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Fri, 15 May 09 – Episode # 4855

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ See Or Die “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri, 15 May 09 – Episode # 4855 ]


It night tome and Hugo is trying to remove the blood for the deck of his boat when Martha approaches.

Martha wonders what is going on with hugo – defending her in the bar but so “cold’ with her at other time – but she doesn’t really get an answer from him.

Talk turns to the business – and whilst Martha says tat she & her fiends all support Hugo, he tells her that that aren’t paying customer stat he needs. Hugo then agrees to weka Martha home.


Next day, Roman ^& Gardy enter – and comment bout how drunk they got. Nic goes off at Roman – but he coomst on how this sounds like a familiar speech [that he’s said to her when she’s done the wrong thing]. Nic clearly doesn’t like the way that Roman is acting round Gardy.


Belle is talk to Irene when Charlie & a lawyer approach. The lawyer specs alone top Irene. She says that with Irene’s recent track record, they shouldn’t have trouble with Irene getting bail.


Tony is talking Martha & Hugo – and the fight at the bar last night is mentioned.

Martha then suggest to Hugo that they should do a BIG marketing campaign of the dive business – radio ads etc. he say tat they’ll talk later bout it – as he is rally busy today.

Nearby, Nic enters and sits with Aden, she tells him bout how Grady has arrived and is being a pain. Aden says that he can’t help since he broke roman’s trust – but Nic tries to make Aden feel better by saying that was very willingly with him with the got together [it takes two to tango].


One of angelo's team tells him that forensics have told them tat the hand found on the beach [by VJ etc] has Asian DNA but they cant narrow is down any further than that.

Donna [Lou’s wife] enters and speaks to Angelo. She tells him tat she’s received a letter form her solicitor which has a huge bearing on what’s happened.


Aden enters and when he looks in belle’s room, he finds Liam lying on her bed. Belle & Aden then clash bout Liam being her. Aden is esp. cut up that whilst Belle said tat she needs time on her own, she has let Liam stay here [belle is sleeping on Irene’s room btw]. Belle counters Aden’s comets buy reminding hi that he dumped her whist she was in rehab.


Donna & Angelo re enter the main area of the station [om his office]. Donna tells Angelo that she hope staht she has helped with the investigation.

Serval officer bring Irene in to the main area – and iron rates badly when she rees Donna. Indeed, Irene collapses. Donna suggest tat that5 [fainting] won't help Irene’s cause whilst Charlie orders someone to call an ambulance.


Miles, Kristy, colleen * Nic are talking – and Nic isn’t rally surprised when she heard stat Roman & Gardy wren in THAT bar fight last night.

Kristy gets a phone call – sounds like she is being told what’s happed to Irene.


Nic confont6s Roman bout Grady – but he is adamant that his friend IS stying here wit them, and that Nic will just have to put up with it.


Dr Young explains to the like of Annie, Belle, Kirsty & Alf that Irene is suffering form exhaustion.

They all enter her room where Irene’s lawyer tells them that Lou had his will changed recently – with Irene the main beneficiary. Irene tells Belle & co that she didn’t know tat he had done that. She comments tat before he disappears, Lou told her that he something special etc to tell her.


Miles talks to Roman bout Gardy. Roman vehemently insists tat Gardy is the only person who can help Roman [i.e. he’s the only one who truly understands].


Martha approahes Hugo –and when she asks, he sys that he hank yurt been able to remove the blood stains form the deck of hi boat.

Talk turns to Martha’s marketing idea – bout Hugo says that he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.


Roman is in the kitchen when a glass accidentally smashes to the floor. Roman then vents some anger by wacking many of the dishes etc that are on the bench. Roman then slumps to the floor in tears.

Gardy enters – and “suggest” that he should get up. Grady then goes all VERY military and rally shouts orders at his friend. Roman gets up -0 and they bail.


Irene’s lawyer tells Irene, Bell, Annie etc that Irene now won’t be released on bail – because of the new evidences and Irene’s violent past. Annie & Belle hug Irene.


Belle tells Liam bout hat’s happened. Liam suggested they could use his money to pay for a much better lawyer that the pone that Irene has now, but says tat Irene wouldn’t go for that. They hug – which [naturally] Aden sees from afar.


Nic enter the kitchen she’s dismayed at the mess. She then finds a note form Gardy – sating that he & roman will be back later.


Grady & Roman are on Grady’s bike. They pull up on a bridge. After t5he get of the bike, Gardy puts a backpack with a paracvhit6re on Roman. Grady insists that a shock took roman’s sight so another should rtn it – indeed, gardy tells roman that it’s see or die. He then, under protest form Roman, starts to get roman over the railing of the bridge!!!!



Sound like Trey still way has body issues

Looks like Irene is drinking in prison

Angelo threaten to impound Hugo’s boat

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: white [pink trim] thin strap top/ white shorts


Nicole: yellow low cut v neck knee length dress


Tony: brown, tan & white t/dark shorts


Aden: blue [white “suburban Spartans”] t/dark shorts

Alf: white [dark check] shirt

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Annie: white top

Belle: dark [silver bow] t/grey jacket

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: cream [pink floral] blouse/red top

Donna: white jacket/beige top/dark long pants

Dr Young: faded red shirt

Gardy: black t/dark long pants/black [red & white stripes cross chest] jacket

Gardy: dark t/dark long pants

Hugo: grey [white crest?] t/dark long pants

Hugo: white [dark insects] t/olive green shorts

Irene: dark suit

Kristy : black t

Lawyer [irene’s]: dark jacket/white top

Liam: white [a man’s face] t/dark long pants/dark cap

Martha: black top/grey shorts

Martha: off white [black unknown motif] singlet top/dark shorts

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Roman: grey &^ black horiz striped t/dark long pants

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