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Thurs, 28 May 09 – Episode # 4864

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Marry Me “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs, 28 May 09 – Episode # 4864 ]


Alf talks to Charlie & Angelo bout the discovery of Lou’s body. He insists that Irene isn’t a killer – but Donna has a “slightly” different view on things, i.e. she insists that Irene will get what she deserves.


Next day, Bell talks Leah, Rachel & Colleen in the kitshn. During the chat, Belle says that she will be telling Irene today bout the discovery.

Belle goes into the main area and Liam is keen of her to go on tour with him. She insists that she to be here – she has responsibilities etc. Liam naturally is annoyed tat Belle has knocked him back.

Nearby, Rachel expresses her concern to Tony bout her current fitness program. She is worried that he is channelling [in a bad way] all the anger he has towards Angelo into the training.


Martha & Xavier talk bout the discovery – and we finds out the Hugo has taken of to stay with her mum & Brendan for a bit.

Xavier wonders what happened tween Martha & Hugo – she tells him that they had a misu8nderstanding.


Belle talks to Alf, Martha & Rachel – she is pleased tat Lou’s body has been found in a way [as this could clear Irene].

When Martha talk bout the farm, Alf tells Martha tat he will help her all he can – and she kinda surprise him buy saying that she’s going to be spending more nights at the farm.


Rachel once more wonders if this fitness program is all about Angelo. He insists that he is getting on tip top shape for when the baby is born. Ton bails – and its clear that Rachel is still worried.


Angelo tells Charlie that the forensics report on Lou’s body has arrived – he was killed by a bullet wound to the chest.

As Angelo & Charlie comment bout no having to found out the calibre of the bullet, Avery approaches with 2 teen girls. They had drugs – which were supplied to them by Liam!!!


Ruby & Xavier talk bout what happening thween Hugo & Martha. Xavier thinks that Hugo is being deliberatley annoying etc to Martha so it’s easy for her to be mad with him.


Martha talks to Rach bout Hugo telling her tat he has feelings for her. When Rachel wonders, Martha insist tat that feeling aren’t reciprocated – as Martha thinks bout jack everyday etc. Martha slo tell Rach of her plan to spend more time on the farm.


Belle teals Irene tat Lou’s body has been found. Belle & Irene’s lawyer also tell Irene that he was dead before he was atatjed by a shark. Kay [lawyer] tells Irene that things aren't looking so good for Irene’s case, but Irene tells them tat she dent care bout that – she’s inconsolable that Lou is dead.


Charlie & Angelo talk to case, i.e. if it’s the same calibre of bullet form the gun that Irene was found with, then there’s REAL problem. Donna adds to the chat - insisting that Irene is a gold digging kiler.

After Donna walk away, Belle has a go at Angelo because of what is happening to Irene, but he fires back by telling her bout the girls who wren given drugs by Liam.


Rachel talks to Alf bout how she is worried bout Tony. When he enters the room, Rach teir to talk to him, but Tony isn’t that keen right now. He bails.


Xavier [with Ruby nearby] leaves another message on Hugo’s phone for his to rung them. Martha enters, and wonders if aver has hard from Hugo – which he hasn’t. Martha heads for the bathroom.


The tyres on Angelo’s police car have been slashed once more. Tony drives by – but he stops that car an then reverses a little. He offers Angelo a lift – and Angelo accepts.


After Belle leaves a message on Liam’s phone for him to call her, jerry approaches – and tells Belle that he is keen to get the scoop tat Lima is back on drugs. Whilst she tries to get him to stick with their original deal, Jerry says tat that is null and void if Liam’s using again. Aden approaches and back up Belle’s side of things. Jerry reminds Aden that if Aden is charged with anything [like assulting Jerry], he’ll go to jail.

All the while, Bell really wants to get in contact with/find Liam.


In Lim’s room, Liam is “slightly” off the wall. He’s more than high on life and he even asks Bell to marry him. She makes it clear that she knows that this isn't just tat he’s excited for natural reasons, and suggests that he should go back to rehab.

As they exit the building, jerry is there waiting with camera – taking lots of pics of Liam, who climbs up a tree that is besides the building.


Rachel and Tony are surprised that Tony offered Angelo a lift toady. Tony tells Rach that he knows that jack’s death was an accident – and that he just wants to move on with his life. Both seem very pleased.


Liam is now on the roof of the builsing and he behaving like he is on stage [with adoring fans cheering for him]. Aden urges belle to call the police – and Aden goes into the roof top to try and talk Liam into coming down. Liam however sees Aden as a rival for belle – and he pushes Aden, who is hanging of the edge of the building when the ep ends!!!



Looks like Claudia tells Geoff the she is pregnant

Nicole can’t believe it that Roman takes Gardy’s word over hers [re him sleazing onto her]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: yellow low cut v neck top


Leah: white [dark swirls] low cut v neck top


Rachel: black top/white & black jacket


Aden: dark t/dark long pants

Aden: white singlet

Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt

Alf: brown polo shirt/olive green long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Avery: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Belle: grey [green unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Colleen: red [yellow swirls?] top

Donna: mustard top/whits long pants

Donna: white [red floral?] top/dark long pants

Drug Teen 1: red thin strap top/balk bikini top/denim shorts

Drug Teen 2: red [black horiz stripes & Emily the strange motif] t/dark shorts

Irene: green prison t/

Jerry: power blue button up shirt

Kay [lawyer]: dark suit/white top

Liam: white [dark rockband? Motif] t/dark long pants

Martha: black singlet top/denim shorts

Rachel: pink, blue etc wavy vertical striped top/dark long pants

Tony: white [Asics] t/dark track pants

Xavier: red [black & white “von zipper”] t

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