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Tues, 12 May 09 – Episode # 4852

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Advice From Charlie And Aden “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues, 12 May 09 – Episode # 4852 ]


Aden isn’t exactly pleased when Colleen ramble son bout Belle & Liam’s supposed ‘ship.

Aden is them shocked when Leah tells him that both Irene & Belle in being held by the police.


Irene tells Belle that the time she spent with Lou seemed like an eternity – s she was soooooooooo happy. Irene adds that it reminds her of when she was together with Ken.


Charlie doesn’t like it when Tony accuses her of forgetting bout jack. She vehemently insists yet it her orders to work with him. Charlie thinks tat its insulting tat Tony thanks that she has brushed aside Jacks’ memory etc.


Charlie encounter Rachel and teals her what just happened with Tony. Rachel agrees that Tony needs to fins a way to get through this.


After Irene and Belle for a bit – incl Belle telling Irene that she isn’t ready to be in a ‘ship at the moment, Charlie approaches.

She tells them that the cop that Irene shot is out of surgery and should be OK. Charlie however insists that just because he didn’t die, It doesn’t mean that Irene won’t be charged with something. Irene insists that the Belle shouldn’t be locked up like this tough.


Colleen & Leah comet bout how good it is to see Tony & Rach here – since they won’t have much time to themselves soon, with the baby and all.

Angelo enters, and Tony all but immediately bails.


Aden sees Liam nearby. Liam is on the phone – and tags don’t sound like they are going weal.

When Liam gets off the Phone, Aden clashes with him bout Belle, but Liam insets tat he has more important thing to deal with right now [record deal etc in tatters].


Leah isn’t exactly keen on colleen telling Angelo that he can eat some place else.

Aden approach Angelo – and tells him tat Belle REALY needs a break fiyght now. He tell Angelo bout the drugs and how being locked up could send Belle in a downward spiral again.


Charlie is letting Belle go free as Angelo antes the station.

After Belle bails, abgelo tells Charlie tat he was just about to let Belle go, but Charlie bluntly tells him that it’s too little, too late.


Tony exitus the water – having just gnome form a swim etc.

Aden speaks to Tony. Aden is keen to join the local rugby team – as he rally needs some focus in his life.

Talk tourns to Angelo. Aden admits tat it took a LOT of inner strength form Aden to resist punching Angelo. Aden adds that he learnt from dealing with his dad that you have to hold your anger in, or its that ppl that you love who end up getting hurt.


Charlie & Angelo discuss the case. There’s no ID on the hand as yet –m and the fingerprints dolt match anything in their database.

Avery then hands Angelo the forensics report – and Angelo or Avery copmsmts tat things aren’t so cut & dry now.


Belle looks at the font page of the paper – the one with the latest goss of her supposed ‘ship with Liam.

Belle is about to phon Aden when Liam rings. Form the way belle reacts, Liam is in a bad way. She quickly exits the house.


Tony & Rachel talk bout Tony’s attitude. She suggests tat Tony should talk top Charlie 0- and see how she copes with Angelo.


When Tony ask Cherie [about Anglo], She tells him that although she knows that ther is mush bad history twen the tywon & angelo, she deals with it just be dealing with the here & now. Charlie insists tat Tony has to find a way to dael with this – or it will consume him.


Lima tells Belle that his life is in taters – record deal over, and the very real; possibility that he might not see his son again. Belle is please that Liam phoned her – rather that scoring some drugs off someone.

Aden arrives at nte back door. He is surprised when Belle tells him that it wasn’t Angelo that set her free.

Liam picks that monet to inadvertently? cough – alerting Aden to his presence. When Aden wonders what’s going on, Bell insist that Lima called her [like they were encouraged to do in rehab] instead of getting wasted on drugs.

Aden doesn’t like that this is happening – and he bails [in a huff[.


Next day, Angelo is aboard Lou’s yacht with several other police. An unknown female police officer tells Angelo that the blood found on the boat matches Lou’s blood type mad that there are no ‘prints on board either than Irene & Lou’s.

Tony & Rachel are walking on the wharf. when Tony sees Angelo he initially looks annoyed, buy when Rachel wonders how he I felling, it seems like Tony is taken Aden & Charlie’s advice and not letting Angelo rile him.

Back on the boat, Angelo is on the phone. Angelo seems to be defending Irene [pushing the self defence angle][ but it sound like he has been over ruled.


Irene, Chart lei & Irene are in the main area when Bell enters. Belle comet tat its good that it looks like they are letting Irene go, Angelo howvber tells hert tyat Irtene is beiong held in custody as a peron of inetrest. Belle & Irene can't believe it when Irene is led away [to the cells] once more.



Roman’s mate Gardy arrives – and [inadvertently?] scares the hell out of Nicole & Ruby

Looks like Nicole & Trey are together

Roman didn't tell Elliott the full story bout Mark last year

Xavier suggest tat Hugo should do shark dive tours

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: black [white swirls] shirtdress


Charlie: white [green trim] singlet top/grey shorts


Rachel: red singlet top/dark shorts


Aden: white [blue & red stripes] shorts/black [grey unknown motif] t

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/blue police cap

Avery light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Belle: white [white “Schneider” on black cross motif] t/silver short skirt/dark long pants

Charlie: white thin strap top/dark shorts

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Colleen: 2 tone blue floral blouse/purple top

Irene: light blue jacket/light bleu top/dark long pants

Leah: white [dark floral] wide strap top

Liam: olive green jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Rachel: white jacket/black top/dark long pants

Tony: dark shorts

Tony: grey [white “PUMA”] t/olive green shorts

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

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