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Fri, 22 May 09 – Episode # 4860

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Late “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri, 22 May 09 – Episode # 4860 ]

Note – this guide of for the 2nd half on the double ep that screened in Brisbane on the date above


It’s the day after the events of ep 4859, and Martha thanks Hugo once more for not going out on the boat with Angelo.

Talk turns to Hugo & Xavier helping Martha furnish the farm house today. After Hugo makes certain commits [and Martha has left the room], Xavier has a go at Hugo for being so blunt with Martha, i.e. Hugo made comments like “let’s get this [helping Martha] over and done with].


In Irene’ cell, Irene’s lawyer has a go at her of having tat alcohol in her room, but the stressed irene fired back at her lawyer – Irene wonders if a trial date has been set. When the lawyer say that one hasn’t been yet, Irene “suggest” that the lawyer should start doing her job and stop hassling Irene. The lawyer bails,


Belle is working today and she is at the counter when Liam enters. He tells her that just seeing her has made his day a LOT better.

After Liam has walked way, Belle and Aden clash over her friendship with Liam.


After Rachel runs some tests on Roman, she suggests that he should mend some of the friendships that he has affected by roman’s attitude whilst he couldn’t see.


As Xavier & Hugo carry a mattress out of the house [destined form the farm house], Xavier likes it tat Hugo isn’t being as catty with his comments towards Martha.


After Belle talks to Liam, she & Aden clash once more bout Belle hanging around with Liam, i.e. he thinks that Lima will just drag Belle down.

Son after, Geoff & Belle talk bout Irene. Geoff is rally worried bout Irene, but Bell tire to reassure him that Irene is a very strong woman etc.

Geoff then approaches Claudia – wondering why she hasn’t been responding to her phone maeeaegs. Claudia snaps at Geoff – she tells him that she doesn’t like it tat he is constantly checking up on her. Claudia bails – and Geoff is perplexed.


After more ppl cancel their van park bookings, Miles, Kirsty & alf are rally concerned.

Things, however, are better when Roman arrives – they are all pleased that their friend can see again [and has returned to his old, not angary, self].


On the patio of the house, Claudia tells Martha that she [Claudia] is “late” – and thinks that Geoff is the father of her child.


Geoff talks to Belle bout how snappy Claudia was with him earlier. Belle tells Geoff that it’s just a little tiff that they are having and that he shouldn’t worry too much bout it.

Jerry [coastal new editor] approaches – and wants Belle to do/arrange an interview with Irene. She refuses – but he sys tat if she doesn’t do this, he’ll have Aden charges with damaging the cameras of the papers’ photographer [on the beach recently]. Jerry ads that because Aden is on a good behaviour bond, he’ll go to jail if he is charged with this. Belle sys that she will thinks bout it.


Alf, Miles, Martin & Tony talk bout how the shark attacks are affecting their business etc. Alf also comments on how that counsel has refused to pay for shark nets. They agree that it’s not exactly the best of plans to advertise for a shark hunter either.


Belle talk to Irene. She tells Irene all the latest goss – incl the tiff tween Claudia & Geoff. Belle is worried bout how pale Irene looks – and continues to be so after Irene comments tat the prisoners are allowed out in the yard/sunshine every day.


It’s raining, and there’s a problem. Martha’s ute won’t start – and Hugo seems adamant to try to get it going.


Belle talks to Rachel bout Irene. Belle is worried that Irene is still drinking. Rachel responds by telling Belle that she will talk to the prison’s medical officer bout this.


Its night time and its still raining. On patio of the house, Martha puts a towel round Hugo’s neck, he can’t handle it. He goes back out into the rain. He tells Martha that he is going to try another way to get the Ute started.


Belle & Liam are talking when Jerry approaches. He is still keen on an interview with Irene, but Liam has other idea. Liam offers to give an exclusive interview to the papers on 3 conditions – its to be when he is out of rehab; that Aden isn’t charged; and that the paper doesn’t print anything bout Irene. Jerry suggests that the 1st 2 are fine, but they will have to cover the irene story – so he agrees to only print stories sympathetic to her.

After Jerry bails, Lima tells Belle that since he’s been used by the media before, it’s good to be able to use them for something that’s good.


Geoff and Claudia talk. Geoff is worried death Claudia wants to break up with him, but she assures him that that isn’t the case. Claudia then thinks bout telling Geoff that she is preggers, but she doesn’t tell him.


Kirsty & Miles are on the couch and Miles is REALLY worried bout the van park doing out of business because of the current [shark attack affected] slump in business. He is esp. worried that the business has been running for soooooo long – under the ownership etc of Sally etc, and he word that all of that history will be lost under his direction. Kirsty tries to assure him that things will pick up again.


Martha urges Hugo to come in form the rain, but he tells her tat he HAS to go – as Hugo has feelings for Martha!!!!! Hugo tells her that he knows that he shouldn’t have them – and [still raining btw] tells her that he will try to hitch a ride into town. He bails.



The like of Alf, Tony, Miles decide to hunt for THAT shark themselves

Looks like one of them [Miles??] falls overboard

Irene denies to Kirsty that she is still drinking

Liam asks Belle to come on a national tour with him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: silver [dark dots] wide strap top/dark long pants


Kirsty: 2 tone blue thin strap top/dare long pants


Leah: violet thin strapped knee length dress


Aden: white [red & blue Statue Of Liberty] t/dark long pants

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt

Belle: balk t/dark long pants/orange belt

Claudia: white [red & blue check] blouse/denim jeans/dark raincoat

Colleen: red floral blouse/dark aqua top

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [black “803”] t/dark long pants

Hugo: yellow [disco ball like motif] t/ olive green shorts

Irene: green prison t

Jerry: white [dark check] button up shirt

Kay [lawyer]: dark suit/white [silver diag stripes] top

Liam: grey [rockband?] t/dark long opiates

Martha: white [black “Titan” and horse motif] singlet top/denim shorts

Martin: dark suit/white shirt/dark [yellow diag stripes] tie

Miles: brown button up shirt/white [yellow & brown unknown motif] t

Rachel: red & black singlet top

Roman: black [white “analog”] t/denim jeans

Xavier: red [white unknown motif] t

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