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Thurs, 14 May 09 – Episode # 4854

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ War Wounds “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs, 14 May 09 – Episode # 4854 ]


Grady isn’t the entire keen on roman’s idea on confessing to what Roman did – and the rest of the unit covered up/. Roman tells Gardy he thinks tat if he coffees, roman will get his sight back.


Nic & the shirtless Trey are kissing when there’s a knock at tee door. Trey is worried that its roman – but Nic is all “why would roman knock?” It turns out to be Miles – who is looking for Roman. Nic tells him tat he is out with Grady.


Gardy insists tat Roman should start living up to his nickname “hardcore”, whilst Roman commits tat nothing is ever safe when gardy is around.


Hugo & Alf are talking when Miles enters. Hugo is worried when Miles tarts talking bout the fake shark attacks rumours. miles insists that he believes Hugo’s si of things. Miles bails form the bar.


Miles the joins up with Gardy & Roman. Grady comets tat miles’ handshake is pretty weak – and “suggest” the miles should get them around of beers. When Miles doe so, roman “suggest” tat Grady shouldn’t goading Miles like that.


Nic & trey, as well as kissing, talk bout their ‘;ship – both comment on how alike they are.

There’s a knock at tee door and trey scurries upstairs.

After Nic lets Ruby in, they agree to not let their waring b/f’s come twen them.


Trey’s dad is talkng to his mates – clearly mocking Hugo, but Alf suggest tat should ignore him.

Martha enters and wonders why Hugo didn’t pick her up form the farm like they arranged. With trey’s dad still mouthing off nearby, Hugo tells Martha that he is suprirsed that she hasnlt haerd how unrleaible Hugio is.


Gardy’s comments [eg “those who can’t so, teach”] start to get on miles nerves. After Miles walks away for a bit, roman comet to how Gardy doesn’t seem to9 trust anyone.


Trey’s dad wonder to Alf bout the surf carnival – but Alf sys tat the committee hasn’t made up its mind. After trey’s dad masks more disparaging commit bout Hugo, Alf “suggest” once more to Hugo to hold in his anger.


Xavier & Jai talk bout how they still waaaaaaaay aren’t a fan of trey’s.

Xavier then speak to Martha – who tells him bout how Hugo only workls with her for an hour on the farm today.


After more sledging from Gardy bout Miles, Roman tells his firnds bout how miles lived oin te strets fo a few years. Gardy shows Miles a wound on the arm that he got in batlike. Miles contours this by showing hat he got 3 stitches on his fingers after being bitten by a chihuahua. Miles then ISNLT ken to see the toes that Gardy is missing thanks to another scuffle.


Nic & Ruby talk bout how “girly” Xavier *& trey are acting towards each other.

When Ruby suggest that Nic should phone Trey and invite him over, Nic calls out to Trey and he comes down the stairs. Trey seems all embarrassed that ruby is there now too.


Grady, Roman & Miles enter and Gardy is introduced to Hugo. Gardy commits tat Hugo has a “proper handshake”.


Trey is looking for his shirt, and he doesn’t like that various [clearly sarcastic – in a good way though] commit tat Ruby & Nic make. He finds his shirt – and quick puts it on before he bails.


Trey & Xavier [literary] bump into each other trey apologises – and bails. Xavier looks perplexed at what’s just happened.


Ruby & Nic are surprises that Trey seems to take their comment [esp. Ruby’s] seriously.


Trey’s dad continues to goad Hugo bout the shark attacks – and a brawl [incl trey’s dad, his mates, Grady, Hugo, miles & roman] ensues. Alf & Marta try their best to stop it.

Soon after, Alf “suggest” tat if trey’s dad & his mates don’t bail, he will call the police.

After they do, Alf also “suggest” that Miles &* co should help clean up the bar. Miles starts helping – whilst Roman & gardy bail.

In the storeroom, Martha confronts Hugo. She wonders why he’s been so abrupt with her of late.



Form tee sound of ting, Lou changed his will to include Irene

Roman losses it and smashes up the kitchen at his house

What’s Hugo’s problem with Martha?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: blue wide strap knee length dress


Nicole: mustard singlet top/ black halter bikini top/white [blue vert stripes] shorts


Roman: grey &^ black horiz striped t/dark long pants


Alf: Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Gardy: dark t/dark long pants

Hugo: grey [white crest?] t/dark long pants

Jai: silver & grey horiz striped t

Martha: off white [black unknown motif] singlet top/dark shorts

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/denim jeans

Trey: white [black unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Trey's dad : white [pin striped] button up shirt

Xavier: red [black circles] t/denim jeans

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