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Wed, 20 May 09 – Episode # 4858

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Lesser Of Two Evils “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed, 20 May 09 – Episode # 4858 ]


Annie, Geoff & Kristy are preparing yo visit Irene in prion. Although Annie isn’t so sure she should bring some gossip mag for Irene, Kristy suggest tat they will be a good distraction for Irene. the trio exit the house


Martha gets of the phone – and tells Hugo & Xavier t6at she’s just got word that Roman can see aging. Booth are very pleased – esp. Xavier.

After Hugo “suggests” that Xavier is to help him with the boat today, Martha offers to help as weal – but Hugo kuinda bluntly tell her that he & Xavier can take care of it.


As the walk toward the boat, xacvier wonders why hugo suggested that Martha couldnlt help the,m today. Hugo tells him that he don’t really have time to train a newbie.

Xavier also wonders if maybe Hugo should leave the blood stain on tee deck – to back up his shark dive adventure suggestion. However Hugo tells him tat it’s really not that good a looks for his business.


Charlie enters and hands Angelo form coffee form the diner – she suggest that Belle [hopefully] didn’t spit in Angelo’s coffee.

They then look at t5eh forensics report. Its sys tat a tiger shark was responsible for the attacks on the hand that was washed up on the beach. Angelo bails – after he commits t6at he rememervbsr the Hugo’s statement said the he was attacked by a tiger shark.


Jai talks to Alf whilst Alf in it that section of the club with all the lifesaving equip. Jai tells alf that he wmnate dto citit Irene as weel, but Lf tells jai that as long as he is there for Annie when shge rteurnes, it will be ok. Btw, Alf also reminds Jai that the prison would only let ppl really close top Irene visit.

Angelo approaches and when his sakes if they know where Hugo is, jai sarcastically wonders if he plans to lock up Hugo as well.

Jai bails, and when Angelo wonders to Alf is he can help with tide movement, Alf tells Angelo tat he won’t help him. Angelo walks way.


Annie, Geoff & Kristy enter the visitor room – and they sit with Irene. Irene is pleased when Annie gives her those gossip mags, and she is keen to hear bout Geoff/Claudia.

When time is up, Annie goes to hug Irene, both Irene & Kristy tell her that she can’t. After Annie & Geoff go out of the room, Irene tells Kristy that she doesn’t know that she can cope in here, but Kristy tells Irene tat Irene is one of the strongest ppl that she’s ever met.


Hust after Xavier bails, Angelo approaches Hugo who is on the boat.

Hugo isn’t too ken to answer any of Angelo’s questions bout ten attack – it’s a get to tee point where Angelo threatens to impound Hugo’s boat.

Angelo then walks back to his police car – only to find that the tyres have been slashed.


Kristy talks to Alf bout how worried sther is bout Irene. Alf, like Kristy said to9 irene, suggested that irene will be st9orng enough.

After Kristy walks away, Hugo approaches Alf and tells him bout Angelo’s threat to impound his boat.


Marta talks to Alf bout how she’s making the farm house more comfortable bout having a couch etc there now. She also commits bout how weird that Hugo is acing around her lately.

Nearby. Geoff talks to Claudia bout Irene. Claudia suggests to Geoff that, now more that eve he should call on his faith.


Irene is walking in the pron yard when a fellow inmate approaches. The other woman tells Irene that Irene is what is known in her as a pig shooter [as she shot a policeman]. The other woman also suggests that Irene isn’t the only woman in here for killing their partner.


Hugo tells Charlie bout Angelo’s threat to impound his boat -= naturally, Hugo is pretty fired up as he talk bout this.

Angelo enters, and although Hugo is ken to talk now, Angelo tell charley & Hugo that he has “smaller fish to fry”. Angelo exits.


Angelo is looking for jai – but when he asks Alf, Alf doesn’t help him. Angelo bails.


Annie, Geoff & Jiao are talking when angelo arrives and accuses jai of slashing the tyres on his police car. Kirsty weaaaaaaaaaay takes offence to these accusations – and she “suggests” tat Angelo should leave. He does. [Note: I don’t like kirsty, but I like Angelo even less – hence my ep title].


Charlie & angelo clash bout how she has to clean up the mess after his constant hung ho approach to this case. Angelo wonders if charley is sleeping with Hugo. Charlie tells him that even if she was, once she is in uniform, all her personal feelings etc are left at the door.


On the front patio, Martha exereses her annoyance at how Angelo threatened to impound the boat. Hugo tells her tat he is going to answer Angelo’s queries, as he wants thus to be over. Martha insists stat the only way this will be totally over is when Angelo leaves town.


After Irene is lead into her cell and the door is locked behind her, the lights are soon after turned off. Irene hears several comets [eg “pig shooter”] form inmates in cells near hers.

Soon after, Irene lies down to go the sleep, but she feels something under the pillow. She picks up what looks like a bottle of mouthwash [which incl alcohol of course]. Irene lies back down and tries to get to sleep – whilst the other inmate yell out comments once more.



Irene’s not coping in prison – looks like she is drinking again

Angelo being in town continues to cause issue for ppl – incl Tony & Hugo

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: green thin strap top/white shorts


Claudia: green singlet top/denim jeans


Hugo: light bleu t/white [purple tropic] shorts


Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/dark blue police cap

Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: white thin strap top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Geoff: red [black “Henley’s] t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: green prison t

Irene’s “friend”: green prison t

Jai: mauve & white horizontal stripes t/dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: black low cut v neck long sleeve knee length dress [with red top beneath]

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Xavier: white [black tropical motifs] shorts

Xavier: red [black & white “von zipper”] t/blue shorts

Xavier: yellow [black arms & hands] t

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