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Mon, 25 May 09 – Episode # 4861

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Shark Hunt - For And Against “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon, 25 May 09 – Episode # 4861 ]


After Hugo ents the room, Alf tells him bout the idea that he & Miles etc have had to hunt the shark themselves. Hugo tells alf that it’s a foolish idea.


Ruby & Xavier have opposing views on shark hunt – he is all for it, but she thinks that it’s barbaric. They are both surprised when Hugo enter rth house – esp. after he tells them tat Martha is spending the night at the farm.


Next day, Roman is on tee phone [with Leah]. He tells her tat he isn't ready to come back to work yet.

When off the phone Roman talks to Nic, who is pleased tat Grady seems to have left town. Roman is also pleased – that Nic isn’t hanging round trey. Nic bails.


In the kitchen, Leah tells Miles tat the diner is struggling [work load wise][without roman.

Mils then goes into the main part of the diner – where he talks to Kristy [Oly is with her] bout some advertising etc idea that he has to drum up business for the van park.

Nearby, Ruby & Nicole are talking – they chat bout Trey, and how Nic thinks it’s GREAT that Grady has gone.


Hugo is on his boat when Martha approaches. She wonders what happened lat night – and Hugo amidst tat he’s had feelings for Martha of ages now. Hugo tells Martha that he needs space – and that he has work to do right now. Martha takes the hint and bails.


Jai is on Ruby's side – against Xavier was in still all for the shark hunt.

Martha arrives – and Xavier notes tat she seems to be deep ion thought etc.


Ruby, Xavier & jai enters and when try se trey, they verbally clash with him. Trey hover, insists that it’s just his dad talking to tee press etc that Hugo made up the shark story and that Trey doesn’t have anything to do with it. Trey bails.


Miles is running advertising idea o the van park past Alf when Hugo enters. He tells Alf that he is joining the shark hunt.


When Miles talks to Roman bout the shark hunt, Nic comments that she thinks that it’s barbaric.

After Nic leaves the room, Roman tells Miles that he doesn’t think that he is up to joining them on the hunt


Whist hugo, Alf, Miles etc prepare for the hunt, Ruby & Jai arrive. Ruby voices her disgust whilst Xavier isn't too keen on being the one to tell Martha tat Hugo is going on the hunt without having told Martha before he leaves.


As Ruby raves on the Nic bout the shark hunt, Nic sees trey in the gym. However, when Ruby is finishsd her rant, Nic sees that trey is gone.


In the kitchem roman tells Leah tat he is going to be working at the diner again as of morrow. He then gets a message on his phone and bails.

Leah is pleased to see Martha. She asks Martha to take the hamper tat they boys have ordered for the trip to them. Martha is NOT pleased when she hears bout Hugo and the shark hunt.


Nic netrs and she can hear Roman talking to someone. She’s annoyed tat that someone is Gardy – and is even more annoyed when Grady says tat he will be staying around for a while. Nic bails.


Martha confronts Hugo bout what’s been going on. She wonders what she has done for him to be acting tai way around her. Hugo tells her tat he is reacting that way because of how always nice etc that Martha is – and he tells her tat he just can’t handle it. Hugo esp. comets tat he thinks its wrong tat he should have feeling for Jack‘s wife. Hugo bails.


After completing a final gear etc check, Miles & co set off on the boat – with the likes of kirsty, Oly & Xavier at the wharf to say farewell to them.


As Roman & Grady are taking, Nic tells Roman tat she is going out. Nic isn’t impressed by a comment by Gardy bout her dress.

After Nic bails, Roman & Gardy start drinking.


Trey sees Nic and tries to apologise – but she doesn’t accept. She insists tat trey just can’t treat her the way he did and apologise and expect things to be ok again.


Martha looks at a pic of Jack & Hugo [form about 5 years ago I’d say].


Nic & Ruby are talking. Ruby suggests to Nic tat she should tell Roman bout Grady’s sleazy comments.

Leah approaches – and tells the girls tat she is about to close up for the night. She also comments that Roman isn’t answering his phone. Nic comment tat Roman must be distracted by Gardy.


Roman wakes – and Grady tael him that they are in the back of Grady’s van. Roman is shosked when Gardy throws a t shotgun to him – saying that Gardy is about to rob a bottle shop and things could get worse if roman isn’t accompanying him on the robbery!!!!



Alf & co on the shark hunt

Looks like Donna is getting those indie the prison to keep supplying Irene with alcohol

Gardy threatens to go to authorities bout Mark’s death – if Roman doesn’t help him with these robberies

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: yellow & blue thin strap top/yellow halter bikini top/yellow shorts


Ruby: blue & white thin strap top/white knee length skirt


Jai: blue [hot pink triangles] t/black & grey shorts


Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/olive green long pants/wide brim hat

Gardy: dark t

Hugo: light blue [deer motif] t/dark cap/red shorts

Hugo: yellow [disco ball like motif] t/ olive green shorts

Kirsty: red scoop top/dark long pants

Leah: red singlet top[/grey knee length skirt

Martha: white ]pink flamingo] singlet top/dark shorts

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/brown shorts

Nicole: silver [dark dots] knee length dress

Oliver: white [red unknown motif] t/light blue shorts

Roman: dark blue t/dark long pants

Ruby: white latticed thin strap top

Trey: black [grey check] t/dark shorts

Xavier: red [white unknown motif] t

Xavier: yellow [red & blue “welcome to Waves” and various fruit motifs] t/tan shorts

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