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The Teenager

Guest standbyme

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title: the teenager

genre: mystery

type of story: long fic

stars: Casey, Charlie, Rachel plus other locals

spoilers: no

warnings: language, adult themes

rating: A

plot: Charlie and her partner are on the way back to the station when they come across a teenage boy walking in the middle of the road covered in blood and holding a gun. He says he's killed someone but doesn't say who and police can't find any evidence that he actually has.


Charlie and Georgina Watson were driving back to the station.

"What's that" Watson asked looking in the distance

"Oh my god" Charlie replied pulling up and getting out of the car. She put her hand on her gun

"Casey" She yelled at the boy in the middle of the road holding a gun.

"You know this kid?" Watson asked

"No not really, he goes to school with Ruby

"Hey Casey, mate do you rember me, i'm Charlie Ruby Buckton's sister

He looked up turned his head toward her slowly.

"Why don't you give me the gun" she said looking at the blood all over his white school shirt. She thought it was wierd that he was still wearing it seeing it was 11:30 at night.

"I killed him" Casey said softly

Charlie frowned

"Who'd you kill?" she asked

"I killed him" he repeated this time crying.

"Who'd you kill mat who'd you kill?" she asked again

Casey didn't answer

"Call an ambulance" Charlie said to Georgiina"

"Are you sure that..."

"Just do it" Charlie snaped at her

"It's ok"


Rachel and Julie Cooper walked out of a hospital room.

"HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMEEEEEE" they both head Casey screaming as he was wheeled in hand cuffed to the stretcher.

"What's happening" Casey screamed

Rachel ran over to Charlie who was walking behind him

"What going on" Rachel asked

"Was that Casey Adler" Julie asked noticing the bood all over his shirt and jeans

"We found him walking in the middle of the road with a gun saying he had killed someone" Charlie told her

Rachel wallked up to the ambulance offices

"Please don't hurt me" Casey screamed

"I don't wanna die" he screamed

She looked at his hands and feet handcuffed

"Get those off him" Rachel told them

"He could be dangerous" one of them replied

"Just do it" She said

The police offices uncuffed him

Casey sat up and punched one of the offices then fell of the stretcher on his back. He quickly sat up and moved backwards.

"Help me" Casey screamed as Rachel sedated him


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Casey woke in the morning. His head was sore and he noticed his leg was in plaster

He took out the drip and got out of bed and hopped to the door and opened it

"Hello? he called seeing no one

"Hey" Rachel said grabbing him on the shoulder

He screamed and turned around

"Don't do that" he snapped

"What you doing out of bed?" she asked

"I need to get out of here" he told her

"Come on let's get you back to bed" she said

"I need to get out of here" he repeated

"Come on" she said putting her arm around

He flinched and pushed her away.

"I need to get out of here" he repeated again

"Ok we'll get you back to bed and i'll organise your discharge" Rachel lied.

He hopped back into his room

"You've got two broken fingers on the right hand and a shattered left leg it was amazing you could actually walk on it" she said putting the drip back in

"You said you killed someone, who was it"

"Can you leave the door open on the way out, i want people to see that i'm ok" Casey told her


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Casey sat in bed staring out the window.

"Hey do you remember me?" Charlie asked

"I was the one who found you the other night, my name's Charlie"

"It's getting dark" Casey said still staring

"Yeah" Charlie replied

"I don't like the dark" Casey told her still staring

"I need to go home, i have to find the cat before mum finds out she's gone missing"

"You can't go home" Charlie said

"Please i don't wanna be here, they're all mean to me here" Casey said starting to cry.

"how about you tell me who you killed"

Casey went silent.

"No" he said

"Well who's Brooke?" she asked

Charlie saw a tear run down Casey's cheek.

"It's getting dark, i don't like the dark" he said


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"Hey Casey how are you" Rachel said walking in his room in the morning

"You said you were gonna discharge me" he said

"You look tired" she said changing the subject

"I just want to go home" he told her

"Please" he continued

Rachel took a deep breath as Charlie the cop he punched walked in

"Get away from me" he screamed at the male cop and moving quickly to the end of his bed

"Hey it's ok" Rachel said grabbing his arms

"Don't let him hurt me" he said covering his eyes with his arms

"You should go" Charlie said to the cop

"He's dead, he's dead, he can't be alive" They heard Casey whisper to himself

"Who's dead?" Charlie asked

"He wore a pillow case with holes cut out for his eyes, nose and mouth over his head" Casey told them

"Ok, that's one thing sorted out, where's the body?"

"I don't know, please let me go home" he said crying

"Who's Brooke" Charlie asked

Casey moved back to him pillow and held it close to his chest and put his arms around it and went silent.

"Casey?" Rachel said

"Are you ok?"

"I think i'll call his mother maybe a visit from her will do him some good, and maybe she'll know who Brooke is.


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Rachel was talking to some one while walking to Casey's room

"I tried calling the mother, but there was no answer" she told the doctor

"Okay" he said

"Just watch what you say to him, he a little..." Rachel put her finger to the side of her head a made a few circles.

"Loopy?" the guy said

"Yeah" she said opening the door

"Casey hey this is doctor Felller"

"Hi Casey" he said

"I'll leave you to it" Rachel said walking out

"So Casey i just want to ask you a few questions" dr Feller told him

"You're a shrink" Csey said

"I guess you could say that" he replied

"Is this going to be some kind of interigation?" Casey asked

"If it was an interigation i might have started with torture" Dr Feller immediatly regreted that comment

"What kind of torture?"

"That doesn't matter" Dr Feller rpiled

"I want to know

"I don't know maybe break your fingers" he joked

"Well for all that i'm going to say to you i only need one. Please go" Csey said

"Casey, some of the docters have said they'd like to put you in the psych ward and i have to agree after reading your file"

"What?" Csey said scared

"Lets see, violent outburst, crying all of a sudden for no reason, attacking three doctors..."

Casey cut him off

"The were hurting and being mean to me" Casey said

"Let me finish, screaming in the middle of the night..."

Dr Feller realised Casey was sobbing

"I don't belong there, i want to go home"

"And we also need to know who Brooke is, she might be hurt"

"I promise i wont hurt Brooke, just let me go home" Casey screamed

"What do you mean you wont hurt her?" Dr Feller asked

Casey stopped crying

"Casey talk to me" Dr Feller said grabbing his arms

"Leave me alone" Casey screamed

"Help me" Csey screamed out the rolled off the bed and put the sheet over him


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