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Tues, 26 May 09 – Episode # 4862

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ $50 Notes “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues, 26 May 09 – Episode # 4862 ]


Roman so isn’t keen on tee whole robbery idea – but when Gardy suggested if he doesn’t help Grady tat ppl could get hurt. Grady, then Roman put on balaclavas.

They enter a bottle shop – where Grady demands the money from the till form the teen male who works there. The worker looks stressed – but Roman insists that the worker should calm down and do as they ask. The bottlo worker hands gardy & roman the cash for the till.

As gardy bails, an old woman who is in the store passes out. Roman sees thus and he goes over to her. He performs CPR on her – and gets her breathing aging. He also tells the shop worker to call for an ambulance. Roman then bails.

Nearby, Kirsty, Annie & Geoff are walking down the streets. They see 2 masked men without guns get in a van and take off. Geoff calls the police.


Trey enters, and apologise to Nic for his recent actions. She insist stat he’s got to get rid of that big chip on his shoulder [bout his body image] or they aren't going to get anywhere. Trey takes this to mean that Nic has fully forgiven him for some catty comments that he aid to her recently, but Nic insists taht she hasn’t forgotten bout what he said.


Grady stops then van. He tells Roman that he will ditch that guns and they can have breakfast tomorrow like they haven’t a care in the world. Roman doesn’t like that this robbery stuff seem to all for fun for Grady.


Next day, Alf, Miles & Hugo are on Hugo’s boat and they are at6lking bout the shark hunt. Alf & Hugo insist t to miles that as long as they catch an approximately sized shark, it should get ppl/the media to think their shark/PR probelms are over.


Annie, Geoff &kirsty visit Irene. they tell her bout the robbery etc.

when KIrsty &Irne are alone [afterKirsty asks Annie &Geoif to leave throom].kirsty ask Irene if she's been drinking whilst inside. iren denies -and "suggets" that Kirsty should't bring them here anymore


As Donna tries to pay for her meal etc as the diner, Colleen tells her that the card rejected. Dona gives her a $50 note and tells her to keep the change.

Nic & trey enter, but when Nic sees Roman & Grady are there, she suggest to tery tat they should go to the surf club. They bail.

Roman & Grady are talking – roman wonders what these robberies are all about. Grady tells Roman tat he [Grady] has a child in East Timor – who needs a heart transplant. Grady then tels the truth – he owes someone LOTS of money.

Charlie approaches. She yawns – and tells Roman & Grady bout the robbery last night, incl bout the robber who performed CPR on the woman. Charlie then goes to the counetr to get some coffee.


Annie talks to Geoff. She is worried taht such bad thigs are happeing to a good peron like Irene, ie looks liek Annie’s having a crisis of faith.

Nic & trey enter, and Nic quickly holds hands with Trey -to make it clear to Geof that she is over him. Annie & Geoff bail.


Irene is crying on her bed. Prisoners is nearby cells call out “Pig shoter” -and mock the distressed Irene when she calls up for them to stop.

Soon after, someone slips an alcohol bottle into irene'scell. She demdns to kwnow who it was - to no avai.

We then see one of the prison guards with Donna in the car park. Donna pays her - to keep the alcohol flowing to Irene.


Aboard the boat,sound like Miles is geting restless. He wonders if they will find a shark. Alf &Hugo try to convince him that they will - a nd they all put some bait for the shark into the water.


Irene is lying on her bed when she finishes off the bottle of alcohol that was put in her cell earlier.


Roman & Gardy enter - andand they catch Nic & Trey kising. Nic tries to tell Roman that she doesn’t care what he thinks, ie Trey is her b/f whether Roman like it of not. Nic is VERY surprised when Roman hands her a $50note -and tells her to go out for coffee with Trey. The surprised Nic and Trey bail.

Roman tells Gary tat he isn't going to help him with any more robberies – but tat Romans’; past REALLY catches up with him, i.e. Grady tells Roman tat if roman doesn’t help, he’ll dob Roman into the authorities both for killing Mark in Afghanistan AND for being the brains behind the hold up last night.


Its night time, And Hugo, alf & Miles are getting rstless. Miles hears a big splash near the back of the boat. As Hugo & Alf go to the wheelhouse to turn the boat around, Miles accidentally falls overboard!!!!!



Liam asks Belle to go on a national tour with him

Irene tells Rachel that she keeps dreaming bout Lou

Rachel favourable comments to Tony bout his new fitness program

Alf & Hugo realise that Miles is missing

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: yellow singlet top/sky blue shorts


Trey: black [white “sync Oil” and red horse motif] t/denim shorts


Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt


Alf: brown polo shirt/olive green long pants/wide brim hat

Annie: light pink singlet top

Bottle shop worker: light blue t/dark long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse/peach top

Corrupt Prison Guard: light blue blouse

Donna: cream wide collar top/dark brown long pants

Gardy: blue polo

Gardy: dark t/dark long pants/black balaclava

Geoff: grey [balk “Henley’s & red circle logo] t/denim shorts

Geoff: white [red & yellow tropic] t/dark shorts

Heart attack woman: apricot blouse/grey long pants

Hugo: yellow [disco ball like motif] t/ olive green shorts

Irene: green prison t/

Kirsty: black [white lace trim] top

Kirsty: red scoop top/dark long pants

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/brown shorts/olive green hat/grey hoodie

Nicole: black [with silver long sleeves] top/dark shorts

Nicole: silver [dark dots] knee length dress

Roman: olive green [black “carhartt” logo] t

Roman: dark blue t/dark long pants/dark long pants

Trey: black [grey check] t/dark shorts

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