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Tues, 19 May 09 – Episode # 4857

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Annoying Good News “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues, 19 May 09 – Episode # 4857 ]

Note – due to various circumstances, this guide is set out differently to normal

Belle & Leah are in kitchen of te diner. Belle tells Leah that she seems to coping again since she came back form her break.

Belle hoes into tem ions area, where she encounters Liam. She tels Liam that she needs time by herself right now, and that he should rally go back into rehab. Liam isn’t tat keen of what Belle has said, but Belle isn’t taking no form an answer [in terms of wanting Lima to move out of the beach house].

Later, colleen is talking to Leah in the kitchen of the diner. She is worried about how Belle going into rehab might have made things worse. However, when Belle enters the kitchen, Colleen praises her for doing such a good job at the diner since she returned to work.

Soon after, Leah & belle are alone in te kitchen of the diner. Leah expresses her concerns bout Bell’s problems. Belle admits tat it would be so easy for her to slip back into that lifestyle, but belle is also vehement that she doesn’t want to be the sort of perron tat she was when she was taking the drugs.

After Leah exits the kitchen, Belle phones Liam – and leaves a msg for him to contact her.

Later, Belle tries to cal Liam again – he doesn’t answer. Belle tells a flustered colleen that she is talking her brask. Belle bails.

Soon after, Belle bangs on the door of the hotel room that Liam is staying at. She is very worried about him. He arrives at the door [having been out for a while] when belle wonders why he didn’t call her back, he tells her tat his phone was on charge. Belle admits that she thought Liam had harmed himself because of their eelier “chat”. They are to meet up later.

At Noah’s, Liam is pleased when Belle says that she IS interested in a ‘ship with him, but she wants to take things REALLY REALLY slowly. He is totally ok with that.

Ruby, Jai & Xavier are at Noah’s. They talk to Alf – Annie is ill at the moment. They are thinking its beaus Annie is soo worried bout what’s happened to Irene. Xavier seems to be esp. annoyed at what’s happened – but Alf insists that Angelo is just doing his job.

At the gym, Trey finishes at work out on the bench press.

Martin is teaching a class at SBH = the class incl Trey & Nic. Trey makes some catty remarks about Nic – who can’t deal with this on top of what’s happening with her dad [see below]. Indeed, Nic leaves the room and talks to Miles [see below].

Soon after, Ruby has ago at trey for the way he’s been acting round Nic. Xavier adds in some comments in support of Nic, whilst Jai overhears the exchange.

Later, at the diner, Ruby is talking to Xavier & Jai. She tells them that Trey’s been acting like this ever since Ruby saw him with his shirt off. Jai tells Ruby & Xavier that he thinks him kwon what the problem is.

Soon after, Nic joins Ruby & co ate the diner – and Jai tells them about the photo that he found on the net of trey recently, i.e. the one where a younger Trey was a “tad” overweight. Nic is annoyed at some comments that she made to trey in light of this thing about his past. Ruby suggest that Nic shod talk to Trey bout what’s happened – but Nic seas that she wants to sort out what’s happening with her dad 1st [see below] .

At roman’s house, Nic insists tat she’s not going to be the one who cleans up after Roman ^ Grady’s latest mess. It’s clear that Nic thinks that Roman is pathetic in his current state.

After she bails, Roman seems initially to heed what Nic has said, but Grady suggest that he should have one more drink. Roman begrudgingly does.

Later, at SBH, Nic talks to Miles. She is worried bout Roman – and asks Miles to try to talk to him.

Mile arrives at roman’s house – but Gardy greets him at the door. Gardy insists that roman is sleeping – and he “suggest” that miles should come back later. Miles bails – but then Roman comes down the stairs and wonders who was at the door. Grady sys that it was a kid looking for his lost dog.

Soon after, Roman goes off at Grady for the whole bridge stunt – but Gardy insists that Roman knew what he was getting himself into when he contacted grady for his help.

Later, Nic arrives at home. Gardy tells her that he got roman drunk so that roman would actually go into a deep sleep – which he hasn’t had since the accident.

Grady ten makes more comments that creep Nic out – so she tells him to tell roman that she is staying that night with a friend. Nic bails,

At the diner, Nic talk to ruby bout what happened at her house with Grady recently. When Nic suggets that she is going to see if she can stay that night at the van park house, Ruby sugets tat she should stay at Leah’s place with Ruby. Ruby adds that she will go to Nic’s place with Nic morrow morning so Nic has some support when she tells Roman how annoyingly sleazy Grady has been to Nic.

Roman is asleep when he start having flashback – of the bridge incident that morning. In his visions, he can now actually SEE [as well as hear] Gardy getting him of teh water. Roman is elated.

Nest day, Nic & ruby enters Nic’s house. They are all ken to tell roman bout Gardy when Grady tells them that Roman is coking breakfast. Nic is initially worried – but she waaaaaaaaaay hugs Roman when he tells her tat his sight is back. Nic doesn’t like it so mush though when Roman says tat it’s all because of Gardy.



Angelo threatens to impound Hugo’s boat

Angelo suspects tat Jai slashed the tyres of his police car

Everyone is worried about Irene

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: orange [silver studs on bust] thin strap top/


Collen: blue [green leafy] blouse /hot pink top


Ruby: SBH Uniform


Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle: grey and black singlet top/dark shorts

Gardy: ark t

Grady: blue polo shirt

Jai: SBH Uniform

Liam: bone button up shirt/white [photo of The Beatles] t

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/red [green diagonal stripes] tie

Miles: black [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t/olive green shirt

Nic: SBH Uniform

Roman |: dark [red trim] t/olive green long pants

Roman: dark blue [blue unknown logo on chest] t

Trey: black singlet

Trey: SBH Uniform

Xavier: SBH Uniform

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