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Mon, 11 May 09 – Episode # 4851

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Reasons To, Well, HATE Angelo “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon, 11 May 09 – Episode # 4851 ]


Lima is ken for Bel to talk to his wife – to tell her that Liam & belle didn’t have a “fling” in rehab.

Before bell gets to answer the phone rings, and form Belle’s reaction its clear tat she’d just been told bout Irene.


Ambulance officers wheel in both the placeman who Irene shot [chest wound] and Irene. Jurist Dr bentos starts to treat the policeman, Rachel teats Irene.


Leah approaches Aden and tries to talk to him. He tells her tat he is fine but she knows he’s not.

Aden then clashes withy Liam over Belle.


Anni, Geoff, kirsty & belle arrives, and they are surprised when Rachel tells them that Irene was intoxicetd with she was found by the police. Annie & co are aloe told that Lou is missing.

Angelo is ken to speak to Irene bout what happened -0 bout Rachel insist at he will have to wait until Irene is in better shape.

Soon afar, Rachel tells Belle and cop that they can go in and see Irene., she looks terrible/all stressed out etc. Irene is REALLY worried that she may never see Lou again.


Annie, Geoff & Bell are all worried bout Irene.

After Annie head of to bed, Geoff tell bell that he is worried bout her – all this Irene stress on top of all she’s been through. Belle tries to assure Geoff that things will be ok for her.


Next day, Leah, Alf & Kirsty all see the front page of teyh paper – with another story suggesting that Liam & Belle are together.

After Kirsty & Alf bail, Aden approaches Leah. He is ken to se the paper because of an ad in it. She tries to stop him from seeing the paper – but Aden does THAT front page story.


The like of Irene, Bell, Alf, Annie & Geoff are in tee main area.

Belle is ken to be by Irene’s side when the police interview her, but Irene want6s her t9 be with Annie & Geoff.

Alf accompanies Irene into9 the interview room – and Angelo, flanked by Charlie, start the interview.

We see flashbacks every so often as Irene answers tat various questions put to her by Angelo.

She starts by saying that the trip was going heavenly, but along that way she couldn’t sleep so she took some sleeping pills. Irene tells the police that she heard a loud noise in tonight – but thought that in was the DVD what she went to sleep watching.

When she woke, Lou wasn't by her side - so she went in deck on the yacht and couldnmlt see lout anywhere. She then tried to use the radio to call for help – to no anvil.

Irene explain that she got so strides that she started drinking nod she also tells the police that she knew that Lou kept a revolver on cord – she explains that he did so as they were travelling in international waters – with the threat of pirates. Irene [despite the bead weather] went back up on deck -= and stayed there a d she only fired [the shot the wounded the policeman] in self defence, as she thought her life was in danger. Btw, through this Irene gets more & more teary & stressed etc.

Angelo ten suspends the interview.

Out of the main area, Liam urges Bel to talk to his wife – he is fearing tat he will lose access to his son, - but belle insist tat she has higher priorities at the monet.

Also, Angelo is on the phone.

Angelo then goes back into the interview room – and beings up Irene’s alcoholic past, icnl tat her children ware taken away form here. Irene insists tat she is a VERY different person now.

However, Angelo just keeps on pushing – to the point where Alf makes it quite clear that he has cross the line.

Angelo tells irene taht they will be keeping her in custody here at the station. Irene is distraught.

After Angle & Charlie exit the interview room, Charlie makes it quite clear that she doesn’t belief tah Irene is capable of this – but Angelo insist at this is HIS investigation and that they will be holding Irene here unit further notice


Soon after, Angelo informs tah likes of Annie, Belle etc tat Irene is being held overnight here. Belle mushly takes offence to that – and SLAPS Angelo across the face.

That leads to Belle joining Irene in tehe lock up – as Angelo insist to Charlie tat there is no way tat he can let Belle get away wit that [esp. when she slapped him in font of al those officers].

In the cell, Irene & Belle are worried & annoyed. They hug



Angelo says “I’m not her to make friends”

Aden clashes with Liam

Aden tells Tony to hurt in his anger – or it will end up hurting those he loves

Belle says “Liam was there for me when no one else was”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: green wide strap top/dark beaded necklace


Kirsty: royal blue [white trim] top/dark shorts


Leah: white scoop t\dark shorts/white halter bikini top


Aden: white [blue & red stripes] shorts/black [grey unknown motif] t

Aden: red [lightening on black background] t/dark shorts

Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Annie: dark blue [green horiz stripes] t

Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants

Annie: dark [orange & blue floral] wide strap top/red shorts

Belle: black [white hearts] t/dark long pants

Belle: white [white “Schneider” on black cross motif] t

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Dr Bentos: white [grey vert stripes] button up shirt

Geoff: blue shorts

Geoff: grey [black “Henley’s denim”] t/denim jeans

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/

Irene: light blue jacket/light bleu top

Irene: red top/white sun visor

Irene: green jacket/red top/denim jeans

Kirsty: yellow top/dark shorts

Leah: white [dark floral] wide strap top

Liam: olive green jacket/dark t

Liam: olive green hoodie/white [dark cityscape?] t/dark long pants

Lou: light blue polo shirt

Lou: white button up shirt/bone long pants

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