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Fri, 29 May 09 – Episode # 4865

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Bible Boy And Babies “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri, 29 May 09 – Episode # 4865 ]

Note – this guide is set out differently to normal, i.e. its storyline by storyline this time

With Liam still thinking that he is on stage [air guitar and all], Aden is able to clamber back onto tee roof. Aden is able to get to Liam to calm down enough for them both to sit sown and talks bout tings. Indeed, Aden’s got to the point where he's convinced Lima to get of the roof with him – but then the police, ambulance officer AND the media arrive. Lima doesn’t ant to get of the roof now – but Aden is able to convince him to.

When they get down to/ the ground, there’s a throng of media there, and Belle runs up to Aden and hugs him – but he backs way.

Soon after, Liam is in back of an ambulance. He talks to Belle – and makes it clear tat he; still wants to do all the things that he said that he was going to do [only now he’ll do than after rehab]. Belle however tells Liam tat she is in love with someone else. The ambulance then takes Liam away.

Soon after, as Jai, Annie & Geoff are talking in tee beach house, they comment in how kinda lost Belle looks when she enters – and heads straight for her room.

Later, Belle is on the back patio when Aden approaches. The in tears Belle tells Aden that she is soooo stupid for believing all that Liam told her – but Aden, as he gives Belle a comforting hug, tells Belle that she sooooo isn’t stupid.

At Noah’s, Nic tells trey that Grady has been hitting on her. He suggets that should tell roman – but Nic thinks the roman’s got enough on his plate right now.

Nic & trey go to her house where Nic tries to get Roman to get rid of Grady. Its trey who 1st mentions that Gardy has been hitting on Nic – who tell roman that its not so much what Gardy has said to her, but the way tat he says it. Roman insists tat he will deal with it.

Later, Leah & VJ visit Roman. Leah is frustrated that Roman isn't coming back to the diner for the time being – and Grady’s [obnoscious as always] arrival; doesn’t help.

Grady continue that attitude when VJ starts talking bout soccer, i.e. gardy tells VJ that when they didn’t have a soccer ball in Afghanistan, they used decapitated human Head. Leah waaaaaaaaaaaaaay voice her DISGUST before she and V bail.

Roman then also verbally attacks Gardy – about the soccer commits AND about Gardy hitting on Nic. Grady insists attar Nic is, like her dad, too highly strung. Grady with more that a hint of insincerity in voice ways that he won’t “hit on” in Nic again. After Gardy goes upstairs, Roman looks as though he is wondering if all this is worth having his sight back.

Later Nic enters and when roman say that Grady hadn’t gone, Nic accuses Roman of not believing her. Roman insists at he does – but he also say that the situation is complicated. Nic still think that he not believes her – so she bails.

Nic talk to trey as Noah’s. She’s waaaaaay frustrated about the whole Grady thing. She starts waaaaaaaay kissing trey – whop initially backs away. However, when Nic say tat she wants them to go to Trey’s house [to go further], Trey sooooo doesn’t object.

Grady descends that stairs at romans and since he has bag on his hand, roman says that he is pleased t5hat Grady appears to be moving out. Gardy throes the big bag at Roman and comments that there’s still lots of fun [i.e. robberies] that they can have together. You can se that Roman is further not liking how things are going.

Claudia talk to Martha at the latter’s home. Claudia tells Martha that she hasn’t taken a pregnancy test – as she’s still hoping the being late is just an anomaly. Claudia agrees to Martha suggesting that they should talk further bout this over coffee.

Annie, Geoff & Jai enetr the beach house. Geoff is worried bout his ’ship with Claudia. Things get more interesting when Geoff gets a text message form Claudia – she says that they need to talk. Jai tells Goff that he think that mean that Claudia wants to dump Geoff – but Annie is more positive bout the situation. Geoff is apprehensions.

After Martha gives Geoff some money for all the help that he’s been giving her on the farm, talk tuns to Claudia. Goff wonders if Claudia has said anything to her. When Martha indicates that she has, Geoff wonders what Claudia has said. Martha tells him that he needs to talk to Claudia.

Geoff & Claudia meet up at Noah’s. Geoff wonders if Claudia is back together with Lachie, and she well & truly tell him that that’s not the case. She then tells him that she is late – and Geoff wonders if the child is his. Claudia insist at ahs believes that it is – so, when Claudia say tat she not have a pregnancy test, he suggest that she should.

Son after, at the beach house Claudia takes the test – and whilst they arte waiting for the result on the home test, Geoff tells Claudia that they with deal with the result together no mater what it is. The test result reveal itself - they discover that Claudia IS [of course] pregnant!!!!



Claudia gets kicked out of home

Geoff & Claudia tell Annie bout the pregnancy

Roman suggest Nic should move out of home for a while

Martha can’t believe that Tony has forgiven Angelo

Gardy [and Roman?] rob trey’s house

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: purple wide strap knee dress [with a 2 tone red t beneath]


Nicole: yellow thin strap top/dark shorts


Belle: grey [green unknown motif] t/dark shorts


Aden: dark t/dark long pants

Claudia: white [dark vert stripes] blouse/denim jeans

Gardy: black [white & red stripes across chest] jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Geoff: light blue t/denim jeans

Jai: white [multicolour TV test pattern] t

Jerry: power blue button up shirt

Leah: white [dark swirls] low cut v neck top/dark shorts

Liam: white [dark rockband? Motif] t/dark long pants

Martha: white wide strap knee dress

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t/dark long pants

Trey: dark green [white “Indian chief” motorcycle] t/dark shorts

VJ: dark t/dark shorts

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