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Fri, 8 May 09 – Episode # 4850

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Not So Subtle Exit “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri, 8 May 09 – Episode # 4850 ]


Roman has audio flashback to his time in the SAS – we hear rapid gunfire.


Next day, Miles, Kirsty, Annie & the just out of rehab Belle enter.

When Annie & the other ask, Belle says tat she will talk to and later today – to tell him that she is out.

Belle can’t believe it when Angelo enters, and Miles & Co tell her why he is here.

Miles goes over and speaks to Angelo. Mile tells Angelo that although others have different opinions; Miles believes that everyone [even Angelo] deserves a 2nd chance.


Alf looks at the front page of the paper – with its story bout Hugo being attacked by a shark. Miles is way cautious bout the while shear ting, but Alf assures him that sharks have always bent her, its just that this media “beat up” of the story could destroy the businesses of many ppl in this town.


Belle & Annie are having a nice little chat - about how supportive that Annie’s been of Belle etc when Colleen approaches and Belle isn’t keen when her comments bout Belle’s supposed in rehab fling with Liam.

Aden enters and sits with Aden & Belle. Annie makes [even by soap/TV standards] an especially unsubtle exit so Aden & Belle can talk.

Both agree that lies can destroy ‘ships, before wondering where to now for Aden & Belle.


Leah & VJ are playing soccer when the ball goes near the water’s edge. VJ is petrified and runs way. Leah goes after him.

HOPITAL [i think]

Dr Thompson [that counsellor who spoke to Roman earlier this week] tries to get VJ to open up – to no avail.


On the back patio, Leah talks to Miles & Kirsty bout the VJ situation. They suggest tat maybe Roman can get through to VJ.


Leah talks to Roman bout talking to VJ. Roman initially thinks that it’s not a good idea, but he eventually agrees to the request.


Angelo is on the phone. Sounds like there is a yacht that is missing at sea.


Miles & Kirsty are both on the phone. When they get off, Miles &^ Kirsty tell the other that they've just been speaking to ppl who have cancelled their booking for vans.


Aden & Belle talk bout how she saw Aden & Nic together. Aden insist to Belle that he & Nic know what they did was wrong – and they they just needed each other at that time [with all the stress of roman etc that was going on].

A photographer approaches and arts talking pics of Belle & Aden. He say that she is fair game as shells been linked to Lima Murphy. Aden way takes offence at this – and grabs the dude’s camera ad hurls it into the ocean.


Roman talk to VJ. He insists tat we can over think things – and when we think of something scary sooo much, it becomes even scarier. This sort of logic seems to get through to VJ.


Alf & Angelo are by the ppl table. There is a map of the areas on the table. Angelo talk to Alf about the boat that is adrift – and Alf suggest tat the currents would be taken the boat in the opposite way to where the police etc are looking. Angelo tells Alf that the police will look in the are the Alf suggest. Btw, Alf makes it clear that he’s not ken on working with Anglo – but he want to help the ppl that are probably injured on the boat.


Aden notices tat Belle is pitying attention to tehat fact that Angelo is in the next room.

They then talk bout what happened on the beach – Belle quite likes that Aden did with he did [throwing the camera].

Liam approaches – and it’s clear that Aden isn’t impressed. Liam asks Belle is they can talk. She aggress – and it looks like they are being photographed [again]


Leah thanks Roman for helping VJ deal with what’s been happening.

After Leah & VJ bail, Roman makes phone call – woodening if his old mate Gardy can help him.


After Miles & Kirsty tell Alf that they’ve had more cancellations [ppl now not wanting to stay in the vans]. Alf tell them that the surf carnival has been CANCELLED.


Angelo & several other officers [on a police boat] approach Lou’s yacht “eagle rock”. Several gunshots are fired form the yacht. One of the officers [not Angelo] is wounded]. Angelo gets aboard Lou’s yacht – where he finds a distressed IRENE who a gun is his hand. He takes the gun off her.



Looks like Nic & Ruby are up to no good

Roman has memories of his time in Afghanistan with the SAS

A newbie [roman’s mate Gardy?] arrives in town

Aden clashes with Liam

Angelo charges a distressed looking Irene

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: dark [orange & blue floral] wide strap top/red shorts


Aden: red [lightening on black background] t/dark shorts


Leah: white scoop t\dark shorts


Alf: blue [white check] shirt/bon long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/dark blue police cap

Belle: black [white hearts] t/dark long pants

Colleen: light yellow blouse/blue top

Dr Thompson [akas Roman Counsellor]: green long sleeve shirt

Irene: green blouse/denim jeans

Kirsty: yellow top/dark shorts

Liam: dark button up shirt/white [dark cityscape?] t/dark long pants

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/dark shorts

Oliver: orange t/blue & white shorts

Photographer [curly hair]: dark blue shirt/dark long pants

Roman: dark t

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo] t

VJ: blue [light blue “munch”] t/white & blue shorts

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