoff tells them & Annie that Claudia is pregnant. To say tat Annie is esp. shocked is an understatement.


With Vj & Oly nearby, Nic tells Ruby & Jia that Roman has chosen Grady over her. Ruby suggests that Nic can stay at Leah’s – which Leah agrees to. Nic is soooooo annoyed bout this – its like when her mother didn’t believe her what she said that her mum’s b/f was hitting on her.


After Geoff tells Annie and co tat he’s bot heard form Claudia since last night. Annie launches into a verbal attack – she insists sts that Geoff is being punished for sleeping with Claudia out of wedlock. Annie storms out of the room.


Grady is driving his car – he is following a car driven by a red haired woman that we’ve not seen before.


Mile 7 Martin talk bout the implication of Claudia’s pregnancy, whilst Grady watches the redheaded woman.

Leah approaches Grady and mushly has a go at him for, well, everything. She tells him that he is no longer welcome at the diner. He bails – just after the redhead does.


Kirsty talk to Annie on the back patio. She tells anni that Oly is the best tig that has happened to Kirsty 0- and that aNie should way suppot her brother.


In the kitchen, Roman gives Leah some money to cover for Nic staying at Leah’s palace. Leah says that she not care bout the money – she just wants to know what’s going on with Roman. She begrudgingly accepts that money before bailing.


When Nic tells trey bout what’s happened, he suzettes that she should come and stay at his place. Nic admit tat even with trey’s dad there lat night, she was still ken to go into the house and go trough with her original plan. They kiss.


Annie tells Geoff tat she was shocked by his big news, and goof tells her “join the club”. Annie tells Geoff that she will support him whatever choice he makes etc.

Claudia enters – with a big bag. She tells Geoff & Annie that her parents have kicked her out of home.


Leah enrs the kitchen and is surprised to find Roman working in there. He tell her tat she was right bout most tings that she was said to him – and he assures her tat he IS trying to sort out this Grady mess.


Trey & Nic are kissing in his room when they hear that someone else is in the house. Trey fears tat it’s his dad – and Nic so isn’t pleased when Trey tells her to hide under the bed. She begrudgingly does though.

After Trey exits his room, he is shocked to se that a man in a balaclava has bound & gagged his mum [the redhead]. Nic hears the attacker talking – and KNOWS that it’s Gardy!!!!



Nicole phones Roman mid the robbery – but she makes a sound [when getting out form under the bed] that Gardy hears

Angelo insists to Charlie tat they should search Lou’s boat one more time for evidence etc

Sound like Claudia is thinking of having an abortion

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white low cut v neck knee length dress [with dark top beneath]


Nicole: silver satin like top [with blue thin strap top beneath]/denim jeans


Leah: silver [dark swirls] low cut v neck top/dark shorts


Annie: white [purple horiz stripes] thin strap top/white shorts

Annie: purple wide strap knee dress [with a 2 tone red t beneath]

Claudia: white singlet top/denim jeans

Claudia: white [dark vert stripes] blouse/denim jeans

Gardy: dark t/dark jacket

Gardy: black [white & red stripes across chest] jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Geoff: grey t/khaki long pants

Geoff: light blue t/denim jeans

Jai: bright red t/dark long pants

Jai: white [multicolour TV test pattern] t

Kirsty: red knee length dress

Kirsty: yellow top/dark long pants

Leah: dark blue singlet top/yellow scarf

Martin: powder blue long sleeve button up shirt

Miles: white [blue unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Nicole: yellow thin strap top/dark shorts

Oliver: green t

Oliver: orange [white unknown mortify] t/dark long pants

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t/denim jeans

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t/dark long pants

Ruby: yellow singlet top/grey knee length skirt

Trey: white [silhouette of long haired girl] t/dark long pants

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief” motorcycle] t/dark shorts

Trey’s mum: peach long sleeve blouse

VJ: white [black sunglasses] t

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